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The Standard: Overcoming Senioritis


By Jimmy Gilmartin ‘23

My senior year at Brother Rice definitely was not how I expected it to be. I quickly learned that it is only a myth that “you do nothing your senior year.” I had been told my entire life how easy senior year was and I guess I overestimated how much work I’d still be doing. After only the first few weeks of school, I was ready to be done.

Despite all the unexpected schoolwork I was doing, I had a great schedule my senior year. I was in classes with a lot of my friends and I got all […]

The Standard: Overcoming Senioritis2023-05-22T14:07:45-05:00

The Standard: The Departure


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

“Everything will be just fine, everything will be just fine.”

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that during your senior year. It’s your final year before “going into the real world” and, damn, is it a little scary to think about at times! I mean, I’m not even sure what I’m going to be doing next weekend, and now we have to decide what we are going to do for the rest of our lives. Uh-oh!

Although my senior year was amazing, there were some things that I wish I knew before going through the year. One thing that […]

The Standard: The Departure2023-05-22T13:59:14-05:00

The Standard: An Exceptional Senior Year


By Robert Regan ‘23

I didn’t think my senior year at Brother Rice would be any different than my previous three years of high school. It would be in the same place with the same people doing the same things. It turned out though, I was very wrong. So far, my senior year has been a very special and important year for me.

I had to make a lot of decisions this year. One such decision was what I wanted to study in college. Two classes I took this year were entrepreneurship and accounting, and both were taught by Mr. Kutsulis, aka “Coach […]

The Standard: An Exceptional Senior Year2023-05-22T13:37:25-05:00

The Standard: I am finally done.


By Mateo Perez ‘23

If someone told me at the beginning of this school year what was going to happen to me, I would not have believed them. I would have never guessed that my senior year was going to be filled with such opportunities, achievements, and setbacks.

One of the opportunities I had received was being a nominee for the Posse Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship for undergraduate students. I was completely grateful and speechless when I found out that I had advanced as a semi-finalist.

Even though I didn’t receive the scholarship, it was still an amazing experience.

Another opportunity I had during my […]

The Standard: I am finally done.2023-05-22T13:32:34-05:00

The Standard: The Last Crusade


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

My four years of high school are coming to an end. There are only a couple days remaining and all that is left in my senior year is another physics test, prom, and the senior prank.

Brother Rice has taught me a lot about myself, and this school has pushed me to not be complacent.

I began my senior year having my eyes set on Florida State University; in December, I found out I didn’t get in. If I told myself I would end up going to Clemson at the beginning of my senior year, I would think I was […]

The Standard: The Last Crusade2023-05-19T12:12:00-05:00

The Standard: In the Blink of an Eye


By Ryan Gierhahn ‘23

Senior year, the final chapter of my high school journey, has gone by in the blink of an eye. It has given me memories and people I will cherish forever, and I can’t help but long to relive it all over again. I’m so fortunate to have had the experiences I did throughout my high school career to prepare me for what’s to come in the future.

These four years have been nothing short of what I expected when I came to Brother Rice. From my first day of freshman year to the bittersweet last week of senior year, […]

The Standard: In the Blink of an Eye2023-05-19T12:05:45-05:00

The Standard: The Last Hurrah


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Well, here we are, the last hurrah. When the faculty said to me, “High school goes by in a blink of an eye”, they really meant it. I remember my first day of school at Brother Rice being super nervous about trying to get used to the new environment. We had to go right to the gym to hear the famous “Doc Mathius Speech.” Finding my locker was another big task, walking through the long hallways and trying to find #758. Out of nowhere, all of these upperclassmen stepped in and helped me find my locker.

During the first […]

The Standard: The Last Hurrah2023-05-19T11:57:43-05:00

The Standard: Many Great Memories Made


By Danny Durkin ‘23

It feels just like yesterday my cousin was telling me how fun senior year will be, and he sure was right.

My last year here at Brother Rice was full of a lot of memories that I will never forget, from going to golf practice in the middle of August and hitting the balls at the range, to playing baseball in 40 degree weather in May. They were all awesome moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Even if it was just talking with my friends in school, those laughs that we had were memories made. Some of these […]

The Standard: Many Great Memories Made2023-05-18T14:05:09-05:00

The Standard: Saved the Best for Last


By Charlie Walsh ‘23

My senior year has by far been the most memorable. I have had so much success and fun.

I started off the year running cross country. I was named team captain. This was an achievement that I looked forward to for three years. I remember looking up to the senior captains my freshman and sophomore year; now I was that role model for this year’s young guys.

The season went very well. We took home the regional championship for the 3rd time in four years. At sectionals, we ran one of our greatest races all year and qualified for the […]

The Standard: Saved the Best for Last2023-05-18T13:58:54-05:00

The Standard: The Grind Doesn’t Stop


By Danny Hughes ‘23

Unfortunately, I won’t really miss Brother Rice until I’m already gone. I did plenty of new things during senior year, such as benching two plates for the first time, driving my own car, running my first Turkey Trot, enjoying every class on my schedule, joining new clubs, becoming a color leader in Edmund Rice Camp, and going on Kairos.

Finally, I had the chance to be taught by some of the “GOATs” at Brother Rice, such as Brother Hayes, Mr. Dolan, and Mr. Augustyn. Each teacher had a different way of teaching, but all three helped me learn the […]

The Standard: The Grind Doesn’t Stop2023-05-18T13:31:53-05:00


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