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The Standard: My Senior Year


By Becky Pacetti – English IV Journalism teacher

This was not my senior year, but does it count if I am on my way to becoming a senior (citizen, that is)? Time flies when you’re having fun!

The seniors of my English IV-Journalism class were a joy to work with this year.  I had many of these guys in class as freshmen, so I knew that they had the work ethic to be able to handle the rigors of this class, especially the massive amounts of deadlines they needed to meet to get the news of Brother Rice up on “The Standard” webpage […]

The Standard: My Senior Year2021-05-06T23:33:36-05:00

The Standard: An Unusual Graduation


By Garrett Greene ‘21

The Brother Rice community has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus.

since March 2020. This deadly disease has taken many things away from the seniors who have worked tirelessly to get to this point in their lives. One of the many things that the seniors will not receive this year is an ordinary graduation ceremony.

The standard graduation ceremony takes place at St. Xavier University, just a few blocks away from Brother Rice. All the teachers, students, and other staff at Brother Rice dress up in their graduation gowns and watch the students receive their diplomas. The valedictorian gives his […]

The Standard: An Unusual Graduation2021-04-28T22:16:31-05:00

The Standard: Crusaders Take Down the Caravan in the Last Game of the Year


By Michael Badke ‘21

The Crusaders had a huge win Friday night beating the Mount Carmel Caravan 20-13 to cap off an unheralded six-game spring football season. Senior Night was a great success honoring the 20 seniors for all their hard work and dedication.

The Crusader offense came out hot and ready to go, scoring on their first drive set up by senior wide receiver Dwayne Moorehead’s 60-yard reception. Quarterback Jack Lausch finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run to take the lead early in the 1st quarter.

Moorehead said, “It was great to take an early lead; when I got the ball […]

The Standard: Crusaders Take Down the Caravan in the Last Game of the Year2021-04-28T22:13:27-05:00

The Standard: The Courtyard Wonders


By Matt Murphy ‘21

Sometime throughout the academic school year, students who take a look out of their classroom window might happen to see a surprise out in the main courtyard at Brother Rice. Once a year, a new family of gosling appear in the courtyard, with the two parents strictly watching and protecting their babies.

There typically will be around four or five babies following their parents’ footsteps in the courtyard, and they will do so for a couple weeks. The parents choose the high school’s courtyard for secure protection, with four brick walls surrounding them, making it harder for their babies […]

The Standard: The Courtyard Wonders2021-04-28T22:13:33-05:00

The Standard: The Road to a Successful Year of ERC, One Step at a Time!


By Matthew Quattrocchi ‘21

In nearing an end to a hectic school year, and in the spirit of approaching a longly awaited summer break, the Edmund Rice Camp team prepares to make its final push in preparation for the summer camp ahead!

ERC is a classic Brother Rice tradition filled with the quality of service and philanthropy, which affords an annual free summer camp for marginalized kids around the Chicagoland area.

Since the beginning of the school year, the leadership team has been meeting almost weekly and has pushed its fundraising efforts onto the Brother Rice community by selling Albanese Gummy Bears, selling candy […]

The Standard: The Road to a Successful Year of ERC, One Step at a Time!2021-04-28T21:59:43-05:00

The Standard: My BRTV Experience


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

Looking back on my last two years as a member of Brother Rice TV, I’ve realized that I would not be here without a few teachers, students, and moments. These memories both defined my high school experience and shaped my future plans.

The starting point for my broadcasting career was Mr. Vogt’s broadcast journalism class. I took the class because I knew I liked sports but wasn’t sure what exactly the class would entail. After a few weeks, Mr.  Vogt told me that I should help out with BRTV. I took the advice and worked my first few games […]

The Standard: My BRTV Experience2021-04-28T22:05:32-05:00

The Standard: And the Band Played On


By Seamus Quinn ‘21


It was with those three words that I marched with the band onto Tom Mitchell Field for the final football game of the 2021 season.


It was with those two words that I came to a stop with my fellow band members, the field now oddly quiet, the audience now rising and watching us with bated breath.

And it was with a flourish and a wave of Mr. Zielinski’s arms that I began to play the opening notes of the “Star Spangled Banner” for the final time.

In my four years in the Brother Rice/Mother McAuley band, I […]

The Standard: And the Band Played On2021-04-28T21:47:15-05:00

The Standard: The Masters Review


By Justin Hardiek ‘21

The Masters golf tournament held on the weekend of April 10 was one of the most historic sporting events so far this year.

The Masters is held at Augusta National Golf Club which is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and well-known courses in the world. Augusta is known to be extremely difficult, and it lived up to this standard. The greens were as fast as lightning, making scoring very difficult for every player in the field, which added a lot of excitement to the tournament.

This is how the top five players finished in this year’s Masters tournament.

Placing fifth […]

The Standard: The Masters Review2021-04-22T16:18:41-05:00

The Standard: A One-of-a-Kind Prom


By Sean Deane ‘21

The Crusaders have been through a crazy year.  COVID-19, masks, hybrid learning, and scrambled sports schedules have already created a very different experience for students than in years past.  Prom is only a few weeks away, and it will not be spared from the wackiness.

This year’s prom will be held at Brother Rice.  It will either be in the gym or in tents set up on school property.  The event will be catered by food trucks.

This is vastly different from the typical Brother Rice prom which was held at a hotel downtown in a ballroom.

The seniors’ feelings about […]

The Standard: A One-of-a-Kind Prom2021-04-22T15:30:53-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Success on Senior Day


By Devlin Harris ‘21

The Brother Rice Soccer program found their third win of the season on Senior Day. Brother Rice beat the Montini Catholic Broncos 2-1 at Coach Tom Mitchell Field. This was the last game of the Crusaders season after a positive COVID-19 test during the week following.

Senior Day is always special for the Crusaders. They pay tribute to all of the four-year players who have defined the program for the last few years. This year there were thirteen seniors. However, four were out for the clash with the Broncos on Sunday.

Senior Day began with a ceremony to celebrate the […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Success on Senior Day2021-04-22T15:10:05-05:00
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