The Standard: Ode to AP Style


By Joshua Bruno ‘19

As the end of senior year slowly approaches, I would like to take this time and give a shout out to everyone’s favorite style guide: Associated Press.

This guide, written in in 1953 and frequently updated, causes either pleasure or pain for those who choose (or in The Standard’s case, forced) to use it. Its sole purpose of existence is for clarity and consistency while reporting.

Or so we would like to think.

As a departing senior, I just would like to use one of my last articles to write an ode to everyone’s favorite style guide.

Associated Press,

Where would us 30 […]

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The Standard: Why We Shave – Jesus had a Beard


By Andrew Thompson ‘19


Men grow facial hair. It is man’s most physical display of wisdom and masculinity.

What do Abraham Lincoln, Sophocles and Santa Clause all have in common? That’s right! They all had awesome beards.

Even the man who lives in our hearts forever, Jesus, had a beard.

So why must the men of Edmund Ignatius Rice come to school with clean shaven faces every day?

Potentially awesome beard growing senior Anthony Arquilla said, “Having to shave for school is an unnecessary hassle. I will be up until 1:00 a.m. working on a grueling assignment and be relieved to finally go to sleep, until […]

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The Standard: We Are Brother Rice TV


By Danny Reardon ‘19

Everyone loves sports, it is a simple statement.

The quick, fast paced, physical gameplay is hard for anyone to resist.

However, everyday life and work can prohibit us from attending these events. Thus, we rely on TV networks such as NBCSN, the NHL Network, ESPN, etc. to show these games so we can support our favorite teams.

High school sports are also very popular, especially here at Brother Rice. Having elite […]

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The Standard: Why is Brother Rice Special?


By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

Those who have never experienced the culture at Brother Rice will never be able to relate to my feelings about this school. In the old, worn out parts of the building, lies something extremely special – a home away from home. A place where someone like me can come to realize all of the dreams I have set for myself.

What separates a house from a home? A house is just a building, a structure made of wood, metal, brick, etc. On the other hand, a home is something a […]

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The Standard: Athletic Training


By Marco Braschi ‘19

According to atyourownrisk.org, 54% of student athletes report they have played while injured. Injuries are very common and with injuries, come medical attention. In light of this, a new class called Athletic Training was introduced this past school year.

The class is taught by Mr. Kyle Watson, who recently took up Brother Rice’s Athletic Trainer position. “When I was interviewed by the school, they mentioned they wanted to do an Athletic Training Class, and I said, ‘That’s great! I always like to inspire as many kids as I can to join my field,’” said the newly hired Mr. Watson.

Athletic […]

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The Standard: Swim Team Competes at Fenwick Tri Meet


By David Wolf ‘19

Tuesday, Jan. 22, the Brother Rice swim and dive team competed at the Fenwick Tri-meet.

The three teams at this meet included the Wolfpack of Saint Ignatius, the Friars of Fenwick, and the Crusaders. This annual meet was special this year. Seniors from Fenwick celebrated their last home meet of the season with a Senior Night celebration. This celebration consisted of recognizing the parents of seniors and reading fun facts about the students.

The Crusaders started out strong as they placed well in the 200 yard medley relay. This relay team consisted of Seth Miller, Sean Griffin, Daren Rodgers, and […]

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The Standard: Mother Son Dance


By David Wolf ‘19

How much does your mom do for you? On Saturday Jan. 20, the Brother Rice Dad’s club gave sons the chance to show their love for their mothers. Moms and their sons danced the night away with a fun night filled with dancing and great music.

Most couples started the night with a meal at Baraccos, Palermo’s, or they kept it simple and hosted a before party.

Student and loving son, Patrick McGann, hosted a before party with pizza and wings. McGann said, “I think my mom deserved a little time to mingle with other moms before the dance, so […]

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The Standard: ACT Advice to Juniors


By John Stillman ‘19

It’s that time of the year again! The time for stressing out over the amount of school work and the upcoming ACT exam. But worry not,juniors; this article is here to help! This article is the key for a 36 (hopefully).

I myself ended up with a 29 on this exam, a respectable score that got me into most colleges. From the first time I took the exam, I was able to raise my score four points thanks to the my hard work and great advice from my teachers.

Prep and Before the Exam

The ACT is like any activity: you […]

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The Standard: Redhawks at Crusaders Basketball


By Jack Aler ‘19

The greatest game ever played was Marist at Brother Rice basketball in 2017. Mike Shepski ‘17 hit a game tying 3-pointer to send the game into overtime. Brother Rice then went on to win. This rivalry, no matter the sport, always proves to be entertaining. So, in short, my expectations were high going into this game.

As the Crusader Crazies filed into the south gym, wearing their bathrobes and boxers, they got to see their sophomore team win a hard fought game 47-37 to improve to a 12-7 record. This game was the perfect opening to get the fans’ […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hall of Fame 2019


By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

Every year students, faculty, alumni, and families fill Brother Rice’s south gym awaiting to find out who is being inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

This day is known amongst the Brother Rice community as Founders Day. On Founders Day, we are able to hear speeches and stories from students and faculty reflecting on their time at Brother Rice. This year we heard three stories from seniors: Andrew Thompson, Jalen Rheams, and Gerardo Chavez. These Crusaders shared their own stories about how Brother Rice has shaped them throughout their four year journey.

Jalen Rheams said “I was very honored […]

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