In 2005, the late Judge Tom Carmody ’69 sought and received unanimous approval of a motion to induct all alumni who died while serving in the military into the Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame.  At the time, there were 11 such alumni.  Then in 2010, the Alumni Association Board unanimously voted to add first responders John Knight ’78, Thomas Wortham IV ’98, Brian “Boo” Carey ’99, and Alex Valadez ’00 to the Alumni Hall of Fame, as they too died tragically and heroically in the line of duty, along with Jared Stanker ’06 of the U.S Army.  Two years later, Marine Conner Lowery ’06 also paid the ultimate sacrifice.  In 2017, the plaques of these 17 alumni were separated from the same wall as the rest of the Alumni Hall of Fame, and placed with each other on their own wall. In addition to the plaque of each heroic individual, the wall also includes insignias of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines military branches, along with the police and fire insignias.