The Standard: Brother Rice Crusaders Venture Out on This Year’s Mission Trip to Peru


By Charley Duggan ‘24

Over spring break, Brother Rice students and staff members attended the annual Peru mission trip, which was led by Mr. Mike Dolan, the moderator of the Advocacy Club, along with faculty members Mr. Hunter Michniak and Mrs. Michelle Toman.

The climate was very hot and humid when the group arrived. The Peruvian people were incredibly friendly and caring. However, the group found themselves noticing how different life in this area of Peru is from their lives in Chicago.

Many students were surprised by the culture and living conditions. A majority of the people were poor and in need of support.

The […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Crusaders Venture Out on This Year’s Mission Trip to Peru2024-04-19T07:57:39-05:00

The Standard: Cookies and Missions


By Jacob Harden ‘24

Donations are a great way to give money to the poor and needy, yet not everyone has an incentive to do so. Thankfully, theology teacher Mr. Deegan has found a solution.

Mission money is collected for multiple children that are sponsored by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, and the students are a great help with that.

However, some children need a little more encouragement, for which Mr. Deegan has found the perfect solution.

Every time the goal in Mr. Deegan’s class is reached, the entire class gets rewarded with Mrs. D’s cookies, which are more than enough to get the students […]

The Standard: Cookies and Missions2024-04-18T20:27:58-05:00

The Standard: UConn Wins March Madness Back to Back


By Tommy Scott ‘24

This past March Madness was definitely one for the books. In each round, there were thrillers and comebacks. However, one team dominated over the rest, and that was UConn.

Led by Dan Hurley, the team controlled the court in every round. The tournament kicked off with  No. 1 UConn facing No. 16 Stetson. UConn won this game with ease, defeating the team by 39 points.

Senior Charlie Boyer said, “After seeing that convincing win, I knew UConn was going to make the finals at least.”

The one seed rolled in hot to their second game against Northwestern. UConn took control early […]

The Standard: UConn Wins March Madness Back to Back2024-04-18T20:24:53-05:00

The Standard: Haerther Scholars Trip to the Morton Arboretum


By Rudy Perez ‘24

On April 10, the Brother Rice Haerther Scholars got the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum on a field trip.

All grade levels of Haerther Scholars attended the trip, including the Haerther Scholars from Mother McAuley.

Junior Haerther Scholar Aidan Nohava said, “I thought the Morton Arboretum was a cool place to go to. It is a beautiful place where you can learn and see so many things.”

The purpose of the field trip was to educate the scholars on our environment and ways we can help save our planet.

The scholars participated in a scavenger hunt that stretched across the entire […]

The Standard: Haerther Scholars Trip to the Morton Arboretum2024-04-18T20:21:54-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Rugby Takes Down the Caravan in Preseason Match


By Robbie Rutledge ‘24

On March 22, the Brother Rice Crusaders took down the Caravans in a thriller B-side, ten’s match.

In a ten-aside match, there are five forwards and five backs on the field, rather than the usual eight forwards and seven backs in a 15-aside match.

Early in the match, the rucking Crusaders went down 10-0 in the first three minutes, letting up two quick tries to Mt. Carmel. After the first ten-minute quarter flew by, the Crusaders were hungry to get back in it.

As the second quarter began, junior Cian Desmond scored a try in the first minutes to cut the […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Rugby Takes Down the Caravan in Preseason Match2024-04-18T20:18:11-05:00

The Standard: Caitlin Clark: One in a Billion


By Colin Welniak ‘24

This past March Madness was different. For the first time ever, the people weren’t just focused on the men’s tournament, but the women’s tournament was a big hit, too.

Something that really got the people involved this year was Iowa’s star point guard Caitlin Clark.

Senior Michael Moonan said, “It’s awesome seeing the women finally getting the attention they deserve. I’ve always been a fan of both tournaments because they both offer variety.”

Well what made one player so special? Caitlin Clark has had arguably the best NCAA basketball career ever between mens and womens basketball. Some of her accolades include […]

The Standard: Caitlin Clark: One in a Billion2024-04-18T20:18:39-05:00

The Standard: Career Day


By Leo Niksic ‘24

It was a great day at Brother Rice on March 22. There were 50+ alums who came out for Career Day, either in person or online.

Many of the Rice students were interested in various career options from those that don’t need a college degree, like joining the pipefitters union or the military, to others that require more schooling, such as becoming a pilot for an airline, a cardiac surgeon, or a lawyer.

Senior Joquan Turner said, “Career Day is one of my favorite days at school because I still don’t know what I’m doing after graduation, so to see […]

The Standard: Career Day2024-03-28T13:13:57-05:00

The Standard: Live The Fourth


By Kevin Worthy ‘24

Many students are scared to go on Kairos or even think about going. Kairos is a great benefit to many. Not only has Kairos affected me, it has affected many of my friends.

Brotherhood is huge at Brother Rice, and it is one of the main reasons why it functions so well. The brotherhood at Rice is special because you see the same kids every day and create bonds with each other.

However, many kids are shy or quiet because they don’t feel as if they could make friends. Going on Kairos can allow you to open up to many […]

The Standard: Live The Fourth2024-03-28T12:36:02-05:00

The Standard: World Down Syndrome Day


By Patrick Panarese ‘24

March 21 is known as World Down Syndrome Day, where people all around the world raise awareness for this cause. Brother Rice celebrated this day with all their might by holding a fundraiser called PALS.

PALS is an inclusive camp experience for people with and without Down Syndrome. This camp helps people with Down Syndrome meet new friends and create new friendships that they will have for the rest of their lives.

The Inclusion Club, which is run by Mr. Prunckle decided to dive right into this project. He looked for a student to take lead in the fundraiser. Junior […]

The Standard: World Down Syndrome Day2024-03-28T12:32:05-05:00

The Standard: Reflections of the Rucking Crusaders


By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

The Brother Rice rugby team was supposed to play Mount Carmel on March 22, but due to the weather, the game was canceled. The team was disappointed in the cancellation of the game, however they are excited for the game to be rescheduled.

Eoin Cox said, “I was pretty bummed when I heard about the cancellation because I was excited to play, but I am still excited to play them later in the season and show them how we play.”

The players just want to play more games. They want to face new competitors and show off their skills. The […]

The Standard: Reflections of the Rucking Crusaders2024-03-28T12:27:15-05:00


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