The Standard: Hockey Season Wraps Up


By Tommy Witt ‘24

The 2023-24 hockey season came to an end on Monday, Feb. 19, after a 5-2 loss vs the 1st seed St. Ignatius in the Kennedy Cup Semifinals.

The Crusaders had a successful season, finishing the regular season 11-10 and the fifth overall seed in the CCHL. During the year, the Crusaders swept three meetings vs Mount Carmel, St. Rita, and Marmion Academy. However, they struggled against the top of the league, losing all three to St. Ignatius and Fenwick.

The Crusaders matched up against the Providence Catholic Celtics in the first round of the Kennedy Cup playoffs, a team they […]

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The Standard: Togas and Hockey Advance to Semifinals


By Charley Duggan ‘24

On Friday, Feb. 8, the Brother Rice hockey team faced Providence in game three of the Kennedy Cup playoffs. Both teams came out strong in the beginning. Providence scored first, and Brother Rice answered right back. Shortly after, Providence scored again taking the lead.

Right around the second quarter, the Crusader Crazies came in clutch. The intensity picked up, and the Crusaders came out with a boost of energy. The Crazies, decked out in togas, cheered on the team.

The team had an overall great effort. A great offensive game came from Jack Keaty, James Esposito, and Jack Edison, who […]

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The Standard: Crusader Hockey Senior Night


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

Crusader hockey is currently sitting at 11-10 in the CCHL. The leading scorers for the Crusaders are sophomore James Esposito with 19 goals and senior Jack Keaty with 14 goals.

Senior Jack Keaty said, “The team has come together this season even with many seniors leaving last year. Helping the younger players is a huge role I have on this team.”

The Crusaders only have four seniors this year, but all of them want to make a difference. The seniors on this team are Jack Keaty, Tommy Witt, Chris Surma, and Jake Surma. Witt is the only defensemen out of […]

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The Standard: Hockey victorious vs Benet


By Tommy Witt ‘24

On Jan. 18, the Brother Rice Crusader hockey team took the ice vs the third place Benet Redwings. The Crusaders lost two prior meetings to Benet, but were determined heading into Thursday night’s game.

Senior Jacob Surma said, “It was a great week of practice. We felt prepared and ready to play that night and the outcome speaks for itself.”

The Crusaders trailed early after a Redwing goal, but the Crusaders did not falter. Senior Jack Keaty beat the Benet defense and put it past the goalie to tie the game. The teams ended the first period knotted at one.

As […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hockey Features in All Star Game and Skills Competition


By Charley Duggan ‘24

On Jan. 5, two Brother Rice students from the hockey team were selected to play in the CCHL vs. SHL all-star game. Jack Keaty and James Esposito were selected as representatives in the All-Star game.

The All-Star game was set at 1:30 p.m. and took place at Allstate Arena. The final score was 7-4 with SHL taking the win.

Performances came from players of the Chicago Catholic Hockey League and the Scholastic Hockey League. The CCHL consisted of Brother Rice, St. Ignatius, St. Rita, Providence Catholic, Benet Academy, Fenwick, Mount Carmel, and Marmion Academy.

Senior Jack Keaty said, “It was a […]

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The Standard: The Mighty Saders


By Leo Niksic ‘24

As the season is rolling along, the Brother Rice Hockey team is off to a shaky start; they are 3-8 and 5th in their conference. They hope to get back on track with a win on Sunday, Dec 3rd, against a big conference rival, St. Rita.

The team is led by their captain, Jack Keaty. He is a fabulous player and is a threat every time he touches the puck. Alongside Keaty are his three alternate captains, sophomore James Esposito, junior Nathan Wilczak, and senior Tommy Witt, who are all playmakers and have great vision on the ice.

Rice still […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice vs. Mount Carmel Hockey


By Robbie Rutledge ‘24

Sunday, Oct. 1, the Brother Rice Crusaders took on the Mount Carmel Caravans at Southwest Ice Arena in Rice’s home opening hockey match.

As the puck dropped at 7:10 to start off the game, the arena erupted as the excitement in the building rose. The atmosphere, the fans, and the skating crusaders would sound better were ready to start off their season, eager for a win.

Senior Ryan Hartz said, “It is good to be back here cheering on the boys tonight, I can’t wait to see our Crusaders tear them to shreds.”

In the first game of the season, the […]

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The Standard: The Crusaders Skate Past Fenwick to Advance to the Semi-finals


By Josh Sutker ‘23

After a long regular season, the Crusaders earned the fourth seed in the end-of-the-year Kennedy Cup tournament. They matched up against the Fenwick Friars in the first round.

Senior Aiden O’Hara said, “We have to move the puck up the ice if we want to get ahead. As long as the puck stays out of our zone, we will be able to stay ahead.”

The hockey team split their season series with Fenwick 2-2, so it was a very even matchup.

Senior Matt Spell said, “We knew we were the better team even though we split. They were smaller and faster, […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hockey Senior Night and Regular Season Recap


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Last week, 11 senior skating Crusaders were honored minutes before playing against the St. Rita Mustangs. The Crusaders won 5-1 and goals in that game for Sean Moran, James Esposito, Cooper Wainwright, Jacob Potoczny, and Andrew Hoefler. The Crusaders will now compete in the Kennedy Cup Playoffs as the regular season has ended.

The varsity hockey team recently defeated Mt. Carmel on January 26 with a win 6-2. Charlie McClorey shot 2 goals and had an assist. Billy Gaskin, James Esposito, Jack Keaty, and Cooper Wainwright scored as well. The next playoff game will be Saturday, February 4th at […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Win Big Game at Home


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders hockey team beat the Fenwick Friars 5-4 at home on Thursday, Dec. 1. Brother Rice sits at 5-5-0, and Fenwick at 5-5-0.

The Friars scored first, taking the lead early in the game. Senior Conor Haggerty answered shortly after with an unassisted goal. Both teams had five shots in the first with no other goals.

The second period saw 15 shots and six goals out of both teams, the Crusaders taking seven of the 15 and scoring four times. Two of the goals came from captain Charlie McClorey, both assisted by Jack Keaty, one unassisted from […]

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