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The Standard: Meet Coach Stamas


By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

Brother Rice has a new basketball coach for this upcoming season!

Coach Conte Stamas has been named as the new head coach for the varsity basketball team and is excited to get to work. Coach Stamas’ responses will excite Brother Rice fans.

Why was Coach Stamas drawn to apply for the position at Brother Rice? He said, “Initially I knew about the basketball tradition at Brother Rice, but I didn’t know much else about the school, neighborhood, and the community. So as I became interested in the position, I started to look at the academic component. Thirty-six Illinois state scholars […]

The Standard: Meet Coach Stamas2022-09-27T19:56:22-05:00

The Standard: The ONLY Water Bottle


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Water is an everyday necessity.  Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and we can’t survive without it.

This year Brother Rice enacted a rule that if you need to bring a water bottle with you, it must be a Brother Rice issued water bottle. Water bottles are such a simple item that you wouldn’t think they would have to make a rule for them. At the end of the day, we all know that rules are made because somebody found a way to do something out of the ordinary.

The new water bottles were a response to students […]

The Standard: The ONLY Water Bottle2022-09-27T19:49:25-05:00

The Standard: Valladay Making a Name for Himself


By Danny Durkin ‘23

Former Crusader Xazavian Valladay is making a big name for himself.

Valladay, who graduated from Brother Rice in 2017, was a phenomenal football player at Rice and continues to show his talents now. While he started on the B team his freshman year of high school, he continued to stay on the path and kept working.

Former offensive coordinator, and now current special teams coach for the Crusaders, Rich Lane said, “Valladay continued to work and develop. He had a terrific attitude and his hard work was a huge factor in Valladay becoming a big asset to the Crusader team […]

The Standard: Valladay Making a Name for Himself2022-09-27T19:44:51-05:00

The Standard: “The Wizard of Zou”


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Everyone in the Brother Rice community knows about the man behind the camera. At every sporting event last year, he was either taking pictures, broadcasting in his bright orange jacket, or playing defense for the lacrosse team. Jacob “Wiz” Wizgird ‘22 began to churn out content at the beginning of the football season last year, and it only got better with time.

Wizgird’s passion for videography and photography began in the BRTV club. He was able to cover the game from a different angle and started to realize how cool sports were, especially on 99th and Pulaski.

Wizgird had the […]

The Standard: “The Wizard of Zou”2022-09-27T19:39:29-05:00

The Standard: Crusaders Take Down Benet Academy in Fourth Quarter Showdown


By Jimmy Gilmartin ‘23

Last Friday, the Crusader football team traveled to the College of DuPage where they won 13-10 in a tough fought battle against Benet Academy.

The Crusaders took an early lead in the first quarter after quarterback Ryan Hartz connected with wide receiver Rickey Taylor on a touchdown that gave them an early 7-0 advantage.

Benet Academy soon responded with a touchdown pass of their own in the second quarter. After a well fought first half, the game was tied at 7.

Both teams failed to score in the third quarter. Benet Academy had a great shot to score 3 points on […]

The Standard: Crusaders Take Down Benet Academy in Fourth Quarter Showdown2022-09-27T19:32:51-05:00

The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

I live east of the train tracks that run parallel with Rockwell Ave. To get to Brother Rice, I have to cross the train tracks every day. I typically leave 10 to 20 minutes before my first class in the morning. It is around an eight to ten minute ride unless a train decides to ruin my morning.

The time of the train and the traffic that follows guarantee a late slip for me. Since this caught my attention and annoyed me, I decided to talk to four of my friends that live east of the tracks as well.

Everyone […]

The Standard: Trains Get Longer as my Patience Gets Shorter2022-09-27T19:30:23-05:00

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I recall being dragged to my brother’s soccer game between Brother Rice and Marist known as the Pulaski Cup. While witnessing my first Pulaski Cup, I loved the exciting atmosphere and looked forward to coming back the following year. The games were always close in score and the environment made you want to keep coming back every year.

Now that I am a senior on the BR soccer team, I got to experience the excitement firsthand. When we first got to Marist everyone acted normal but the whole team knew this was a huge game that would be challenging. […]

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For2022-09-27T19:24:56-05:00

The Standard: The Last Rodeo


By Danny White ‘22

¨Yo, what class do you have first period?¨

I remember asking that to all my classmates on schedule pick up day, what feels like a month ago. But it was actually 10 months ago.

I like to think of this school year in three different parts – fall, winter and spring. All three were fun-filled and action-packed.

Fall season flew by. Then winter had to have been at most three days. And spring, I was just enjoying my last few days here. So, I’m going to go back through this year and recall my amazing last rodeo.

The football season had to […]

The Standard: The Last Rodeo2022-05-18T21:41:24-05:00

The Standard: What a Great Time


By Dylan Warda ‘22

From the very first day of the school year, I knew this was going to be a fun year. I got lucky with my schedule and got classes that I was excited about.

The thing that made each day so great were the people. At Brother Rice, it seemed like everyone understood each other.

We could be super open with our classmates and our teachers. We’ve had some of the most interesting conversations and in class discussions.

It was great to finally get a year that was normal. Other than having to wear masks for the first half of the school […]

The Standard: What a Great Time2022-05-18T21:36:24-05:00

The Standard: Wrapping It Up


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

When people say high school goes by fast, I did not realize it would fly by that fast. Brother Rice only has a couple more days of school until the seniors start a whole new life. I am excited for the University of Dayton, but I am also sad I will be leaving Brother Rice.

I am going to miss all of the friends I have made at this school. Going to games with them after school was the best part of it all. My favorite game had to be the semi-final in 2018 against Marist in football. I […]

The Standard: Wrapping It Up2022-05-18T21:32:16-05:00


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