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The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Visit My Summer Home


By Luke Onoroto ‘20

In the midst of being stuck in a seemingly endless quarantine lockdown, nothing sounds better than a nice getaway.

For me there would definitely be no better getaway than to my summer home at Woodsmoke Ranch, the perfect place to escape the confines of my house.

I have the best of times when I visit my summer home. I normally bring a bunch of my friends and we have a blast. I can’t imagine a summer without this place, but now the Coronavirus may take it away this year.

Despite being a very small and modest place, my summer home has […]

The Standard: I Can’t Wait To Visit My Summer Home2020-05-05T22:52:37-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to go golfing when this is over.


By Declan McGuire ‘20

As quarantine continues, it seems that it is only getting worse. With murder hornets now coming into our country and the only thing close to live sports we have is “The Last Dance,” it is almost impossible to remain positive.

But during a time like this, remaining positive and together is one of the only things we can do besides look ahead to when this is all over. One thing I look forward to doing when this is all over is golfing.

As the April showers end and golf courses open up, there really isn’t a better time than now […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to go golfing when this is over.2020-05-05T21:43:00-05:00

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Movie


By Henry Barsch ‘20

I cannot wait to go to a movie.

During this pandemic, I have been watching a decent amount of television and cinema. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are all my best friends during this time. Although these services are all wonderful, there is one thing I miss the most: the movie theaters.

Going to the AMC Theater in Crestwood off Cicero Ave. and Cal Sag Rd. is always a good time for me. I have many fond memories of films seen in that place. From going with friends to family, it always has a good movie in store.

From a young age […]

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Movie2020-05-05T21:39:52-05:00

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Concert when Quarantine Ends


By Ken Foyle ‘20

One of my favorite memories from last summer was when I attended Lollapalooza with some of my friends. I had never been there before last year, so it was a completely new experience for me.

I had no idea what it would be like.

One thing I absolutely loved about the festival was simply getting to spend the day talking to and having fun with my friends right before we had to go back to school.

The other thing I loved was the music.

I got to see some very popular artists perform some great sets, and I had a blast. When […]

The Standard: I Can’t Wait to Go to a Concert when Quarantine Ends2020-05-05T21:35:13-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to hang out with my friends when this is over.


By James Littleton ‘20

As simple as it may sound, the statement above cannot be more true.

Whether it’s a poker night, bonfire, or going on trips with my best friends; those kinds of things have never seemed so necessary.

In these trying times, I’ve had an amazing time spending time with my family, but as almost all of my closest friends will be splitting to different colleges this fall, there’s no other people I’d like to spend my time with than my friends.

Some of my most cherished memories have been made with this group of Crusaders, and I’m so thankful this amazing school […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to hang out with my friends when this is over.2020-05-05T12:18:27-05:00

The Standard: I Need a Good Vacation


By Dan Golon’20

While being cooped up at home, one of the most comforting thoughts is that of a far away paradise.

For me, that paradise can be found on Little Paw Paw Lake in Coloma, Mich.

I usually spend every Memorial Day up on the lake, but that has already fallen as a casualty to the Coronavirus. I dread that the Fourth of July may be the next to fall, as everything else I have been looking forward to has.

There is something about being at your cottage with your immediate and extended family that no other vacation can bring you. There is an […]

The Standard: I Need a Good Vacation2020-05-05T12:10:20-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to caddy once this lockdown ends.


By Ken Foyle ‘20

Over the past four summers, I have been caddying to make money for myself. Caddying is a great way for young kids to get outside and make some very good money.

Caddying is also a great way to stay in shape during summer.

One might think I only caddy for the money, but there’s much more to it. I miss playing cards with the other caddies before a loop and having a nice hot dog after nine holes.

The experience of caddying is a staple of my summers, so I hope that this quarantine ends before the summer is over.

This is […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to caddy once this lockdown ends.2020-05-05T12:05:13-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when this is over.


By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Nothing quite epitomizes summer’s exhilarating vibes more than a Cubs game from the stunning “Friendly Confines.” Wrigleyville’s permeating positivity, easygoing culture and attuned fanbase certify its atmosphere as one of the nation’s best.

For so many, baseball further enlivens an already exuberant season to begin with: summer. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies its societal encroachment, baseball enthusiasts, across Chicagoland and beyond, have been deprived of “America’s pastime.”

A Cubs game at Wrigley Field encompasses so much more than baseball, though. It’s an unforgettable, vibrant experience that fosters arguably the most loyal fanbase in the entire realm of sports. Wrigley […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field when this is over.2020-05-05T11:40:00-05:00

The Standard: Warzone vs. Fortnite


By Tom Devine ‘20

They are both the hottest games to play right now. Most people claim that they cannot put these games down.

I am talking about Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite.

Both games are battle royale style games. They are also free to play for everyone, which I like. All platforms can download the games from PS4, Xbox One, and computers.

Here is the good part – my comparisons and ratings toward both games.

Warzone is harder to play since there are 150 players instead of 100 players like Fortnite.  Warzone is better than Fortnite since it is more realistic as opposed to […]

The Standard: Warzone vs. Fortnite2020-04-30T15:04:36-05:00

The Standard: Call of Duty


By Martin Loughney ‘20

If you did not grow up playing Call of Duty, then you did not have a childhood.

There are 13 different Call of Duty games, the first Call of Duty game was released in October 2003, and the most recent game released was in 2019. In my personal opinion Call of Duty is the best game ever created. However, not all Call of Duty were created equal.

The greatest Call of Duty, in my opinion, is Call of Duty: Black Ops. For the most part, this is my favorite one because this was the first game that I got on […]

The Standard: Call of Duty2020-04-29T13:51:39-05:00
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