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The Standard: Opposing Views on Kairos


By Colin Condon ‘20

Three days, no connection to the outside world, and those three days must be kept secret.

Year after year, Brother Rice sends different groups of upperclassmen to endure a three-day “life-changing retreat,” called Kairos.

Every student is encouraged to go on Kairos by most of the Brother Rice faculty and peers because of its “lifelong effects.”

For those that go on Kairos, they seem to really enjoy the retreat. But for those that do not, they seem to not see the point of missing three days of class, talking about their feelings, and strengthening their already strong relationship with the lord.

“Kairos […]

The Standard: Opposing Views on Kairos2020-01-18T16:44:06-06:00

The Standard: Last Swim in the Swamp


By TJ Murphy ‘20

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, the Brother Rice swimming and diving team took on the Caravan of Mount Carmel. The Crusaders finished the night victorious on varsity and junior varsity levels, and there were many impressive races from all of the Crusaders.

This night was special because it was Senior Night, where all the swimming seniors can reminisce about all they have done the past four years and finish their last home meet with a bang. These seniors include Owen Greybill, Andrew Cwik, Seth Miller, Ryan Kopale, and TJ Murphy.

Senior swimmer Owen Greybill commented that the Brother Rice Swim Program. […]

The Standard: Last Swim in the Swamp2020-01-18T16:30:25-06:00

The Standard: 3OT – Down to The Last Second


By Justin Jefferson ‘20

It was a hard fought win by the Brother Rice Crusaders basketball team last Tuesday, winning the game in triple overtime against Richards 85-83. The Crusaders are now 13-6 starting the season.

Starting off the game with a 21-6 lead, the Crusaders looked as if this game was going to be an easy one, but they lost the lead late in the third. The team started to rally back towards the end of the game with key shots from Deandre Hagan and Colin Campbell.

Sophomore Coach Duffy said,  “The team lost their composure for a little while, which caused them […]

The Standard: 3OT – Down to The Last Second2020-01-18T15:45:32-06:00

The Standard: The Beginning of the End


By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas and New Year are over, the weather is getting colder each day, and Martin Luther King Day is on the horizon.

Yes, it’s January.

And, for students, that means only one thing: school is back in session and the long-awaited Christmas break is now replaced with the long-awaited summer vacation.

For seniors, however, this semester is a little more than the usual grind of rigorous coursework or participation in sports and clubs. This semester is a little more.

Senior Danny Bombard said, “It’s hard to believe that senior year is already halfway over. It feels like […]

The Standard: The Beginning of the End2020-01-18T15:16:01-06:00

The Standard: Crusaders’ Miller Picks Hawkeyes


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Senior Crusader swimmer Seth Miller has been nothing short of exceptional over the past four years.

As a Crusader, Miller has been a premier student-athlete. From winning Crusader of the Month to dominating the waters, he has done it all.

Miller said, “The swim team at Rice has an amazing atmosphere and has helped form me into the teammate I am today. Through all four years I have learned to balance academics and athletics, be a leader, and discover the true meaning of hard work. These attributes have helped form me into a true athlete who is proud to represent […]

The Standard: Crusaders’ Miller Picks Hawkeyes2020-01-18T00:32:43-06:00

The Standard: What Happens When Opening a College Decision


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

Panic sets in as you see an email pop up in your inbox with the subject line, “Your Decision Awaits…”

For seniors, there is a lot on the line. Many seniors apply to some of the most elite universities in the country. With acceptance rates below ten percent, most, if not all of the seniors you know will be rejected.

Rejection is very hard. When you spend four years building the perfect college application, you hope for the best. But when that nerve-wracking letter comes, it is a very uneasy feeling. After opening the decision for your dream school and […]

The Standard: What Happens When Opening a College Decision2020-01-18T00:28:12-06:00

The Standard: Kennedy Shines as Ramblers Surge to 3-1 Conference Start


By Conor Glennon ‘20

For Crusader sports fans, perhaps the name Marquise Kennedy may ring a bell. Perhaps a few memories may even come to mind. Or, maybe even a few hundred.

Just one year ago, Kennedy was dropping jaws with beyond memorable performances.

After an incredible junior season with the Crusaders, big things were expected heading into his senior campaign. Kennedy surpassed all expectations in what very well could have been the single best individual season in Brother Rice basketball history.

After breaking countless records, Kennedy opted to continue his career at hometown and recent Cinderella story, Loyola University.

Kennedy, as expected, has impressed thus […]

The Standard: Kennedy Shines as Ramblers Surge to 3-1 Conference Start2020-01-18T00:24:22-06:00

The Standard: “Rise of Skywalker” Falls Short, but Still Entertains


By Martin Murray ‘20

Over the holiday season, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was released worldwide. The film is the culmination of one of the most popular pieces of cinema and concludes the Sequel Trilogy.

Additionally, the film is the last installment of the Skywalker Saga.

The film follows the remainder of the Resistance as they continue to battle against the First Order while Rey faces her destiny and leads the charge in the ultimate clash between good and evil.

This movie finishes the mission started back with “The Force Awakens” in 2015. It brings in a new generation of heroes and establishes them […]

The Standard: “Rise of Skywalker” Falls Short, but Still Entertains2020-01-18T00:17:29-06:00

The Standard: Old Tradition, New Resolutions


By TJ Murphy ‘20

Different holidays call for different celebrations and traditions. But, almost everywhere worldwide, there is at least one constant; to celebrate the new year.

One of the oldest and most celebrated traditions has been around for over 4,000 years. New Years’ resolutions are implemented around the globe each new year.  “New Year, New Me” is a term coined during the 80’s that calls for a turnaround in that person’s life.

Whether it improves health, self-esteem, organization, etc. it will always be beneficial to change an aspect of your life that needs improving. Many Brother Rice Crusaders took part in one of […]

The Standard: Old Tradition, New Resolutions2020-01-18T00:13:23-06:00

The Standard: The Best and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes


By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

The New Year comes not only with new resolutions and diets, but with award show season. With big ceremonies like the Oscars and Grammys, every Sunday night is filled with glamorous dresses, the Hollywood elite, and lots of upsets.

On Jan. 5, 2020, the Golden Globes aired on NBC. From Ricky Gervais’s risky opening monologue to “1917” winning Best Director and Best Drama, the night was definitely filled with many twists and turns.

Here are the best and worst moments from the Globes.

A notable moment was the opening monologue that host Ricky Gervais gave. His monologue, while funny and risky, […]

The Standard: The Best and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes2020-01-18T00:10:26-06:00
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