Hockey Mission

It is the mission of the Brother Rice Hockey program to assist and develop young men into the best hockey player they can be while building a dedicated, disciplined, and competitive program that best exemplifies the spirit of Edmund Rice.

Pillars of the Program


Brother Rice High School established in 1956 an exemplary school which has helped build young men into champions in the classroom, in the business world, and on the athletic field. The hockey program will continue the traditions of excellence created by the Crusaders that preceded them. “Rice Pride” will be our motto.


Commitment, dedication, and sacrifice are the characteristics of great programs. As a program we will understand that the concept of team is paramount. We will be committed to fulfilling the roles that will help us achieve our goals and understanding that the team must come before the individuals.


The equalizer in life is hard work. The brightest, strongest or most talented don’t always succeed. The one who works the hardest will always be successful. We will be a team that understands the importance of extra effort.

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