The Standard: Freshman A Tournament


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Brother Rice held a freshman volleyball tournament that started on April 1, and went through the weekend. The tournament was for the freshman A teams.

Brother Rice’s freshman A team looks like they have some talent even with their lack of height. Rice made it to the championship game against Lyons Township. Both very good teams competed against each other.

Brother Rice had a good game against Lyons. They won a tight game in two sets with scores of 25-23 and 26-24.

“It was a nail biter and the crowd was getting into it,” said John Mikrut.

Brother Rice was in Pool […]

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The Standard: Volleyball Season is Starting


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Volleyball tryouts for Brother Rice are this Monday, Mar. 7, 2022. This year’s team is looking pretty good with some height on the varsity team. The tallest person on the team is Brendan McCarthy reaching 6’7”.

Brendan is the middle on the team and said, “I am extremely excited for the season and would like to see how much talent we really have.”

The other middle on the team is senior Tom Lamb. Tom has improved tremendously as he played for Ultimate Volleyball Club. He started last year as a junior and has only become better.

Tom said, “Brendan and I […]

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