Chris Casey ’21

I think I act humbly but I could try to be even more humble and to be more thankful for what I have. I could do this by always remembering manners and always saying please and thank you. Things like this would also make me a more likeable and better person. Using these I think it will bring me closer to God.

I am grateful for having hard working parents and people around me to set a good example for how I should act when I am older. This also sets a good example for me, to work hard and to donate. I feel closer to God because I remored to always say please and thank you, and to help people who need it. I held a door for someone and they recognized it and said think you and this made me feel good and like a better person.

Jack Duggan ’21

I am the most humble on Sunday because that is the Lord’s day. I am humble because I try to help people when I can.

I am grateful for my family and my faith. When I look back at my day I feel like i’m closer to God especially on Sundays when I go to church. Going to church makes me feel closer to God and going every week strengthens my faith.

Giovanni Palazzollo ’21

I think I act pretty humble. I mind my own business and I do my own thing. I don’t go around boasting about things I get and the things I do. I sit back and I’m respectful with the things I do. Also If someone asks me to help them I am more than willing to help them but if they want me to do it for them I will not do it. So, I think I pretty humble.

I am grateful for a lot of things, like my family, a house and a great school to go to. Even though some people may not  see that I am truly grateful of what I have accomplished in my life yet so far. I don’t really know if I feel closer to God than what I am at already. I feel that life is pretty smooth to me. Some good and bad things have happened this week but nothing major, and I pray to God that things will be okay, but I really don’t know if I truly became closer to God today, and last week.

Gabe Valles ’21

I believe that I act humbly every single day. I do not act like I am better than everybody else; I have always been told to be respect anyone I may ever meet. I have never been one to brag about things or experiences that I have. Even though everyone has pride within themselves, I don’t believe I project it as much as others do. I usually celebrate other people’s achievements more than my own.

There are many blessings that I am grateful for. I am grateful for parent’s love and support in anything I do. I most grateful for the opportunity to attend a Catholic school on behalf of my parent’s hard work and sacrifice. When I reflect on everyday at Brother Rice I always feel closer to God. Just by the simple act of praying before class, I feel closer to God.

Gabe Palos ’21

I think I act humbly, maybe not everyday, but I do act humbly most of the time. I think I act humbly when I know I am doing good at something but I decide not to brag. I also act humbly when I do a good deed and do not tell everyone about what I did.

I am thankful for the blessing of family friends and food. I am thankful for them because without them I will feel lonely and I get lonely easily. I feel close to God when I pray my morning and night prayers. I also feel close to God when I think of all the blessings I have been given, and I have a lot of them.

Colin McGrath ’21

I think I used to act humbly, but as I get older, I find myself misbehaving more often than not, I don’t think I’ve matured much since last year.

Please God, if you can help me see the light and help me become humble man I’ve always been before and will be in the future, I will be thankful. Amen.

I am grateful for my family, my parents who help me even if they don’t need to, and the staff at Brother Rice for helping me be who I am today.