Al Perez – Brother Rice’s New Head Soccer Coach


“I’m thrilled to join the Brother Rice family as the new head coach for boys’ soccer. I fully embrace the responsibility of this role, and I look forward to building on the foundation Coach Prunckle established. It’s an honor to be part of this community, and I hope to be a catalyst for great things ahead in our soccer program.”

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The Standard: The Path to the Trades


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

Instead of the typical path to college, senior Reed Norville will be going to the trades following in his dad’s footsteps.

Reed’s interest in the trade was mostly sparked by family influence, with his father and uncle both working as tradesmen. Additionally, he has been drawn to the hands-on nature of trade work, preferring active participation over passive learning.

One significant experience that influenced his decision occurred during a service call with his dad at an abandoned building. This job provided him with a unique perspective, exposing him to aspects of the trade that are not typically seen by the […]

The Standard: The Path to the Trades2024-04-25T22:25:55-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Crusaders Venture Out on This Year’s Mission Trip to Peru


By Charley Duggan ‘24

Over spring break, Brother Rice students and staff members attended the annual Peru mission trip, which was led by Mr. Mike Dolan, the moderator of the Advocacy Club, along with faculty members Mr. Hunter Michniak and Mrs. Michelle Toman.

The climate was very hot and humid when the group arrived. The Peruvian people were incredibly friendly and caring. However, the group found themselves noticing how different life in this area of Peru is from their lives in Chicago.

Many students were surprised by the culture and living conditions. A majority of the people were poor and in need of support.

The […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Crusaders Venture Out on This Year’s Mission Trip to Peru2024-04-19T07:57:39-05:00

The Standard: Haerther Scholars Trip to the Morton Arboretum


By Rudy Perez ‘24

On April 10, the Brother Rice Haerther Scholars got the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum on a field trip.

All grade levels of Haerther Scholars attended the trip, including the Haerther Scholars from Mother McAuley.

Junior Haerther Scholar Aidan Nohava said, “I thought the Morton Arboretum was a cool place to go to. It is a beautiful place where you can learn and see so many things.”

The purpose of the field trip was to educate the scholars on our environment and ways we can help save our planet.

The scholars participated in a scavenger hunt that stretched across the entire […]

The Standard: Haerther Scholars Trip to the Morton Arboretum2024-04-18T20:21:54-05:00

Meet Mary Erdmann, the New Director of Special Education at Brother Rice High School!


“I am honored to be a part of launching the Mount Sion Program at Brother Rice High School and taking on the role of Director of Special Education. The vision for this inclusion program is to foster a sense of belonging, a celebration of each student’s uniqueness, and an appreciation for the contributions that each student makes to the school and community. As the program evolves, Mount Sion students will be engrossed in the school environment and the community, proudly representing the philosophy and standards of Brother Rice. 

The benefits of the Mount Sion program are numerous. The […]

Meet Mary Erdmann, the New Director of Special Education at Brother Rice High School!2024-04-18T09:40:17-05:00

The Standard: Career Day


By Leo Niksic ‘24

It was a great day at Brother Rice on March 22. There were 50+ alums who came out for Career Day, either in person or online.

Many of the Rice students were interested in various career options from those that don’t need a college degree, like joining the pipefitters union or the military, to others that require more schooling, such as becoming a pilot for an airline, a cardiac surgeon, or a lawyer.

Senior Joquan Turner said, “Career Day is one of my favorite days at school because I still don’t know what I’m doing after graduation, so to see […]

The Standard: Career Day2024-03-28T13:13:57-05:00

The Standard: “Crusaders in the Community” – Crusaders Support Local Pantry


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

In December, two seniors at Brother Rice held a food drive for a local food pantry. Non-perishable donations were requested, and all donations were given to the Village Pantry Coalition, a volunteer-run food pantry located in Evergreen Park.

Seniors Tom McMahon and James Mangan organized the drive. McMahon and Mangan both volunteered at the pantry over the summer. They each became familiar with the pantry after running a food drive last year for their advocacy project.

The Village Pantry Coalition feeds over 50 families every single week. With the holiday season approaching, McMahon and Mangan identified an opportunity to give […]

The Standard: “Crusaders in the Community” – Crusaders Support Local Pantry2024-01-19T00:24:39-06:00

Brother Rice is a Standout at IBEW STEM Competition


Brother Rice is a Standout at IBEW STEM Competition

In an exceptional display of talent and innovation, Brother Rice soared to remarkable heights at the recent IBEW STEM Competition, cementing its reputation as a powerhouse in the field. Among the 50 formidable teams in attendance, Brother Rice’s three teams emerged as standout performers, securing notable positions within the top 10 rankings.

The competition was a testament to the school’s commitment to excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. With a blend of ingenuity, dedication, and expertise, Brother Rice’s teams showcased their prowess, claiming impressive standings of 2nd, […]

Brother Rice is a Standout at IBEW STEM Competition2023-12-07T12:58:43-06:00

Brother Rice Advocates Helping Others


“Brother Rice Advocates Helping Others”

Throughout our neighborhoods we can see the word “advocate” on hospital signs, church banners, and in various pieces of religious literature. Advocacy is at the core of Christian values as it centers on support of a cause. At Brother Rice High School, a group of students gather together to show support for numerous causes through the school’s Advocacy Group.

The young men who make up this group come from different backgrounds and neighborhoods; yet what bonds them is a desire to live out Jesus’ teachings by helping others. They are united by […]

Brother Rice Advocates Helping Others2023-10-12T10:53:09-05:00


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