The team had an amazing 2nd pool run. Alex Novak piloted the ROV beautifully, Mic Arundel was an unflappable leader and captain Peter Connolly devised a device between our first and second attempt that allowed us to complete 3 new tasks that we had never before attempted, without testing or practice! 

On their 2nd attempt the boys bested their first attempt total by 54 points! This was also 40 points better than the total that won the Midwest regional championship with!

During the final collaborative challenge Brother Rice’s robot was so capable that a higher ranked team from Hong Kong and a College team had to use our Robot in order to complete the challenge and earn the collaborative bonus points. None of the 4 teams on our collaborative mission team would have earned any bonus points without Brother Rice!

We had an amazing time, and exceeded all our expectations in getting back to the World Championships for the first time in 4 years! We have much to work on and many improvements to make over the next year as we hope to win the Midwest Regional again and compete for a podium spot at the world championship! 

We finished 18th out of 31 teams in the ranger division

We finished 28th out of the 60 teams at the event across all divisions

We beat out 19 teams in the 2 divisions above us

We beat 9 college teams, including a team from Columbia University

Our robot performed amazing in the pool, getting the 20th best score out of all 60 teams in attendance