Peer Ministry Program

The Brother Rice High School Peer Ministry Program is an alternative theology class option for seniors. In this exclusive program, a limited number of students per year are selected by the campus minister, Mr. Augustyn, who is also the peer ministry teacher, to become peer ministers. To become a peer minister at Brother Rice, a junior needs to fill out an Application for Peer Ministry, available outside the ministry office, and write a brief essay on why he should become a peer minister, what skills he has that would make him an asset to the program, and what skills he wishes to learn or improve upon within the program. Also, a student must participate in one of the Kairos retreats to be a part of the Peer Ministry Program.

Role of a Peer Minister

Peer ministers have many roles within the school. They are leaders of the freshmen and sophomore retreats. During the year, peer ministers play a role in all the masses and prayer services. They fill all the roles that the Catholic Church does not require a priest to do. Peer ministers act as lectors, eucharistic ministers, and servers. Peer ministers also fill other roles. Three times a year, the peer ministers lead confirmation retreats for area grade schools. They plan all masses and retreats. One peer minister leads the school in prayer over the announcements each day. Every peer minister is required to attend a Kairos retreat. Peer ministers are responsible for the content found on the website, including the Peer Ministry blog.

Campus Ministry Social Pages

Kairos Application Form

All-School Masses & Services

As an Edmund Rice Christian Brothers’ high school, Brother Rice holds all-school masses and prayer services throughout the year. The mass is usually said by the Brother Rice chaplain Fr. Mark Walter, pastor of nearby St. Linus Parish. Guest celebrants are invited to celebrate with the Brother Rice community as well.

Brother Rice’s very own Lyrical Fight Club, led by music director Mr. Rendak, provides outstanding singing of classic Catholic church songs. The Lyrical Fight Club even inspires the student body to sing. Held in the South Gym to accommodate the whole student body, the gym is decorated by the campus minister, with the help of peer ministers.

Per Catholic tradition, Brother Rice holds some type of service, whether a mass or prayer service, every month when school is in session. Brother Rice also hosts masses on holy days of obligation.