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The Standard: What to Say About Senior Year?


By Joseph Case ‘19

What can I possibly write that can captivate everything that this past school year has brought to me?  There have been too many cherishable moments to count.

I think back to the first day of senior year when I received a syllabus in all my final classes at Brother Rice High School. I remember thinking, “This is the end.”

As endings go, my finale at Brother Rice has been one to remember. If my high school experience was a TV series, I would applaud the writers of the show because everything in this past year has wrapped up in a […]

The Standard: What to Say About Senior Year?2019-05-18T18:49:13-05:00

The Standard: My Senior Year


By Marco Braschi ‘19

I have always looked forward to senior year. I have always looked up to the senior classes and always see the fun they have inside and outside the classroom. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn.

After a stressful junior year, I was excited to see what senior year had in store. There was no more dealing with the ACT and ACT classes, and once I was done “collegeing,” the rest of senior year was going to be easy.

In the fall was football season. Ever since homecoming my freshman year, I have gone to a majority of the […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2019-05-18T18:37:22-05:00

The Standard: Senior Year Reflection


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

Time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted. John Lennon said that, and it is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

This year I haven’t always done everything I could to get an A, or put in the most time for math or psychology, but I have had an absolute blast. Instead of studying or doing the extra work, I was goofing around, laughing with my friends, and being petty. To be honest I don’t regret any of it.

When all the grades are forgotten and lessons taught escape the mind, nobody is going to remember that one test you […]

The Standard: Senior Year Reflection2019-05-18T18:29:53-05:00

The Standard: My Senior Year


By John Mattes ‘19

With just a few days left attending Brother Rice, it’s hard to believe I won’t be going to school on 99th and Pulaski anymore come August. These last few days for seniors can be extremely stressful for seniors with finals, but looking back on my time at Brother Rice is already nostalgic.

Not only has this school shaped me to be a better man, it has been a second home to me for the last four years.

Although every year going to Rice has been essential in my schooling and life as a whole, no year has compared to senior […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2019-05-18T17:25:12-05:00

The Standard: My Senior Year


By Jack Rice ‘19

Although my name would tell you otherwise, I didn’t always see myself at Brother Rice.

For as long as I could remember, proximity and family history had made my parents assume it was my whole choice. However, I felt like I was being forced in a way and shadowed other schools like Marist, Mount Carmel, Rita and De La Salle.

A lot of schools impressed me. Some schools even made me consider them until testing day.

But nothing came close to Brother Rice.

From the first day you walk in the door, people are ready to talk and be friends with you. […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2019-05-18T17:15:33-05:00

The Standard: My Senior Year


By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

My senior year at Brother Rice. It’s been a wild ride.

From the beginning until the end, I made new friends and lost old ones. I found out more about myself and discovered new interests.

Now that I am currently done with high school it feels, different, and, to say the least I, miss it.

Although I love to wake up at 10 a.m., I feel incomplete. I don’t get to share a Belvita blueberry crisp with my good friend Cade in the morning before Vietnam, or hear my friend Noel Cervantes laugh.

I have learned so much this year through my […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2019-05-18T17:01:12-05:00

The Standard: Senior Year as a Crusader


By Joseph Carroll ‘19

It’s crazy to think that the seniors will soon walk through those Brother Rice doors for the last time. As our last year of high school comes to an end, we look back at all the ups and downs.

Being the oldest Crusaders in the building comes with its perks. We are regarded as the leaders of the school, but the responsibility falls on us. Even though we are looked up to by our fellow Crusaders, the worst part is that it only lasts for one year. After May 10, the seniors are gone for good.

Although it doesn’t hit […]

The Standard: Senior Year as a Crusader2019-05-17T15:50:31-05:00

The Standard: “Senior SZN”


By Billy Jeffers ‘19

Senior year.

The quickest year of my life so far!

From freshman year to senior year, you always hear people talking about how fast your high school career will be.

When I tell you that my senior year flew by, believe me, it honestly went by in the blink of an eye.

To all the juniors who will be seniors next year, I have a couple pieces of advice.

Senior year to me was probably one of my hardest years at rice even though people say it should be the easiest. Take all your classes seriously because your grades do get sent out […]

The Standard: “Senior SZN”2019-05-18T03:02:37-05:00

The Standard: My Amazing Senior Year at Brother Rice


By Ryan McBrearty ‘19

It felt like yesterday I was a freshman waiting to be introduced by Mr. Antos at orientation. I remember this day very well because it was a start to a new beginning. Since I was playing football in high school, I got to know most of my friends through football. These would be friendships that I would still hold to this day.

Now, my time at Brother Rice is coming to an end. My senior year flew by like it was nothing and it was time to say goodbye.

My senior year has been my greatest year over my high […]

The Standard: My Amazing Senior Year at Brother Rice2019-05-17T00:04:05-05:00

The Standard: Senior Gallery


By Andrew Thompson ‘19

The final countdown. The last straw. The last dance.

Senior year.

Spoiler alert: senior is not all fun and games, at least not at the beginning. The first half of senior year consists of stressing over college applications while still maintaining grades, playing sports and hanging out with friends. It’s stressful.

Through the stress, make sure you still keep a cool head and enjoy all of your “lasts” as a senior. Your last Marist football game, last homecoming dance and last Christmas concert. Try your best to cherish these moments and be with people you enjoy. Make memories.

Winter break comes along […]

The Standard: Senior Gallery2019-05-16T23:52:30-05:00
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