The Standard: Brother Rice Golf


By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

When you think of sports at Brother Rice, what comes to your mind first?

Be honest – it wasn’t golf.

Although golf isn’t the marquee sport at Brother Rice, the team continues to make a name for themselves throughout the years. Just this past season, the team traveled to Olympia Fields, La Grange Country Club, Oak Park Country Club, and many more. Many players have been playing outstanding golf and are being recognized for their accomplishments.

Coach Vaughan and Coach Patton are the coaching duo and are two great examples for the players. Coach Vaughan said, “The most important part of […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Dominate in Win Against Collinsville


By Danny Durkin ‘23

The Crusaders move onto the quarterfinal round with a dominant win over Collinsville.

Round two of the IHSA Playoffs came back to Brother Rice as your Crusaders went up against Collinsville. It was a big matchup for the Crusaders, but they were prepared to get a good win. Senior Brendan Arnold said, “It was a great week of practice and we were focused the whole week.”

The Crusaders had a pretty good first half, leading 14-0 with a great showing from the defense. Senior defensive end Nick Dorn said, “We came out strong, and we were well prepared for what […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice vs Mt. Carmel Quarterfinal Preview


By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Brother Rice is set to play Mount Carmel in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. The game will take place this Saturday at 6 p.m. Mount Carmel is undefeated; however, the Crusaders gave them a tough time during the regular season when the Caravan scratched out a 28-21 victory.

The No. 24 Crusaders have been the underdog throughout their impressive playoff run. They defeated No. 9 Jacobs 27-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Then, they continued to defeat No.8 Collinsville 44-15 in the second round.

The No.1 Caravan has had a controlling playoff run as well. They defeated No.32 […]

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The Standard: Third Time’s a Charm


By Charlie Walsh ‘23

Mark Donahue, President of Brother Rice High School, brings more than just football to the table.

Since his years of being an offensive lineman are over, Mr. Donahue needed an activity to stay in shape. He decided to begin cycling and quickly fell in love with it. Through cycling, he met many new people and found himself competing in a triathlon.

He finished the triathlon and competed in two half marathons and two Ironmans since then. Mr. Donahue loves the challenge and fitness aspect of it, but mostly enjoys meeting new people. He is set to compete in his third […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Lose Close Game on the Road


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders hockey team suffered a 3-1 loss after a hard-fought three periods against the St. Ignatius Wolfpack. The Crusaders fell to a record of 3-2-0, while the Wolfpack rose to 5-0-0.

The first period was a defensive one, with sophomore goalie Deven Stillo allowing 0 goals on 11 shots. The Crusaders also remained scoreless with only 4 shots on net.

In the second period, the Wolfpack netted one of 10 shots. The Crusaders answered shortly after with an unassisted breakaway goal from senior Jakub Potoczny.

Potoczny said, “There was so much going through my mind on that rush; […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Pat Richardson


By Billy Reardon ‘23

There was a point when Coach Pat Richardson was not a Crusader.  He was a former Redhawk down the street of Pulaski. Coach Richardson graduated from Marist High School and his brother, Donald Richardson, was a physical education teacher at Marist.

Everyone knows Coach Richardson as that “elite” basketball coach on the South Side of Chicago. Throughout his 30 years of teaching and coaching, Coach Richardson has impacted Brother Rice and Marist’s basketball program.

The main subjects Coach Richardson teaches are US History and US History 3/Vietnam. Coach Richardson also teaches several physical education and health classes for our freshmen […]

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The Standard: Intramural Tennis


By Nick Niego ‘23

Intramural tennis has started up at Brother Rice, and the sport is expanding throughout the school.

Tennis was not always a sport people played at Brother Rice, but the program is taking steps in the right direction. Coach Vogt, a teacher at Brother Rice, is the head coach for the tennis team and has really brought the sport to a new level.

Coach Vogt said, “When I took over, we had five players in the entire program. Last season, we had 14 players on the roster, and this year we’ve had over 20 attend intramurals.”

Tennis is not the most popular […]

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The Standard: War Down on 99th


By Brendan Arnold ‘23

The Battle of Pulaski is hands down the biggest rivalry in the Chicago land area. Two teams from down the street bash in what is always a battle to the end. This game establishes which school is superior and bragging rights for years.

The preparation for this game began Monday morning – hopping into the shower and getting ready to block out all the distractions and noise ahead. At the beginning of every Monday practice, Coach Quedenfeld starts by preaching about the noise and distractions. This week will be filled with distractions, from having a shortened day Thursday to […]

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The Standard: BR Hosts Pre-Season Clinic


By Ryan Gierhahn ‘23

In the past, Brother Rice has been known for offering a free-of-charge basketball clinic to grade school players before their season begins. It’s a great way for kids to get back into the basketball groove with football season ending in the next couple weeks.

But with Covid being in the midst of everything these last few years, the program has been unable to hold the event since 2019. It was definitely a big deal to bring it back in 2022.

The clinic was held on Sunday, October 16, at Brother Rice. It was offered to any 5th-8th graders who wanted […]

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The Standard: Crusade Takes Down the Spartans


By Jack Morrison ‘23

The varsity Brother Rice football team defeated the Marian Catholic Spartans 42-7 at home on a cold rainy day.

In the first quarter, Owen Lyons started the momentum with a big catch on the Brother Rice sideline, setting up the Crusaders with great field position. TeShon McGee finished the drive with a two yard rushing touchdown. The Spartans bounced back with a long touchdown tying the score at 7-7.

Lyons said, “I knew we needed something to get the momentum going; when my opportunity came I took advantage of it.”

In the second quarter, Ryan Hartz connected with Owen Lyons for […]

The Standard: Crusade Takes Down the Spartans2022-10-27T22:08:53-05:00


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