The Standard: “The Death Quarter”


By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

January, February, and March, better known as “The Death Quarter,” is here. During this time period, freshmen start to slack off and not give the full effort they usually do, which could easily result in the “death” of their grades.  As much as teachers warn their students, “The Death Quarter” always wins.

Starting high school is an experience unlike any other; new school, new classmates, and a new schedule. The first three months of the school year are typically the learning period for freshmen. Students are eager to turn in assignments on time and get off to a good […]

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The Standard: Trap


By Mateo Perez ‘23

Set in Menachap, California, every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious–every person but one. What happened?

This year, Mother McAuley’s spring play is “Trap,” an unnerving and exhilarating documentary-style play.

Senior Michelle-Marie Nimo said, “I am looking forward to closing out my senior year with a great show and great friends.”

Costume crew member Christian Davis said, “My favorite thing about being part of costume crew is contributing to something bigger and the companionship that comes with it. Although this is my last show at McAuley, I will definitely miss my friends in crew and in […]

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The Standard: College Corner – University of Illinois


By Danny Hughes ‘23

A short two-hour drive to Champaign, Illinois led me to a school with a top engineering program in the country. On the agenda was a 45-minute informational presentation and a 90-minute walking tour around the campus.

Every building on the tour was unique, especially the Talbot Lab, which contained The Southwark-Emery Universal Testing Machine, which is a two-story crushing machine that uses up to three million pounds of tension or compression power on any material tested.

Another fantastic building was the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building. The building contained a nanofabrication lab, an extremely clean lab where students research semiconductors […]

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The Standard: BR Hosts Pre-Season Clinic


By Ryan Gierhahn ‘23

In the past, Brother Rice has been known for offering a free-of-charge basketball clinic to grade school players before their season begins. It’s a great way for kids to get back into the basketball groove with football season ending in the next couple weeks.

But with Covid being in the midst of everything these last few years, the program has been unable to hold the event since 2019. It was definitely a big deal to bring it back in 2022.

The clinic was held on Sunday, October 16, at Brother Rice. It was offered to any 5th-8th graders who wanted […]

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The Standard: Back in Blood


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Many people still remember the heartbreaking loss to the Joliet Catholic Academy Hilltoppers in last year’s homecoming game. After going back and forth, the Hilltoppers came out on top 56-49.

Something was in the air last week that fell over the football team.

Senior Trey Pierce said, “It was intense, we all wanted it as a team. We knew that the team who wanted it more would come out on top.”

Traveling out to Joliet allowed the players time to lock in before the game.

Senior Owen Gorman said, “The bus was silent. We were all listening to our music and getting […]

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The Standard: Should Brother RIce Bring Back the Ping Pong Table?


By Peter McShane ‘23 

With the new phone policy at Brother Rice, lots of students are very upset that they’re not even allowed to have them at lunch. Although there might be a slight chance that this rule could be changed, what if the school just brought back the ping pong table they got rid of in 2018?

Some of the teachers mentioned how students weren’t showing attention to their classmates because they were too busy looking at their phones at lunch, so what better way to have the kids socialize more than bringing back the ping pong table?

Robert Reagan said, “I think […]

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The Standard: The Cy Young of ‘91


By Joe Scarriot ‘23

The greatest achievement as a Brother Rice athlete is to be inducted into the Circle of Champions. Members of the Circle of Champions have all made a name for themselves as a Crusader. George Escobarete ‘91 joins this honorable group of very few.

George Escobarete played baseball at Brother Rice and created an impressive resume for himself as a pitcher. In the 1991 season, George was voted as team MVP by his teammates. He struck out batters left and right with 75 strikeouts. George was not only a starter, but also a closer for the Crusaders. He led the […]

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The Standard: How Does a 9 Period Schedule Affect You?


By Danny Hughes ‘23

Why should someone take electives?

Electives are extremely important in school because electives teach students about areas of study not taught in a regular class. Having a wider variety of electives allows students to expand their interests.

The new 9-period schedule will give students more opportunities to study business, nursing, theater, and other electives. Now that Brother Rice and Mother McAuley’s schedules are almost identical, students have more options with nursing and theater classes on McAuley’s campus.

With more classes available to students, class sizes will decrease and allow students to form more personal relationships with their teachers. Fewer students per […]

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The Standard: The ONLY Water Bottle


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Water is an everyday necessity.  Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and we can’t survive without it.

This year Brother Rice enacted a rule that if you need to bring a water bottle with you, it must be a Brother Rice issued water bottle. Water bottles are such a simple item that you wouldn’t think they would have to make a rule for them. At the end of the day, we all know that rules are made because somebody found a way to do something out of the ordinary.

The new water bottles were a response to students […]

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The Standard: “The Wizard of Zou”


By Josh Sutker ‘23

Everyone in the Brother Rice community knows about the man behind the camera. At every sporting event last year, he was either taking pictures, broadcasting in his bright orange jacket, or playing defense for the lacrosse team. Jacob “Wiz” Wizgird ‘22 began to churn out content at the beginning of the football season last year, and it only got better with time.

Wizgird’s passion for videography and photography began in the BRTV club. He was able to cover the game from a different angle and started to realize how cool sports were, especially on 99th and Pulaski.

Wizgird had the […]

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