“I am honored to be a part of launching the Mount Sion Program at Brother Rice High School and taking on the role of Director of Special Education. The vision for this inclusion program is to foster a sense of belonging, a celebration of each student’s uniqueness, and an appreciation for the contributions that each student makes to the school and community. As the program evolves, Mount Sion students will be engrossed in the school environment and the community, proudly representing the philosophy and standards of Brother Rice. 

The benefits of the Mount Sion program are numerous. The increase in acceptance and understanding of diverse learners will provide a welcoming environment where all students feel they are valued and respected. Inclusion will lend to the social, emotional, and academic development of all students. The Brother Rice peer mentors will have a positive impact on the students in the Mount Sion program, and I believe that they will find their mentorship a rewarding experience. The Mount Sion students will be inaugurated into the Crusader brotherhood and become part of the lifelong Brother Rice family. 

I have had the privilege of working with exceptional students as a special education teacher for nearly a decade. In that time, I have witnessed the positive impact inclusion has had on my students, their peers, their families, the staff, and the overall community.  It is truly heartwarming to see how students embrace, celebrate, and accept one another’s differences. Inclusion takes away the fear of the unknown, introduces students to individuals with exceptionalities, and provides students with the realization that they are capable of doing amazing things.  

I envision some of my current students attending Brother Rice in the future as part of the Mount Sion Program, and I will take pride in what Brother Rice is able to provide for our students with special needs.  I live in this community and am elated that this program will be available for families who did not think a Catholic high school would be an option for their sons. 

With the Mount Sion Program, the first of its kind on the southside, Brother Rice is paving the way for inclusion and acceptance in our Catholic high schools. Collaborating with the amazing teachers, staff, and administration at Brother Rice will be an integral part of the program’s success. Family and community support will also be paramount to achieving the goals of this inclusionary program.

Understanding and supporting, through accommodations and modifications, the individual needs of our Mount Sion students, while maintaining high expectations, will set the stage for a unique and fulfilling experience for all involved. I am privileged to be part of this endeavor and will dedicate my efforts to its success. 

Thank you for this remarkable opportunity.”