Hail Lyons Crusader Clan –  25 From Tom ’63 to Shane ’28

Brother Rice High School’s ability to help form young men of faith and to pass on the Catholic tradition in the name of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers flows from the heart of its mission.  The soul of the school is made up of thousands of current and former Crusaders who have called the hallowed halls at 99th and Pulaski home.  With almost two-thirds of a century worth of graduates, it is no surprise to see a number of Southside families who have proudly waved their Brother Rice banners free, generation after generation.  

Today, we spotlight the Crusader legacy of the Lyons family.

Tim Lyons ’92 has taught and coached at Brother Rice for 22 years.  On the occasion of his fourth son Quinn Lyons ’25 taking the Entrance Exam this past December, Tim compiled a list of Lyons family members who have attended Brother Rice.  

Tim’s father, Tom Lyons ’63, led the way to Brother Rice for his three brothers–Bob Lyons ’68, Jim Lyons ’72, and Mike Lyons ’76, as well as Tim’s uncle, Mike Carroll ’76.  Tom also coached with his son Tim at Brother Rice in the early 2000s. Tom passed in 2015, Mike Carroll in 2020.

Tom, in turn, sent his four sons to Brother Rice.  Besides Tim, Brian Lyons ’93, Brendan Lyons ’96, and Patrick Lyons ’99 all wore maroon and orange.  Patrick tragically passed in 1996.

A third generation of Lyons boys–Tim’s sons–now call themselves Crusaders, too: Liam Lyons ’22, Owen Lyons ’23, and Connor Lyons ’23.  The aforementioned Quinn ‘25 will attend next school year, and youngest son Shane Lyons ’28 is waiting in the wings.


Pictured with Tim and sons is wife/mom Katie, who was a cheerleader and then cheerleading coach at Brother Rice,

 spanning thirteen years from 1994 to 2007.


Other Crusader alumni in the family include Tim’s cousins, Larry Hackett ’60, Jack Hackett ’61, Terry Hackett ’69 (passed in 2020), Sean Carroll ’03, James Girdauskas ’03, Danny Lyons ’09, Brice Pall ’11, Kevin Lyons ’12; Tim’s brother-in-law Billy Green ’88 (former coach); and Tim’s nephews Paul Foertsch ’08 and Patrick Foertsch ’19.