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The Standard: Founder’s Day


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, Brother Rice celebrated Founder’s Day at Brother Rice. On this day, we invite the “Men of Edmund” who have been alumni of Brother Rice for 40 or more years to enjoy the event. We also have some guest speakers to talk about the journey of Edmund Rice and their experience at Brother Rice. This year Dr. Kenneth Furlough ‘09 shared his story with the Crusaders. Seniors Joe Heilmann and Matthew Perez also gave inspirational speeches about becoming a crusader and their years at Rice.

Founder’s Day is the day where we acknowledge Edmund Rice […]

The Standard: Founder’s Day2023-01-28T02:47:23-06:00

The Standard: Anticipating Kairos


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

When you hear someone talking about Kairos, what do you think? Do you think of a time where people get closer with God- a time where people truly find themselves, or do you not know much about Kairos? Is it just some place where people go for a week during the school year with other peers to get a break from school?

Well, for someone who has not gone yet, I will be attending Kairos in March. It is a pretty odd feeling not knowing what to expect. You always hear people talking about Kairos, but they never […]

The Standard: Anticipating Kairos2023-01-28T02:36:04-06:00

The Standard: Ahmad Henderson 1,000 points


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders are currently 20-3 and their star guard Ahmad Henderson recently came off a historic night. Brother Rice, the number 7th ranked team in the state of Illinois, defeated Marist 49-48 on Tuesday, January 17. Henderson finished with 18 points, and he also reached 1,000 career varsity points.

A 5’10 guard, Ahmad Henderson will be attending Niagara University in Lewiston, New York, next fall. After reaching 1,000 career points, Niagara University congratulated Henderson and told him they were very proud of him and couldn’t wait for him to join the team.

After trailing 48-39 with 3:35 remaining […]

The Standard: Ahmad Henderson 1,000 points2023-01-28T02:36:51-06:00

The Standard: Crusaders Win Battle of Pulaski


By Ryan Gierhahn ‘23

Every year, the Brother Rice vs. Marist rivalry is regarded as one of the biggest games of the season, regardless of sport. The Redhawks were able to defeat us in football this fall; so, the basketball team had no choice but to seek revenge in their matchup.

Marist, a fairly young team, held a solid record of 17-4 before the game. The Crusaders were 18-2.

Coming into the game on Tuesday, January 17, everyone knew both teams were going to come to play. But no one would have predicted it to end the way it did.

Senior Jimmy Navarette said, “Walking […]

The Standard: Crusaders Win Battle of Pulaski2023-01-28T02:37:23-06:00

The Standard: Damar Hamlin


By Jimmy Gilmartin ‘23

On January 2, what was an average Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills took an abrupt turn.

Bills safety Damar Hamlin collided with Bengals receiver Tee Higgins to make the tackle. When Hamlin stood up after the play, he went into cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field.

Luckily Denny Kellington, a member of the Bills medical staff acted quickly and performed life saving CPR on Hamlin. An ambulance was rushed onto the field and took Hamlin to the hospital

Senior Ben McMurray said, “It’s great that the medical team was able to act so […]

The Standard: Damar Hamlin2023-01-19T23:27:49-06:00

The Standard: “Avatar: The Way of Water” Review


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is a visual masterpiece. 3D enhances these visuals and makes the graphics come alive. Although the visuals were amazing, the plot lacked depth and seemed very generic. The movie is also very long at a whopping 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Cameron Slavin said, “I think the long wait was worth it. “Avatar: The Way of Water” had a great story and seeing it in 3D made it even better.”

Keeping the same trend as the first movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water” pits the Na’vi, avatars that inhabit their planet Pandora, against the humans. […]

The Standard: “Avatar: The Way of Water” Review2023-01-19T23:25:47-06:00

The Standard: Crusader Hoops Take a Trip to Bloomington


By Danny Durkin ‘23

The Crusader basketball team took a trip to Bloomington over Christmas break. Illinois Wesleyan held a great tournament full of great competition.

There were many great moments for the Crusaders during this tournament, and they gained a lot of experience while playing in this tournament.

Senior basketball player Nick Niego said, “It was a great experience with a lot of great competition and was also a great time to bond with the team.”

While the team did not win the whole tournament, they believe that their skill level greatly improved throughout the trip.

The Crusaders placed 5th in the tournament with an […]

The Standard: Crusader Hoops Take a Trip to Bloomington2023-01-19T23:33:56-06:00

The Standard: Gasca’s 300 Leads the Bowling Crusaders to CCL Championship


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Typically, when someone hears the term “they are going bowling” in the winter months, their mind turns to college football bowl season. However, the people on 99th and Pulaski should turn their attention to our red-hot bowling team.

On January 7, the Crusaders marched into the CCL Championship with one goal in mind- win.

Senior George Raphael-McElroy said, “I wasn’t sure if we would win at first, but we were one of the top teams. I knew that if we kept high energy that we would win.”

Bowling against seven other teams, the odds were stacked against us. The bowling team […]

The Standard: Gasca’s 300 Leads the Bowling Crusaders to CCL Championship2023-01-19T23:20:46-06:00

The Standard: Christmas Disaster


By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

I hope you all got what you wished for this Christmas because I sure did not.

Now do not get me wrong; I love Christmas as much as everyone else does. It’s a great time to see your whole family and catch up with people you have not seen in a while.

But we know why we all love it – the presents.

I made a great big list filled with present ideas this holiday season.

To my surprise, I got none of them.

I woke up on Christmas morning full of excitement to open presents and finally get what I have been […]

The Standard: Christmas Disaster2023-01-19T23:18:08-06:00

The Standard: The Dreaded Finals


By Mateo Perez ‘23

It’s the most dreaded time of the year . . . finals week.

The time when students relearn the material they forgot from the beginning of the year and the material they never understood to begin with.

I’m basically calling myself out.

Teachers highly encourage students to study a couple weeks prior to finals, but how am I supposed to study if teachers keep assigning homework and tests? So, I guess studying the weekend before finals is the plan. Man, cramming a semester’s worth of material in just two days?

Now, that’s a sport.

Great! I can’t wait to reteach myself calculus!

I have […]

The Standard: The Dreaded Finals2022-12-17T16:46:52-06:00


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