The Standard: Crusader Football


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

The 2019 Brother Rice football team has been something different. After finishing the season at only 5-4, the Crusaders knew they had something to prove. Finishing the season in the semifinals, but upsetting three straight teams to get to that point, is a great accomplishment.

This image shows the 2019 Crusader as the quarterback of the team. He has a shield in his left hand and the football in his right. A sword is also pictured on the Crusaders back.

I used markers to color the Crusader and colored pencils to fill in the background.

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The Standard: Thanos Crusader


By Frankie Mesec ‘20

My artwork shows a superhero Crusader snapping a Marist Redhawk out of existence with the infinity gauntlet. I used an assortment of paints, colored pencils, and pastels to color the photo.

The photo takes place on a football field to represent our win against Marist a month ago. I know I am a little late to the party, but I had this idea and really wanted to draw it.

My friend looked over my work, and told me to paint it on a canvas. This inspired me to paint the nighttime background of the art.

I had to use different shades […]

The Standard: Thanos Crusader2019-11-02T15:55:15-05:00

The Standard: BRMM Band Crusader


By Frankie Mesec ‘20

I am a band kid, and I barely ever see any art or stories about band activities. I am here to change that. I decided to make a band drawing because I had a good idea for a drawing. I also drew the band Crusader to give the band some more love.

The picture shows a Crusader holding a trombone as a sword and a concert tuba as a shield. On the bottom, the name of the Brother Rice/ Mother McAuley Band shows the connection. I used a lot of shading and detail to bring the Crusader to life.

Ironically, […]

The Standard: BRMM Band Crusader2019-10-04T11:09:38-05:00

The Standard: Always a Crusader


By Myles Hopkins ‘19

With graduation rapidly approaching, I was reminded that no matter where I go, I will always be a Crusader at heart. Senior year gave me a new perspective on Brother Rice; it has let me realize how great high school was and all the memories I have made. This piece shows a student giving a graduation speech, but a shadow of a Crusader behind him reminds him that he will always be a Crusader at heart.

The Standard: Always a Crusader2019-05-15T22:06:10-05:00

The Standard: Joker Steals the Smash Bros. Spotlight


By Grae Miroballi ‘19

As a celebration of the release for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo’s latest installment to one of the biggest crossovers in entertainment, I decided to make a drawing.

With iconic video game characters, such as Mario, Pikachu, Pac-man, and Sonic the Hedgehog, it was hard for me to pick just who I should draw. Initially, I had a poster sized digital art piece I made featuring every new character joining Smash Ultimate, but I chose to narrow it down to my most anticipated newcomer, Joker from Persona 5.

Inspired by his reveal trailer at the 2018 Game Awards, this art […]

The Standard: Joker Steals the Smash Bros. Spotlight2019-02-18T15:11:27-06:00


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