Welcome Crusader Moms

The Brother Rice High School Mothers’ Club wishes to extend a warm welcome to all mothers and guardians of our Crusaders! We are a social and volunteer service group that assists the Brother Rice administration and community. Every mother or guardian of a Brother Rice student is automatically a member of the Mothers’ Club.

Our group has no shortage of volunteer opportunities that enhance the high school experience for each of our sons, from helping with Teacher Appreciation Breakfast to co-chairing an event, such as the “Rice Pride” Awards Night. Come and make new friends and learn what the Mothers’ Club is all about. Please email us if you have any questions or click the sign-up button below to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Please also find us on Social media via these sites:

BR Merchandise Mother’s Club Sale

BR Merchandise pick up will take place at the North Entrance by Main Gym on December 6th (3-5:30 PM) and December 8th (5-7:00 PM).

Mother’s Club Board Members 2023-2024


Ann Smith

Brigid Jacobsen

Vice Presidents

Katie Niksic

Beth Amado


Betsy Allen

Kelly Stanley

Corresponding Secretaries:

Melissa Garcia

Kelly O’Sullivan

Recording Secretaries

Jen Leary

Marnie Milakovich

Club Moderator

Angelica Alvarez

Mothers’ Club Events

Below is information about the events hosted by the Mothers’ Club during the school year.  They are listed in the order they occur. Every Mothers’ Club event has one or two Moms who are chairing (in charge) the event. Volunteers are needed and always welcome to assist.

This event happens in September. Moms are needed to clean the teachers’ lounge the evening before, including refrigerators. Three to four moms are needed to assist the chair and to act as hostesses for this event.

These Open Houses occur the first and third Sunday of November. Ten to twelve moms are needed to serve refreshments and to take families on tours.

This is an afternoon event that usually occurs in November during school. Three to four moms are needed to host, serving cookies and punch after the ceremony.

This event is held the second Saturday in January. Six to eight moms are needed to host new, prospective parents. Coffee and donuts are served.

Monthly Mothers’ Club Meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria.

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony event usually occurs in late January. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are inducted. Three to four moms are needed to host, serving punch and cookies after ceremony.

Four to six moms are needed to help set up the cafeteria and to clean up after breakfast. Breakfast is catered. Mass is before the breakfast in the gym. Help with check in is needed before Mass.

This event usually occurs early March on a Saturday. Six to eight moms are needed to help new, prospective parents fill out the forms for registration at Brother Rice High School. This event occurs in library.

This event occurs in early May. After the presentations, the families will be served punch and cookies by the Mothers’ Club. Three to four moms are needed to setup and clean afterwards in the cafeteria.

This occurs in May a few days before graduation. This event is for seniors with their families. After a mass in the gym, the families will come into the cafeteria for appetizers and desserts. Four to six moms are needed to serve the food, drink, and desserts that are catered from a local restaurant. Some prep needed and clean up is necessary.