Al Perez – Brother Rice’s New Head Soccer Coach


“I’m thrilled to join the Brother Rice family as the new head coach for boys’ soccer. I fully embrace the responsibility of this role, and I look forward to building on the foundation Coach Prunckle established. It’s an honor to be part of this community, and I hope to be a catalyst for great things ahead in our soccer program.”

Al Perez – Brother Rice’s New Head Soccer Coach2024-04-26T10:41:19-05:00

The Standard: Coach Matt Prunckle Resigns as Head Soccer Coach


By James Bowes ‘24

A couple weeks ago, Coach Prunckle hosted a meeting in the Forum with his soccer team. He announced that he would no longer be the head coach of the soccer team.

After his best season to date, and having a lot of junior starters returning to the team, it was very surprising to hear this news.

Coach Prunckle later sent out an email and a social media message explaining his decision. He was very happy to be the soccer coach for all these years, but would prefer to focus on the new “Mount Sion” program he founded earlier this year.

He […]

The Standard: Coach Matt Prunckle Resigns as Head Soccer Coach2024-02-15T17:15:53-06:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Looking Promising for the Future


By Colin Welniak ‘24

After an exciting super sectional game for the Crusader soccer team, they sadly fell short to the tough Peoria Notre Dame soccer team.

The Brother Rice soccer team finished with an impressive 19 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties. The Crusaders also finished with a regional and a sectional championship.

Senior Tyler Wojcik said, “It always sucks to lose but I’m just happy to have put my jersey in a better place.”

After a disappointing 2022 season, the Crusaders were not looking too hopeful going into the 2023 season, but that was not the case. The Crusaders came out hot with […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Looking Promising for the Future2023-11-03T20:23:07-05:00

The Standard: Coach Prunckle’s Tony Lawless Award and Great Season Continues


By Nolan Navarrete ‘24

As the Brother Rice soccer team continues to roll past the competition, the leader has been rewarded for this remarkable season. Coach Matt Prunckle earned the Tony Lawless Coach of the Year award concluding the regular season.

The Tony Lawless Coach of the Year award exemplifies the most valuable manager in the Catholic League. Prunckle’s selfless characteristics really improve his relationships with each and every player associated with the program.

Senior Bruce Harris said, “Coach Prunckle shows his care for his players by making us into professional and disciplined men through the soccer program.”

The grind these men have put in […]

The Standard: Coach Prunckle’s Tony Lawless Award and Great Season Continues2023-10-27T20:09:44-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Playoff Game


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

The Brother Rice Crusaders entered the playoffs as the one seed. Brother Rice is in the running for winning state. This has not been a factor since 2004.

Soccer at Brother Rice has had some rough patches lately, but everyone is saying that this is the year for Brother Rice soccer.

Senior Tyler Wojcik said, “This year is definitely our year to go all the way and win the whole thing.”

The soccer team’s eagerness to win has definitely shown. The team has already won the Catholic League and they have no plans of stopping there.

The Crusaders played Oct. 17, for […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Playoff Game2023-10-27T19:59:51-05:00

The Standard: The Race to State


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Kicking Crusaders finished their last regular season game against Shepard High School last Wednesday night with a final score of 3-0.

Junior Luke Gordon said, “This team means everything to me, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep winning.”

The Crusaders finished their season with a record of 15-3-2, and they have not lost a game in over a month. They are ranked 11 in the state in the 2A division and are on a nine game win streak and plan to continue to win in playoffs.

Senior Christian Potoczny said, “It is great to be a part […]

The Standard: The Race to State2023-10-18T20:49:19-05:00

The Standard: BR Soccer Takes the CCL Blue


By Nicolas Hall ‘24

With a shutout win last Tuesday against DePaul College Prep, the Crusader soccer team took home the CCL Blue Championship. After a 20-year-long drought, they finally ended it.

Junior Liam Greene said, “It is crazy to be a part of something that hasn’t been done in so long. My fellow teammates and I will never forget this.”

The Crusaders clinched it with a record of 7-1-1. This title is shared with the co-champions, Marmion Academy. The Crusaders had some crucial wins to achieve this. A huge win against Marmion Academy put them in contention to be number one.

Senior Christian […]

The Standard: BR Soccer Takes the CCL Blue2023-10-12T18:35:13-05:00

The Standard: Kicking Crusaders Roll to the Top of the Tables


By Colin Welniak ‘24

The Brother Rice kicking Crusaders are on fire as they clinched the number one seed in the class 2A Lemont Sectional.

After what seemed like another long season, everyone was set on the Crusaders finishing at the bottom of the tables once again, but something was different. The Crusaders kept winning.

Senior forward Tyler Wojcik said, “It’s definitely a great feeling being able to compete and win, but we still have to remember what we are playing for and stay disciplined because anything can happen.”

The Crusaders have been having their best season since Coach Matt Prunckle played almost twenty years […]

The Standard: Kicking Crusaders Roll to the Top of the Tables2023-10-07T21:55:57-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice vs. Marist Soccer


By Phill Cipriani ‘24

Over Labor Day weekend, the Crusaders took on the Redhawks in the annual Pulaski Cup.  The Crusaders were in possession of the Pulaski Cup with an exciting 2-1 win last year.

The Redhawks took an early 1-0 lead within the first minutes of the game. Shortly after, senior Christan Morales scored on a penalty kick to tie the game.

The score remained 1-1 at halftime, but the Crusaders had the momentum.  Senior Bruce Harris nearly gave the Crusaders the lead as time winded down.  Senior Colin Welniak kept the Crusaders in the game with multiple great saves, holding the Redhawks […]

The Standard: Brother Rice vs. Marist Soccer2023-09-28T18:45:14-05:00

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For


By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

I recall being dragged to my brother’s soccer game between Brother Rice and Marist known as the Pulaski Cup. While witnessing my first Pulaski Cup, I loved the exciting atmosphere and looked forward to coming back the following year. The games were always close in score and the environment made you want to keep coming back every year.

Now that I am a senior on the BR soccer team, I got to experience the excitement firsthand. When we first got to Marist everyone acted normal but the whole team knew this was a huge game that would be challenging. […]

The Standard:  The Moments We Live For2022-09-27T19:24:56-05:00
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