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The Standard: When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens


By James Zygadlo ‘24

After junior year, I thought my time at Brother Rice couldn’t get any better. I was excited but nervous to start my final year at a school that has taught me so much. Little did I know that my senior year would be the best year of my life.

The summer going into my senior year felt grueling. Waking up before the sunrise and sometimes staying after the sunset to run routes is something I will never forget. Working hard and in the heat might not seem enjoyable to many, but to me, those practices were some of the […]

The Standard: When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens2024-05-20T21:40:42-05:00

The Standard: Memories and Looks Toward the Future


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

My touchdown against Marist was probably the coolest moment this year. During the third quarter, Ryan Hartz threw the ball to me in the end zone for a touchdown. We tied up the score 24-24.

My buddy Tyler has been with me through everything. We’ve been in almost all the same classes since we started high school. Tyler always makes me laugh and pushes me to do my best. He’s like a brother to me.

I’m very excited to go to the University of Kentucky this upcoming year. They have an excellent engineering program, which is why I’m going there. […]

The Standard: Memories and Looks Toward the Future2024-05-20T21:32:00-05:00

The Standard: A Year of Wins and Losses


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

Leaving Brother Rice High feels like leaving your second home. From the highs of winning soccer championships to the lows of missing out on bowling states by a few pins, my time here has been a rollercoaster.

Our soccer team’s success this year was unforgettable. We worked hard and won big. We won our regional title against Bremen, our sectional against Kankakee and the Catholic League Championship all ended up in our trophy case. The Catholic League title was a big thing for me because I scored the lone goal against DePaul Prep to secure us the title. The […]

The Standard: A Year of Wins and Losses2024-05-20T21:33:02-05:00

The Standard: A Senior Goodbye


By Tommy Witt ‘24

Oh how fast the time goes. I walked into Rice as a freshman not knowing what to expect. Now after four years I call this place home.

Being able to call myself a Crusader is a great honor and I will look back on my four years with great joy.

I made many friends from sports and activities such as BRTV, hockey, lacrosse, and just being around classmates.

Simple things made Rice memorable for me, such as during my senior year summer after a day of BRTV camp when Brian Doligale, Jay Jilek, and Brian Guinane and I enjoyed a round […]

The Standard: A Senior Goodbye2024-05-20T21:34:16-05:00

The Standard: Just the Beginning


By Colin Welniak ‘24

“You better enjoy it because it’s all gone in the blink of an eye” said every person who has gone through senior year of high school. I would usually just say “yeah, yeah” to that, but these past few weeks have really put those words into fruition.

My summer going into senior year I was getting ready for the soccer season. Every day I would wake up at 7 a.m. and go to practice for two hours. And, oh, did I hate it. For me I was just kind of there to be there. Every day, I just couldn’t […]

The Standard: Just the Beginning2024-05-20T21:16:06-05:00

The Standard: Scott’s Senior Year


By Tommy Scott ‘24

When I came to Brother Rice after graduating from St. John Fisher, I still considered myself a kid. Over these past four years, Brother Rice has played a massive role in shaping me into the young man I am today. Brother Rice’s coaches and teachers have been very influential throughout my time as a Crusader.

The coach that has taught me the most is Coach Vaughan from the golf team. I started playing golf during my freshman year at Rice and was fortunate to make the team. Coach Vaughan taught me to give my all during my four years […]

The Standard: Scott’s Senior Year2024-05-18T00:57:39-05:00

The Standard: The Beginning of the End


By Robbie Rutledge ‘24

Entering the beginning of senior year, all I could think about was graduating and going off to college. I wish I slowed down sometimes and enjoyed the time I had spent here at Brother Rice, a little bit more.

Summer going into senior year was a bit tough. I was recovering from a torn ACL, and I was told I was going to miss my entire senior year of football. I was so distraught at the fact that I wasn’t able to play, that I really missed out on enjoying my time with my teammates throughout the year.

After the […]

The Standard: The Beginning of the End2024-05-18T00:52:57-05:00

The Standard: My Senior Year


By Rudy Perez ‘24

The 2024 school year finally comes to a close after months of waiting around for the seniors. For me, I could not wait to leave.

My senior year started during the summer with 5 a.m. workouts for football almost every single day. Some will say that I wasted my summer, however, if I could, I would do it all over again.

There were days that I woke up and couldn’t imagine enduring a Coach Cano work out, but in hindsight those were the most enjoyable days of my summer.

Football season caused my fall to feel like it flew past. Thankfully, […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2024-05-18T00:47:13-05:00

The Standard: Where Did All the Time Go?


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

My dad said, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

When hearing this for the first time, I laughed, but then soon realized he was right. I remember stepping into the halls as a freshman for the first time, scared to speak, do the wrong action, or even worse, get made fun of. All of these little thoughts were in my head going into this school, not wanting to make a mistake.

So I chilled out and coasted my freshman year, but my sophomore year I wanted to change it up. I met a role model, Andy Flores, Class of 2023, […]

The Standard: Where Did All the Time Go?2024-05-16T21:20:52-05:00

The Standard: Fast Times at Brother Rice


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Everyone tells high schoolers that high school flies by. No kid takes that seriously though, that’s until they experience it.

High school is some of the best memories I have had in my life, whether it is playing sports with my friends, talking with my friends, and joking and working on projects and assignments.

Brother Rice has a lot of opportunities for everyone. I was able to be involved in multiple sports at Brother Rice.

The first sport I played was soccer. Soccer was fun and I got to meet new people. My senior year, the team advanced to the super […]

The Standard: Fast Times at Brother Rice2024-05-16T21:10:35-05:00
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