Rest in Peace

Obituaries act as quiet reminders of the finite nature of our lives. Yet, for those who have recently experienced the death of a family member or friend, an obituary means so much more. It is a bittersweet reminder of all we’ve lost, but it can also help us to remember all we enjoyed while they were alive.  If you have recently lost someone you love,  please contact Megan Morrison at
We pray for those who have passed away and we hope that you will accept our condolences.
The following acknowledgments are arranged according to when we receive notification.
Thank You.

November 2023

Terrence Doheny Class of 64 died on 11/27/2023

Janis McCoy died on 11/9/2023. Husband Dan Class of ‘61

Thomas Cachor Class of ‘63 died on 11/7/2023

Kathleen “Keen” Furlong died on November 5, 2023. Mother of Bob Class of ’79 and Kevin Class of ’85. Grandsons are Kevin Class of ’15, Michael Class of ’18 and Patrick Class of ’22. Brother to Judge Marty Berry Class of ’64.

Deacon Christopher McCaffrey Class of ‘77 died on 11/03/2023

October 2023

Br. Richard Stanich CFC Class of ‘61 died on 10/26/2023.

Jon R “Dick” Marshall died on 10/25/2023. Father of Mark Class of ‘85.

John P. Gabriel ‘65 died on 10/10/2023

Patrick Saieh died on 10/11/20023. Sons Patrick ‘08 and David ‘13

Eileen M. Spencer died on 10/13/2023. Mom of Brian ‘09.

John Fazy ‘71 died on 10/2/2023. Sons are John ‘98 and Michael ‘05. His brother is Thomas ‘73

September 2023

Gary M. Caponigro Class of 2000 died on 9/28/2023

James John Stasewski ‘65 died on 9/12/2023

Dennis John Macchia ‘68 died on 9/16/2023

Roberta “Bobbie” Cannon died on 9/15/2023. Her husband is Jimmy Cannon, Class of ’63.

Stan Sheffner Class of ‘72 died on 9/5/2023

Deacon John “Jack” Malone died on 9/4/2023. His sons are Jack Class of ’74, Michael Class of ’80 and Dan Class of ’83. Grandsons are John Class of ’08, Brian Walsh Class of ’04, Tim Walsh Class of ’08 and Patrick Walsh Class of ’12.

August 2023

Brian Anderson ‘76 died on 8/23/2023. His brother was Glen ‘76.

Anne Marie Casey died on 8/24/2023. Her brothers are Patrick ‘71, Mike ‘76, Dan ‘80 and Tim ‘82.

Steve Dybsky ’62 died on 8/1/2023.

Martin “Marty” McNalley ’67 died on 8/19/2023. His brothers are Mike ’65, Jim ’70, Dave ’71, and Bill ’73.

Margaret M. Nykaza died on 8/12/2023. Margaret is the wife of Ed ’71 and mother of Ed ’96, Mike ’00 and Keith ’03.

John P. Curtin died on 8/6/2023. Father of John ’96 and Neil ’98.

July 2023

Lenard Samp ’85 died on 7/12/2023

June 2023

John Tunney ’74 died on 6/20/2023. Brother to Bill ’68, Ed ’72, Kevin ’73, and Tom ’73.

John Rowan died in June. Class of 1983.

Jerome J. ‘JR’ Gorgosz died on 6/1/2023. Class of 1968.

Catherine Hostetler “Kay” O’Janovac died in June. Mother of Kevin ’86 and Patrick ’87.

May 2023

Steve Lascola died on May 29, 2023. Father of Dominic Class of ’98

Erna J. Zoberis died on 5/14/2023 mother of Craig ’86

Jay Caponigro died on 5/11/2023 Class of 1987

Robert J “Bob” Philibin Jr. died on 5/9/2023. Father of Bob ’90, Mike ’92, Marty ’99, and Tim ’04.

April 2023

Robert R. “Bob” Egan died on 4/6/2023 Class of 1966.

March 2023

Eugene Zenz died on 3/27/2023 Class of 1961

Eugene Kulma died in March. Father of Michael Class of ’86

Lawrence R. Pietrzak died on 3/13/2023 Class of ’69.

Larry Bahnaman died on 3/28/2023 Class of 1984.

William Roeder died on 3/28/2023. Father of William ‘68, Michael ‘69 and Steven ‘76.

Winifred Tagler died on 3/20/ 2023. Winifred is the mother of Brian ‘77, Denis ‘86 and Brendan ‘87.

Joseph F. Anello died on 3/23/2023. Son Cameron is the Class of ‘08.

Linda Barcelona died on 3/20/2023. Linda is the wife of Tom ‘69.

Elllery Casey died on 3/15/2023 Class of 1965

Roger Stanley died on 2/7/2023 Class of 1966

February 2023

Leo O’Dell died on 2/10/2023 Class of 1976

William Ruby died on 2/10/2023 Class of 1964

January 2023

James Sherlock died on 1/06/2023 Class of 1964

Harry Noetzel died on 1/29/2023 Class of 1968

Randall Pavlock died on 1/28/2023 Class of 1968. His brother Russel is Class of 1974.

Daniel F. Leahy died on 1/26/2023 Class of 1973. His brothers are John ‘70, Pat ‘71, Ed ‘73 and Jim ‘76.

RoseMarie Mustari died on 1/29/2023. RoseMarie is the mother of Bob Mustari, Class of 1963.

Michael P. Phelan died on 1/26-2023 Class of 1965

Paul Edward Rook died on 1/17/2023 Class of ‘67

Philip Cerney III ‘77 died on 1/21/2023

Arumugam Aruldoss died on 1/24/2023. Arumugam is a former teacher 1964-1986. He is also the father of Richard ‘86 and Robert ‘87.

Edward A. Porter died on 1/15/2023.

Thomas Patrick Harlin died on 1/2/23. Thomas is the father of Michael ’86 and Tom ’88.

Desaree Marie Noceda died on 01/07/23. Desaree is the wife of Robert ’03 and mother of Brother Rice sophomore Armando Noceda.

December 2022

Nancy Phillips died on 12/8/22.  Nancy is the mother of Bob ’73 and Joseph ’76.

Harriet Mary Barabasz died on 12/8/22.  Harriet is the mother of Michael ’76.

Therese Marie Veldman died on 12/22/22.  Therese is the mother of Mark ’77 and Neil ’79.

Thomas M. Boyle died on 12/24/22.  Thomas is the father of Thomas ’80 and grandfather of Thomas ’20.

November 2022

Lenore Giliberto died 11/27/22. She is the mother of Frank ’69, Matt ’73, Mike ’76 and Tom ’81

James S. Lyke ’65 died on 11/1/22. James is the brother of Jerry ’75.

Andrew G. Howell died on 11/4/22. Andrew is the father of Keith ’00.

James J. Hanley ’68 died on 11/5/22. Jim is the brother of John ’71 and uncle of Daniel ’00.

Elaine “Buzzy” Hardy died on 11/8/22. Elaine is the mother of Rick ’73 and the late John ’75.

Dr. Joseph M. Malee ’64 died on 11/8/22. Joseph is the brother of Thomas ’61.

John Brennan Sullivan ‘06 died on 11/11/22.

Geraldine T. McDonough died on 11/12/22. Geraldine is the mother of Bob ’73 (the voice of Brother Rice football & basketball for over 25 years), Jim ’80 and grandmother of Matthew ’99, Kevin ’01 and Michael ’03.

Peter R. Doyle died on 11/14/22. Peter is the father of Larry ’80 and Peter Jr. ’90.

Randall R. Pahr ’88 died on 11/17/22.

Gloriann E. Chapan died on 11/30/22. Gloriann is the wife of the late Michael ’62 and mother of Michael ’87 and Richard ’89.

October 2022

Robert R. Gorski ’81 died on 10/3/22.

Richard E. Supis died on 10/4/22.  Richard is the father of Daniel ’81 and brother-in-law of Pat Higgins ’64.

Sharon Catherine Morrison died on 10/10/22.  Sharon is the mother of Dennis ’84, Sean ’85 and Michael ’90.

James J. Roche ’67 died on 10/11/22.  Jim is the brother of the late William ’63 and brother-in-law of Ed Napleton ’69.

John J. Cranley died on 10/12/22.  John is the father of Jim ’82, Don ’84, Pat ’87, Bill ’89, and the brother of Donald ’64.

Thomas J. Knox died on 10/15/22.  Thomas is the father of Daniel ’95 and Chris ’99.

Suzanne K. Rosenthal died on 10/15/22. Suzanne is the mother of Richard ’93 and Ryan ’95.

Kevin Malone ’79 died on 10/17/22.

Roy East ’68 died on 10/22/22 in Athens, Alabama.

Thomas J. Dietz died on 10/25/22.  Thomas is the brother of David ’60.

Kevin W. Lawler ‘88 died on 10/25/22.  Kevin is the brother of Michael ’84.

Karl Eric Watson, Sr. ’82 died on 10/25/22.

Denise M. Clemens died on 10/28/22.  Denise is the mother of Thomas ’10.

John “Jack” M. Topor ‘70 died on 10/31/22.  Jack is the brother of Jim ’72.

September 2022

Michael L. Kean ’73 died on 9/1/22.  Michael is the brother of Edward ’71, William ’77, and Timothy ’81.

Steven Leonard O’Byrne ’10   died on 9/2/22.  Steven is the brother of Kevin ’02.

Thomas S. Dombro died on 9/6/22.  Thomas is the father of Tom ’86.

Roy T. Gracey ’64 died on 9/13/22.

Kevin M. Burns ’98 died on 9/16/22.

Gerald “Jerry” Richard Johnson ’74 died on 9/17/22. Jerry is the brother of Michael ’69Lawrence ’71 and Robert ’76.

Theresa Rose Kostecki died on 9/17/22Theresa is the mother of Donald ‘87. 

Thomas P. Lawlor ’70 died on 9/17/22

Daniel “Joe” Finnegan died on 9/18/22Daniel is the father of Brian ’79. 

Adam Paikai died on 9/22/22.  Adam was a former social studies teacher and coach at Brother Rice in 1971 and 1972.

Ruth Ann Rediger died on 9/23/22Ruth Ann is the mother of Scott ’86 and Robert ’87.

Edward P. McDermott ’81 died on 9/23/22.  Edward is the brother of John ’77

Martin R. Condon died on 9/24/22Martin is the father of Martin, Jr. ’09 and Ryan ’10.  

John Brendan McKenna, Jr. ‘91 died on 9/26/22

Alice A. Travnik died on 9/28/22.  Alice is the mother of Jim ’78 and John (former BR Faculty member and freshman basketball coach from 1992-1994). 

Frank V. Ross died on 9/28/22Frank is the father of Frank Jr. ’74, Christopher ’76 and Nicholas ’82.  

Dennis C. Boyd died on 9/29/22Dennis is the father of Thomas ’89.  

Patricia “Patsy” Johnson died on 9/29/22.  Patricia is the mother of Ed ’73, Tom ’78, the late Bill ’72, and grandmother of David ’09.  

Thomas Francis Barry ’75 died on 9/30/22.  Thomas is the brother of Jack ’72.   

August 2022

Jean J. Mikrut died on 8/1/22.  Jean is the mother of Joseph ’79 and Matthew ’93.

Rita M. McElroy died on 8/3/22.  Rita is the mother of Edward ‘74 and David ’78, and grandmother of Mike Kirkwood ’13 and Tim Kirkwood ’17.  

Michael J. Pavic ’98 died on 8/4/22.

David A. Dansart died on 8/5/22.  David is the grandfather of David ’08 and Eric ’13.

Jean Noble died on 8/6/22.  Jean is the mother of Robert ’83 and grandmother of Sean ’09.

Dale R. Nye died on 8/12/22.  Dale is the father of Brother Rice grads Steve ’81Greg ’90 and grandfather of Thomas ’12, Brendan ’22 and Colin ’26.

Gerry S. Gabriel died on 8/16/22.  Gerry is the wife of Paul ’71.

Dennis J. Siska died on 8/18/22.  Dennis is the father of Brian ‘00.

Catherine A. Fennell died on 8/20/22.  Catherine is the mother of Michael ’99, Matthew ’09 and sister of Jim Loftus ’71.  

Timothy J. McConnell ’94 died on 8/21/22.  Timothy is the son of the late Michael ’63 and brother of Casey ’92. 

Patricia A. Pollard died on 8/24/22.  Patricia is the mother of Thomas ’82, Patrick ’84 and Brian ’90. 

William J. Siorek ’69 died on 8/25/22.  William is the brother of Robert ’77.

Judith M. Brannigan died on 8/27/22.  Judy is the wife of William “Bill” Brannigan ’77, sister of Jerome Williamson ’78 and a Mother McAuley grad.

Susan C. Gierhahn died on 8/27/22.  Susan is the sister of Bill Gierhahn ’83 and aunt of Grant ’20 and Ryan ’23.

July 2022

Robert C. Burt ’61 died on 7/4/22.  Bob is the brother of Edward Burt ’66 and grandfather of Declan ’26.  Bob was an English teacher at Brother Rice for 8 years (1965-1973), as well as Cross Country and Track and Field coach for six years (1968 – 1973).

Sean Edward McParland ’87 died on 7/7/22.  Sean is the brother of Dan ’91.

Hilary Duggan died on 7/9/22.  Hilary is the daughter of James ’67 and sister of Jimmy ’95 and Bob ’95.

Marjorie Elwood died on 7/11/22.  Marjorie is the mother of Tom ’68, Michael ’74 (Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee and current Brother Rice Board member), Bill ’78, and Patrick ’85 (Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee and former Brother Rice Board member).

Marie Ellen Sanchez died on 7/12/22.  Marie is the sister of Curran brothers: Patrick ’81, Thomas Jr. ’82, Michael ’89 and John ’91

Kathleen M. Kummer died on 7/16/22.  Kathleen is the mother of Gary ’87 and David ’93. 

John F. Drahos ’74 died on 7/21/22.

Judy A. Ade died on 7/25/22.  Judy is the mother of Jim ’81 and grandmother of Patrick ’02 (Alumni Softball Co-Commissioner) and Jimmy ’03.   

Peter S. Biondo, Sr. died on 7/31/22.  Peter is the father of Peter ’74Barry ’79 and grandfather of Justin ’10.


June 2022

Thomas A. Maher ’86 died on 6/5/22 and his mother Joan Maher, died just three days after Tom’s passing.    

Thomas E. McGuire ’60 died on 6/9/22.  Tom is the brother of Dan ’69.

Peter Frank Kilduff ’70 died on 6/11/22.  Peter is the brother of Brian ’76.

John A. McRae died on 6/12/22.  In 1956, he helped open Brother Rice High School where he taught French, history, and coached tennis.

Timothy J. Hickey ’74 died on 6/13/22.

William J. McNamara died on 6/19/22.  William is the father of Bill McNamara ’89, father-in-law of Joe Bettinardi ’83 and John O’Connor ’92, and grandfather of Brendan ’13, Matthew ’14, and Kevin ’21 Brown, and Joey Bettinardi ’17.

Joan Daum died on 6/23/22. Joan is the mother of Donald Jr. ’65, Thomas ’70, James ’72, Robert ’73, Philip ’76, John ’77, Timothy ’79, and mother-in-law of Thomas Knight ’72 and Patrick Hynes ’77.

Chalerm Jannak died on 6/25/22.  Chalerm is the father of Tanes (Tony) ’84 and Torpum (Tom) ’85.  

May 2022

Christopher L. Robinson ’00 died on 5/3/22.

Andrew “Duke” James Kutsulis, Sr. died on 5/7/22.  Mr. Kutsulis is the father of Brother Rice faculty member Becky Pacetti and grandfather of Gino Pacetti ’02.

We remember the life of former Brother Rice math teacher, Joseph F. Siblik, who passed away on May 7, 2022 with his family by his side.  Joseph is the brother-in-law of Michael “Micky” Coyne ’64, Ed Coyne ’69 and Joe Miller ’74. 

David M. Trisko ’60 died on 5/14/22.

W. Patrick O’Hara ’67 died on 5/28/22.  Patrick is the brother of Kevin ’72 and the late James ’61, and Thomas ’70.

Marguerite M. McIntyre died on 5/29/22.  Marge is the mother of Marty ’76 and Kevin ’82, and grandmother of Michael ’17 and Joseph ’21.   Marge was president of the Brother Rice Mothers’ Club in 1981-1982.

April 2022

Thomas J. Cunnane ‘60 died on 4/9/22.

Richard J. Klein died on 4/14/22.  Richard is the father of Rick ’78.

Madelyn C. LaBella died on 4/19/22.  Madelyn is the mother of Terry ’82 and grandmother of Michael ’19.

Jose G. Aranda died on 4/25/22.  Jose is the father of Rogelio ’91.

Francis T. Schaffer ’69 died on 4/28/22.  Frank is the brother of Robert David ’74.

March 2022

Margaret “Peggy” Hanrahan died on 3/2/22.  Peggy is the mother of Richard ’94.

Patricia H. Ward died on 3/6/22.  Patricia is the mother of John ’83 and Matthew ’87.

Daniel J. O’Connor ’75 died on 3/9/22.

Donald J. Pasierb ’74 died on 3/13/22.  Donald is the brother of Louis ’65 and Thomas ’72.

Patrick J. Osborne ’95 died on 3/18/22.  Patrick is the brother of Michael ’90 and Daniel ’91.

Michael W. Zaglifa ’74 died on 3/24/22Michael is the brother of Christopher ’66.

Joseph R. Kearns ’72 died on 3/25/22.

Michael Witt died on 3/27/22.  Michael is the father of Thomas ’24.

February 2022

Paul S. Karr ’78 died on 2/3/22.  Paul is the brother of the late Joseph ’73, Michael ’76 and Kenneth ’81.

Michael T. Hughes ’69 died on 2/4/22.  Mike is the father of Brian Bennett ’93 and Michael Hughes ’04.

Anthony A. Bytnar ’82 died on 2/8/22.

Robert L. Lerch ’64 died on 2/8/22.  Robert is the brother of William ’62 and David ’69. 

Kevin J. Mahoney ’68 died on 2/11/22.

Mark J. Degnan died on 2/13/22.  Mark is the father of Timothy ’03.

Dennis P. DeGregorio, Sr. died on 2/13/22.   Dennis is the father of Dennis, Jr. ’94 and Timothy ’97. 

Ann E. Jones died on 2/13/22.   Ann is the mother of William ’91, Robert ’91, Nick ’96 and sister of Dr. James Mabbott ’72 and Mike Mabbott ’74.   

Patricia A. Coyne on 2/14/22.  Patricia is the mother of William J. Coyne, Jr. ’71

Lozell Allen died on 2/15/22.  Lozell is the father of Leo ’79 and father-in-law of Walter Shelhamer ’63.

Dolores H. Machnicki of Wisconsin died on 2/15/22.  Dolores is the mother of Ted ’70, Terry ’74 and Mark ’80.

Kathleen E. Mannella died on 2/21/22.  Kathleen is the grandmother of Kevin ’97.

James R. Justic died on 2/23/22.  James is the father of James ’88.

Florence M. Smyth died on 2/26/22.  Florence is the mother of Ed ’78.   

John R. Hartrich ’70 died on 2/27/22.  John is the brother of Nelson “Fritz” Hartrich ’61.  

Sharlene J. O’Malley died on 2/27/22.  Sharlene is the grandmother of Timothy ’04, Kevin ’06 and Daniel O’Brien ’08.

Robert A. Guerin ’61 died on 2/27/22.  Robert is the brother of Roger ’64, Rudy ’69, Roy ’71 and the late Russell ’73.

January 2022

Robin M. Mackey died on 1/2/22.  Robin is the mother of John ’87 and Michael ’88.

Beatrice F. Preissler died on 1/5/22.  Beatrice is the mother of Steven ‘73.

Martin J. McGrath died on 1/7/22.  Martin is the grandfather of Sean ’09.

Daniel R. Hurley died on 1/8/22.  Daniel is the father of Raymond ’80, Thomas ’81, David ’83 and Daniel ’89.

Stanley Frank Szydlo died on 1/8/22.  Stanley is the father of Kevin ’82 and John ‘93.

Dorothy Ann Thompson died on 1/9/22.  Dorothy is the mother of Brother Rice Mothers’ Club past-President Sue Novosel, mother-in-law of Dan ’68 and grandmother of Daniel ’04, Joseph ’05 and James ’09. 

Thomas F. Wilson died on 1/9/22.   Thomas is the father of Tom ’82. 

Jeanne M. Stlaske died on 1/9/22.   Jeanne is the mother of Mark ’69. 

Stephen A. Gierach ’62 died on 1/13/22.

James M. Foley ’68 died on 1/13/22.  James is the brother of the late Frank ’62.

Margaret D. Ferrelli died on 1/13/22.  Margaret is the mother of Steven ’72 and John ’75.

Robert R. Gut died on 1/18/22.  Robert is the father of the Robert ’87.

Richard P. Esposito ’76 died on 1/18/22.   Richard is the brother of Daniel ’72, Thomas ’75, Robert ’80 and James ’83.

Bridget Forde died on 1/18/22.   Bridget is the mother of John ’78, Jim ’80, and Steve ‘87.

Roy A. Jacobowski died on 1/22/22.  Roy is the brother of David ’64, Bill ’66 and Paul ’74.

Dr. Paul C. Madison ’71 died on 1/22/22.

Mary Morrissey died on 1/24/22.  Mary is the grandmother of Michael ’09.

William J. Manning died on 1/25/22.  William is the grandfather of Nathan ’17.

Judith L. Czerwinski died on 1/25/22.  Judith is the wife of Leo ‘64.

Jane F. Thomsen died on 1/26/22.  Jane is the mother of Daniel ’87.

James N. Briski ’77 died on 1/28/22 in Ohio

Kenneth L. Reger ’61 died on 1/28/22.  Kenneth is the brother of Philip ’65 and the late Ronald ’67.

Brother Robert Liguori May, C.F.C. died on 1/30/22.  Br. May was an Edmund Rice Christian Brother for 70 years.  He received a master’s degree in Diagnosis and Treatment of Reading Difficulties, and founded the remedial reading program at Brother Rice and was active in parents’ clubs, band moderator, and school advisory boards.

Susan M. Gallagher (nee Barrett) died on 1/31/22.  Susan is the sister of David ’84 and James ’86.

Mary C. Evanish died on 1/31/22.  .  Mary is the mother of David ’88 and the grandmother of Nathan ’16 and Jacob ’19.

December 2021

Margaret Gibbons died on 12/4/21.  Margaret is the mother-in-law of Mark Vizza, past president of the Dads’ Club and current president of the Alumni Dads’ Club, and grandmother of Brendan ’02 and John ‘06.

Donn G. Marshall died on 12/4/21.  Donn is the father-in-law of Ed McMahon ’80, Dennis Casey ’83, and grandfather of Jack McMahon ’19.

Carol A. O’Malley died on 12/6/21.  Carol is the grandmother of Ryan ’17 and Brennan ‘21.

Virginia M. O’Farrell died on 12/7/21.  Virginia is the mother of Timothy ’81.

Donald A. Merkle, Jr. died on 12/7/21.  Donald is the father of Donald ’99, Douglas ’04 and brother of Dean ’79.

Chuck C. Beuke died on 12/7/21.  Chuck is the father of Rick ’73.

Kathleen D. Whirity died on 12/7/21.  Kathy was the sister-in-law of Joe ’70, Terry ’73, Glenn ’79, Marty ’82 and dear aunt of Kevin ’98, William ’01, Patrick ’04, Kyle ’05, Michael ’12, Kevin ’14 and Marty ’20.

Katherine C. “Kay” Morrissey died on 12/7/21.  Kay is the mother of Thomas ’73.

Helen J. Michalik died on 12/9/21. Helen is the mother of Larry ’79.

Donald A. Budny ’65 died on 12/10/21.

Mark Manganese died on 12/12/21.  Mark is the father of Guy ’72.

Catherine M. McMahon died on 12/14/21.  Catherine is the mother of Kevin ’82 and the late Brian ’84.

Mark Robert Daley ‘64 died on 12/17/21.  Mark is the brother of the late Bruce ‘68.

Joseph Chocola, Jr. died on 12/20/21.  Joe is the father of David ’77, Mark ’85, Paul ’88, father-in-law of Michael Martin, Sr. ’82, and grandfather of Joe ’07 and Adam Chocola ’09 and Michael Martin, Jr. ’12.  Mr. Chocola is a member of the Brother Rice Hall of Fame.  He was the founder and first chairman of the Gold Key, President of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club 1985, Secretary of the Alumni Dads’ Club, and Benefactor of the Marlene & Joseph Chocola Scholarship Fund.  

Lisa O’Brien Garmes died on 12/20/21.  Lisa is the mother of Kyle ’01, mother-in-law of Jeffrey Ciraulo ’97 and sister of Terrence ’65 and Brian ’71.

Edwin L. Washack died on 12/20/21.  Edwin is the father of Mark ’74 and Neil ’80.

Ellen Pomorski died on 12/22/21.  Ellen is the mother of Michael ’79, Thomas ’82 and the grandmother of David ’08 and Brian ’11.

Clarence J. Brooks ’61 died on 12/22/21.  Clarence is the brother of William ’62, Daniel ’65 and Robert ’65.

Marilyn F. Osborne died on 12/24/21.  Marilyn is the mother of Michael ’90, Daniel ’91 and Patrick (P.J.) ’95 and mother-in-law of Tim Harrigan ’94.

Rowland “Pat” Jones ’61 died on 12/26/21.

November 2021

Irene Reidy died on 11/1/21 and her husband, Thomas Reidy died on 11/2/21. Thomas and Irene are loving parents of Tom (Ginger), Jack, the late infant Michael, Brian CPD (Ann), and Joe ’91 (Terry) and proud grandparents of Brother Rice grads, Connor ’15, Danny ’16, Patrick ’18, Brendan ’17,  Matthew ’19 and future Crusader, Timmy ’27.

Felix A. Lazaroff died on 11/2/21.  Felix starting teaching at Brother Rice in August of 2000.

Perry A. Bronson died on 11/2/21.  Perry is the father of Cary ’78.

Matthew Rezmer died on 11/4/21.  Matthew is the brother of Paul ‘69.

Rose Marie Ossowski died on 11/7/21.  Rose Marie is the mother of Paul ’75.

Richard H. McCoppin ‘61 died on 11/9/21.

Kevin Morris, Sr. ‘76 died on 11/7/21.  Kevin is the father of Kevin, Jr. 07.

Therese M. Kearney died on 11/12/21.  Therese is the mother of Martin ’77.

Betty Jane McMahon died on 11/14/21.  Betty is the mother of Jim ’78, Ed ’80, Tom ’81, and Mike ’83; grandmother to Jack McMahon ’19 and aunt of Dan McMahon ’81.

Mary Ruth Donahue died on 11/16/21.  Mary is the mother of Patrick’ 72 (a regular participant in Alumni Career Day), Mark ’74 (a member of three BR halls of fame and current President), Bill ’76 and Jim ’82 (former chairman of Alumni Dinner Ad Book).  Ever the hard worker, Mary balanced caregiving, child-rearing and working at a few jobs before landing at Brother Rice High School.  As office manager and receptionist, she thrived in a place that valued multitasking before the term was invented.  For 22 years, Mary Donahue’s bright smile and spirited voice was the first to greet thousands of visitors.  Her laugh was one of a kind and could be heard all the way down the hall, and her Rice Pride was second to none.  Mary could offer a kind word to a struggling student, a sharp word to a troublemaker, and make it clear to the administration that she deserved respect.  Mary was no pushover.  Brothers and fellow staffers at Brother Rice became lifelong friends.

Barbara A. McKeown died on 11/16/21.  Barbara is the mother of Joseph ’75 and William ’79.

Casimir ‘Casey’ Chmiel died on 11/17/21.  Casey is the father of Wayne ’70.

Michael J. Millaney died on 11/19/21.  Michael is the son of the late James ’60.

John J. Morones, Jr. ’12 died on 11/21/21. 

Eugene H. Bohlin died on 11/22/21.  Eugene is the father of the late Howard ’67, Peter ’68, Lawrence ’84, and  Mark ’86.

Edward P. Healy died on 11/23/21.   Edward is the father of Shawn ’12.

David M. Barrett died on 11/24/21.  David is the father of Dennis ’79, Matthew ’85, and Brian ’87.

Thomas B. Nelligan ’02 died on 11/26/21.  Tom is the brother of Matthew ’94, Colin ’98 and Brian ’05.

James O. Worthington died on 11/27/21.  James is the father of James ’23.  Mr. Worthington was an active member of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club, currently serving as secretary.

Margaret Mary Graal died on 11/29/21.  Mary is the grandmother of Ryan ’03, Dan ’06 and Steve ’07.

Verna S. Cavato died on 11/30/21.  Verna is the grandmother of Michael ’99.

October 2021

Rick F. Pedersen ’83 died on 10/6/21.  Rick is the brother of Ronald ’85.

Kevin H. Gory died on 10/10/21.  Kevin is the father of Kevin ’12 and James ’14.

John N. Dore ’62 died on 10/14/21.

Marilyn R. Thibeau died on 10/19/21.  Marilyn is the mother of Donald ’72, Matthew ’76 and Phillip ’81.

Charles F. “Chuck” Haas, Sr. died on 10/19/21.  Chuck is the father of the late Charles, Jr. ’84 and Jeffrey ’87.

Donald M. Sieja died on 10/22/21.  Donald is the father of Michael ’87.

Mary Catherine Delaplane died on 10/23/21.  Mary is the mother of Kevin ’77.

Michael J. Hennessy died on 10/25/21.  Michael is the father of Patrick ‘85 and Michael ’87.

Carmela Johnston died on 10/28/21.  Carmela is the mother of Richard ’77 and David ’77.

Charles L. Utrata ’70 died on 10/28/21.

Frances Finn died on 10/29/21.  Frances is the mother of Edmund ’95.

September 2021

Thomas J. Boyle ’69 died on 9/3/21.

Mary Ellen Long died on 9/3/21.  Mary Ellen is the mother of John ’67, Michael ’70, Thomas ’72, and James ’78.

Russell “Russ” J. Kleifgen ’75 died on 9/7/21.

Virginia Klucikowski died on 9/14/21.  Virginia is the mother of Norbert “Butch” ’67.

George T. Herzog ’86 died on 9/22/21.  George was the Co-Owner of Solution 3 Graphics in Chicago. His dedication and passion for the work he did for many of us at Brother Rice will be greatly missed.

Michael E. Brennan ’61 died on 9/23/21.  Michael is the brother of the late David ’70.

James D. Ahern ‘73 died on 9/23/21.  Michael is the brother of Thomas ‘76.

Michael “Mike” T. Pappas ’71 died on 9/23/21.  Michael is the brother of Daniel ‘65.

Ronald A. Barr ‘72 died on 9/24/21.  Ron is the brother of Thomas ‘65.

Lucas B. Tamosaitis ’21 died on 9/25/21.

Julius Loffredo died on 9/26/21.  Julius is the father of Joseph ’77.

Gary Hasty ’74 died on 9/27/21.  Gary is the father of David ’05, Daniel ’08, and Dennis ’12; the brother of James ’70, Richard ’75, Brian ’80 and brother-in-law of Ed Roche ’81, David Davidson ’83 and James Davidson ’85.

Lawrence “Larry” T. Doyle died on 9/28/21. Larry is the father of Lawrence G. Doyle ’80.

Nancy J. (Scanlan) Donnelly died on 9/28/21.  Nancy is the mother of Tim ’88.  

Kenneth William Rhoades died on 9/28/21.  Kenneth is the father of Mark ‘99.  

James McBride died on 9/28/21.  James is the father of Sean McBride, Assistant Director of Admission and Head Baseball Coach at Brother Rice.

Robert Hilliard died in September, 2021.  Robert is the grandfather of Christopher ’09 and Kyle ’14.

August 2021

Thomas Henry McDonald died on 8/1/21. Thomas is the father of the late Thomas ’93.  

Robert “Bob” Frederick McNamara died on 8/4/21.  Bob is the father of Robert ’68, Bill ’75 and Mike ’84.

John R. Cannon ‘66 died 8/6/21.

James P. Ouellette ’60 died 8/15/21.

Anthony D. Sobieszczyk ’91 died 8/16/21.

Denise M. Huguelet (nee Sullivan) who passed away suddenly on 8/17/21.  Denise is the beloved wife of Michael ’72, loving daughter-in-law to Mary Virginia “Ginger” (who was a Brother Rice Mothers’ Club President in 1978-79) and the late Robert J. Huguelet, sister of Joseph Sullivan ’65, Kevin Sullivan ’68 and sister-in-law of Robert ’75, Daniel ’76, Dave ’77, Paul ’80 and Gerard ’84.  

Jakob Salzig died 8/19/21.  Jacob is the father of Bernard ’83.  

David DeMauro ‘79 died 8/28/21.

Carol M. McDermott died on 8/31/21.  Carol is the sister of John ’77 and Edward ’81.

July 2021

Warren W. Sutcliffe died on 7/8/21. Warren is the father of Dan ’79.

Michael Anthony Minervini died on 7/11/21.  Although not a graduate, Mike was a member of the Brother Rice family and a true Crusader at heart. Mike dedicated over 25 years to the athletic department keeping stats for the football, baseball, and basketball programs. His knowledge, storytelling, and commitment to his craft were second to none. As a Hall of Fame inductee in 2008 and the father of two Crusader sons, Mike ’95 and Ross ’98, Mike’s legacy will live on in the memories of our Crusader family for years to come.

Dale Potter died on 7/12/21.  Although not a graduate, Dale was an active member of the Brother Rice Alumni Dads’ Club and the father of two Crusader sons, Dale, Jr. ’88 and Gregory ’00.

Diane E. Cozzolino died on 7/15/21.  Diane is the wife of Thomas ’70 and mother of Kevin ’07.

Reynel V. Reed ’88 died on 7/16/21.

Robert A. Pedersen died on 7/17/21.  Robert is the brother of Rick ’83 and Ronald ’85

Ronald Trepac ’60 died on Monday, July 19, 2021.  Ron is the father of Jeffrey ’88 and Kris ’97.   Ron was a wonderful guy who loved being an “Original Crusader” (Class of 1960).  He lived in Morris, Illinois, but still travelled to every home and away basketball and football game. Ron loved the connection with the visiting fans when he worked the East Gate for football games.

Henrietta A. Mazich died on July 19, 2021.  Henrietta is the mother of Kenneth ’73.

Robert “Bob” DeFries ’67 died on July 19, 2021 in Sheridan, Wyoming.   Bob attended Saint Linus Catholic School in Oak Lawn, Illinois, and continued his education at Brother Rice High School in Chicago. Bob was a superior three-sport athlete, playing baseball, football and basketball. He was the very first student-athlete at Brother Rice HS to be drafted by a professional sports team when the Chicago White Sox selected him in 1967.

Helen Chromizky died on 7/20/21.  Helen is the mother of William “Bill” ’73.

Sabina A. Brosnahan died on 7/22/21.  Sabina is the mother of James ’81 and grandmother of James ’14 and Quinn ’17.

Robert Lysaught died on 7/28/21.  Robert is the father of the late Robert ’82 and grandfather of James ’04, Sean ’13 and Michael ’15.

John E. Hosty, Jr.’84  died on 7/28/21.  John, Jr. is the son of Brother Rice Hall of Fame recipient, John Hosty, Sr. who was a past president of the Dads’ Club and the Alumni Dads’ Club.  The John Hosty “Crusader” Award recognizes John Sr.’s commitment to Brother Rice by recognizing the commitment of 5 members of the junior class with a scholarship each year.

Ann V. Harms died on 7/3021.  Ann is the mother of Jack ’71, Glenn ’72 and Brian ’76

June 2021

Donald (Don) James Knox ’61 died on 6/5/21.   

Corey Causey ’87 died on 6/10/21.

Joshua J. Haberkorn ’08 died on 6/24/21.  Josh is the brother of Joseph, Jr. ’16.

Timothy Marcel Berry ’88 died on 6/25/21. 

Peter T. Martinkus ’62 died on 6/28/21. 

May 2021

Joseph J. Staszewski died on 5/1/21.  Joseph is the father of James ‘65 and grandfather of Joel ‘93 and Adam ‘99. 

Thomas Hart died on 5/2/21.  Thomas is the father of Tom ’80, Mike ’83 and Brian ’89.

Lawrin Riles ’76 died on 5/9/21.

Marc R. Mantia died on 5/9/21.  Marc is the father of Matthew ’08.

Eileen Patricia Hughes died on 5/11/21.  Eileen is the mother-in-law of Dr. Dan Haskins ’69.

Kevin G. Barron ’84 died on 5/15/21.

Carmela Coyle died on 5/17/21.  Carmela is the mother of Rick ’85.

John “Jack” Lyman died on 5/19/21.  Jack is the father of John “Jack” ’74, Mike and Tom ’76, and Kevin ’78.

Barbara Ann Pienta died on 5/21/21.  Barbara is the mother of James ’88.

Michael G. Hallberg ’77 died on 5/25/21.  Michael is the brother of the late Kenneth ’69.

Maria Ercilia Kania died on 5/26/21.  Maria is the mother of Paul ’82 and John ’87.

April 2021

Richard A. Doligale ‘64 died on 4/1/21.  Richard is the father of Rich ‘89 and grandfather of Danny ‘19, Matt ‘20 and Brian ‘24. 

Mark Hargarten died on 4/1/21.  Mark is the son of Allen ‘62. 

Marian V. Currier died on 4/2/21.  Marian is the mother of Steve ‘81 and grandmother of Adam ‘08, Eric ‘10 and Nicholas ’20. 

George Morgan Lehman died on 4/6/21.  George is the father of Daniel ‘83 and Bill ‘88.

Bernard J. Murphy died on 4/6/21.  Bernard is the grandfather of Michael ‘19 and Matthew ‘21. 

Mary Ellen Mulry died on 4/7/21.  Mary Ellen is the sister of John ‘73 and Jim ‘85. 

Br. Patrick D. Dunne, C.F.C. ‘64 died on 4/7/21.  Br. Dunne is the brother of the late Edward ‘60.  For more information on the life of Br. Dunne click here:  Br. Patrick D. Dunne, C.F.C. Obituary

Tadeusz Z. Kania died on 4/8/21.  Ted is the father of Paul ‘82 and John ‘87. 

Evelyn L. Foran died on 4/12/21.  Evelyn is the grandmother of John “Jack” Foran ‘00. 

Ernestine E. Vanier on 4/15/21.  Ernestine is the mother of Michael ’69 and the late Joseph ’72.  Mike was inducted into the Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame in November of 2019.

James J. Cannon ’62  died on 4/17/21.

Wanda S. Johnson died on 4/17/21.  Wanda is the mother of Arvid ‘82.

Frances Ann Chorley died on 4/19/21.  Frances is the mother of William ‘86. 

William D. Ward ‘09 died in Renton, Washington on 4/19/21.  William is the brother of Dan ‘08.

Donna Jean Scarriot died on 4/23/21.  Donna is the mother of David ‘91 and Michael ‘93, and grandmother of Joseph ’23 and Nicholas ’25.

Joseph M. Wyrobek ‘80 died on 4/25/21.  Joseph is the brother of Lawrence ‘73. 

Margaret Mary McCarthy died on 4/28/21.   Margaret is the mother of Thomas ’73.  

Ann M. Rohan died on 4/29/21.  Ann is the mother of Patrick ’68, Dr. James ’76 and Michael ’79.

Patricia Skudnig died on 4/30/21.  Patricia is the mother of Michael Skudnig ’80 and grandmother of Ian Estabrook ’10 and Andrew Estabrook ’11.

March 2021

Kevin J. Cooney ‘69 died on 3/3/21.  Kevin is the brother of Michael ‘68 and uncle of Kevin ‘01 and Jim ‘05.   

Jeffrey T. Troglia died on 3/5/21.  Jeff is the brother of Andrew “Peter” ‘05, son-in-law of Kevin McKendry ‘74 and brother-in-law of Kevin McKendry ‘02.    

Leo A. Gannon died on 3/6/21.  Leo is the father of Leo A. Gannon, Jr. ‘86.   

Lawrence Lazinek died on 3/6/21.  Lawrence is the father of Darren ‘93.  

Charles J. Imposino, Jr. ‘75 died on 3/9/21.   

Deborah J. Wagner died on 3/9/231.  Debby is the wife of Ronald ‘74.    

Adeline A. Gallagher died on 3/9/21.  Adeline is the mother of Gary ‘64 and William ‘67.   

Anthony “Tony” J. Keane ‘06 died on 3/10/21.    

Jeffrey V. Hardy died on 3/10/21.  Jeff is the father of David ‘04.   

Margaret “Peg” Bauer died on 3/12/21.  Peg is the mother of Dr. Matt Bauer ‘01.    

Margaret R. Wagner died on 3/12/21.  Marge is the mother of Ronald ‘74.  In 1977, Marge was President of the Alumnae Mothers’ Club. She worked doing rummage sales for the school and one year delivered a check for $10,000 to Br. Pilon.   

Dr. John Michael Herbick died on 3/12/21.  Dr. Herbick is the father of Andrew ‘09 and Michael ‘11.    

Katherine “Kathy” S. Doerr died on 3/17/21.  Kathy is the wife of David ‘65.   

Margo Lynn Lullo died on 3/18/21.  Margo is the mother of George ‘80, Jeffrey ‘83, Tony ‘84 and Dean ‘88.  

William J. Nicholson died on 3/18/21.  William is the father of William ‘67 and Kenneth ‘77.   

Richard Landis died on 3/19/21. Richard is the grandfather of David ‘08, Russel ‘10, Steven ‘11 and Joseph ‘12.   

Terrence “Terry” C. Bangs died on 3/20/21.  Terry is the brother of Timothy ‘79 and the late Thomas ‘70.   

James J. Martin died on 3/24/21.  James is the father of James Patrick ‘74 and Sean Michael ‘85.    

Gregory G. Smith ‘78 died on 3/28/21. 

Raymond J. Masek, Jr. ‘65 died on 3/30/21.

Larry E. Rowley ‘67 died on 3/31/21.  Larry is the brother of Michael ‘65.    


February 2021

Robert J. Dapkus ‘64 died on 2/1//21.  Bob is the brother of Steve ‘63 and Jerry ‘71 and cousin of Dan ‘62 and the late Jack ‘68.  Bob was the alumni reunion dinner co-chairman in 1990 which produced the most successful ad book in alumni history.  

Frederick “Fred” D. Hosteny ‘76 died on 2/3/21.  Fred is the brother of Joseph ‘73 and John ‘74.  

Edward D. Maracich died on 2/3/21.  Ed is the father of Edward ‘80, Michael ‘83, Tom ‘89 and grandfather of David ‘17. Ed was inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame, was a Big 10 Basketball Official for 24 years as well as a Big 10 Football Official for 15 years.   

William P.  Earner ‘76 died on 2/4/21.  Billy is the brother of James ‘73, Thomas ‘74 and uncle of Matthew ‘98.      

Ellen Marie Boekeloo died on 2/5/21.  Ellen is the mother of Patrick ‘81.     

Patricia L. Gancarek died on 2/5/21. Patricia is the stepmom of James ‘95.     

James P. O’Connell died on 2/7/21.  James is the father of Kevin ‘86 and father-in-law of Dan Duffin ‘89.  

Patricia Glancey died on 2/8/21.  Patricia is the mother of Timothy ‘86.   

Mary Ellen Miller died on 2/9/21.  Mary Ellen is the mother of Henry “Max” 70, Michael ‘73, Joe ‘74, T.J. ‘81 and grandmother of Joe ‘10. 

Dennis J. Leake ‘67 died on 2/9/21.  Dennis is the brother of William ‘71.   

Margaret T. (Birge) Arneberg died on 2/10/21.  Margaret is the mother of James ‘70, Donald ‘72, Robert ‘75 and Louis ‘78.    

Donald J. Banik died on 2/10/21.  Donald is the father of Donald ‘91 and David ‘99.    

William Duggan died on 2/11/21.  William is the father of Bill ‘75, Tom ‘77, Kevin ‘81, Tim ‘85 and grandfather of Conor ‘10 and Michael ‘10.   

Edward “Ted” Shilney died on 2/11/21.  “Ted” is the grandfather of Steve ‘13 and Kevin ‘15.    

Ann M. Liston died on 2/11/21.  Ann is the wife of Dr. Michael Liston ‘70.   

Barbara Shirley Jasiak died on 2/12/21.  Barbara is the mother of Daniel Carver ‘80 and Stanley Jasiak ‘86.  

Scott A. Bogumil ‘86 died on 2/14/21.  Scott was longtime boys basketball coach with Northridge Prep High School, former head coach at Libertyville High School and Gordon Tech High School, Mercury Elite Basketball Club, IBCA Coach of the Year and distinguished member of the Five Star Basketball Camp family.  

Kathleen E. McQuillan died on 2/16/21.  Kathleen is the mother of Bernard ‘75, James ‘78, John ‘88, mother-in-law of Brian McNamara ‘75 and John Shannon’80, and grandmother of Thomas McNamara ‘03, Sean ‘05 and Timothy ‘07 Shannon, and Daniel ‘07, Michael ‘08, James ‘08, Brian ‘12, Nolan ‘19 and Brendan ‘21 McQuillan.   

Eileen “Chick” Langan died on 2/17/21.  Eileen is the mother of Thomas ‘74.   

Mary Ann Dapkus died on 2/17/21.  Mary Ann is the wife of the late John “Jack”Dapkus ‘68.   

Nathan Bryant ‘87 died on 2/17/21.    

Richard Little died on 2/19/21.  Richard is the father of Durward ‘82 and the grandfather of Jack ‘19.   

Judith E. Tovey died on 2/22/21.  Judith is the mother of Mark ‘82 and Patrick ‘87.   

Sandra G. Galis died on 2/23/21.  Sandra is the wife of Tom ‘79 and sister of Steven Jacoby ‘86. 

Robert M. Staudacher died on 2/24/21.  Robert is the grandfather of Leo ‘18 and Paul ‘21. 

Walter McAuliffe died on 02/24/21.  Walter is the father of Vince McAuliffe ’93 and grandfather of Leo Staudacher ’18 and Paul Staudacher ’21.

Francesca Chimera died on 2/25/21.  Francesca is the grandmother of Carmelo ‘07, Vincenzo ‘09 and Nicholas ‘19. 

Betty J. Frelly died on 2/28/21.  Betty is the mother of Michael ‘77 and Donald ‘80. 

Mary Kay Arnold died on 2/28/21.  Mary Kay is the mother of the late Ralph Arnold ’77, Brother Rice faculty member Michelle England and grandmother of Russell England ’10 and Edward England ’16.  On January 22, 1990, Mary Kay was inducted into the Brother Rice High School Hall of Fame for her outstanding service as the principal’s secretary and for her “behind the scenes energy, for being a cheerful colleague, for always having time for Brother Rice, and for being a loving person.”  

January 2021

James C. O’Hara ’61 died on 1/1/21.  James is the brother of W. Patrick O’Hara ’67, Kevin ’72 and the late Thomas ’70.

Richard E. Johnston died on 1/1/21.  Richard is the father of Richard ’73 and David ’77.  

Therese C. Wojcik died on 1/1/21.  Therese is the mother of Ted ’75. 

Charles J. “Chuck” Matyska ‘60 died on 1/1/21.  Chuck is the brother of Dick ‘62 and Don ‘67. 

Gerald “Big Jer” Evans died on 1/2/21.  Gerald is the father of Gerald ’81.  

James “Jim” Knizner died on 1/2/21.  Jim is the father of John ’98.    

Michael J. Fox ‘70 died on 1/2/21.  Michael is the brother of Jay ‘67 and Jim ‘70.    

Joseph J. Bernat ’64 died on 1/3/21.  Joseph is the brother of the late James ’67.   

John R. Zofkie died on 1/5/21.  John is the grandfather of Brian ’00, Kevin ’04 and Colin ’09.   

Allan W. Mosher died on 1/8/21.  Allan is the father of Allan (AJ) ‘94 and Stephen ‘96.    

Joanne Terhesh died on 1/12/21.  Joanne is the mother of John ‘05.    

Nieve O’Brien Garmes died on 1/12/21.  Nieve is the daughter of Kyle ‘01 (Brigitte) and niece of Michael ‘08, Steve ‘08 and John Mattes ‘19.   

Mary Margaret Conklin died on 1/16/21.  Mary is the mother of Scott ‘89.   

Eileen “Nana” Gaughan died on 1/16/21.  Eileen is the grandmother of Brian ‘07.   

James F. Blackburn, Jr. died on 1/17/21.  James is the father of Jim ‘71, Brian ‘73, Jack ‘74, Thomas ‘78 and Joseph ‘82.    

Ryan E. Meehan died on 1/17/21.  Ryan is the brother of Marty ‘94, Tim ‘98 and Terrance ‘98.

Nicholas Q. Wagner died on 1/18/21.  Nicholas is the grandfather of Rich Lane C.P.D. ‘09 and Ryan Lane ‘16.

William T. Deming ‘60 died on 1/19/21.  

Clement R. Herman died on 1/21/21.  Clement is the grandfather of Francis ‘21

Terrence E. McMahon died on 1/21/21.  Terry is the father of Kevin ‘92 and Scott ‘95.  Terry was the President of the Alumni Dads’ Club from 1997-1999.  

David A. Kozek died on 1/21/21.  David is the grandfather of Kevin ‘12. 

John J. Rimkus ‘64 died on 1/24/21.  

Owen Francis Glennon died on 1/25/21.  Owen is the father of Thomas ‘75 and Joseph ‘77.  

Eileen McDonald died on 1/25/21.  Eileen is the mother-in-law of Dennis (Colleen) Harrigan ‘69

December 2020

Eileen A. Amedio died on 12/1/20.  Eileen is the mother of Robert ’93.  

Constance L. “Connie” Ryan died on 12/2/20.  Connie is the mother of Tom ‘69, Marty ‘78 and Patrick ‘80.  

Evelyn Lorraine Konrath died on 12/3/20.  Evelyn is the mother of James ’70.   

Maria Guadalupe Lopez died on 12/4/20.  Maria is the mother of Andy ’17.  

George J. Skizas ’69 died on 12/6/20.

James J. Cullen, Jr. ’64 died on 12/8/20.  James is the father of James ’05 and Brian ’06.

Roland Wayne Swintek ’72 died on 12/9/20.  Roland is the brother of Ronald ’62.  

Paula M. Susnis died on 12/13/20.  Paula is the mother of Tony ’78, Troy ’81, Brian ’82, Albert Jr. ’85 and the grandmother of David ’13.    

Dennis Moll died on 12/14/20. Dennis’ first teaching job was at Brother Rice High School, where his duties included coaching the wrestling team. Within a few years, he led them to both the city and the Catholic League championships. Coaching them was one of the fondest memories of his life; in 2016, he was inducted into Brother Rice’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Kenneth J. Creed ’69 died on 12/19/20.

Delores Taylor died on 12/20/20.  Delores is the mother of Isaac ’90.   

Sean O’Reilly ‘83 died on 12/23/20.  

Irene McQuaid died on 12/26/20.  Irene is the grandmother of Joseph ’03.  

Daniel C. Campbell, Sr. ’60 died on 12/23/20.  Dan is the brother of Ronald ’66.    

Robert E. Hart ’60 died on 12/25/20.

John Sheerin died on 12/27/20.  John is the father of John ’79, father-in-law of Joe Condon ’85 and grandfather of Jack Sheerin ’13, Matt Sheerin ’16, Joe Condon ’17, Sean Condon ’19, Colin Condon ’20 and Eddie Condon ’24. 

Daniel John Mekemson ‘62 died on 12/30/20.  Dan is the brother of James ‘69.    


November 2020

Shirley Cari died on 11/1/20. Shirley had a long and fulfilling career at Brother Rice High School where her last position held was development director.  Her greatest joy in life was being with people and making meaningful connections with others.

 John E. Meyer ’60 died on 11/4/20. John attended Brother Rice High School in its inaugural class where he excelled in athletics, was class president and scored the first touchdown in school history. John was later honored for his athletic achievements by being inducted into both the Brother Rice High School Athletic Hall of Fame & the Chicago Catholic League Hall of Fame.

Mary J. Adduce died on 11/6/20.  Mary is the mother of Mark ’78, Michael ’80 and David ’83.  

William Noonan died on 11/7/20.  William is the father of Steven ’79 and Michael ’82.

David J. Masino, Sr. ’65 died on 11/14/20.  David is the father of David, Jr. ’93 and brother of Ronald ’60.  

Louise M. Clarke died on 11/14/20.  Louise is the mother of Gary ’84. 

Sharon A. Koszulinski died on 11/16/20.  Sharon is the mother of Michael ’10.

Guadalupe “Lupe” Lopez died on 11/16/20.  Lupe is the father of Andy ’17.  

Thomas A. Manning ’60 died on 11/19/20.  Thomas is the brother of Robert ‘61.  

Ronald A. Blouin ’66 died on 11/23/20.  Ron is the brother of John ’64, Robert ’67, Ray ’69, Gerald ’71 and Mark ’76.  

John W. Burke ’71 died on 11/24/20.  John is the brother of Jim ’63 and Tim ’73.

John E. Barrett died on 11/29/20.  John is the father of the late John S. ’74, Thomas ’78, Joseph ’81 and David ’93. 

James Ryan Harrigan ‘65 died on 11/27/20.  Jim’s three sons Jim ’92, Tim ’94, and Bill ’96 were the first of 15 Harrigans who attended Brother Rice following in the footsteps of Jim and his 8 brothers – Tom ’64, Mike ’66, Bob ’68, Dennis ’69, Richard ’72, Tim ’73, John ’76 and Marty ’80.

Walter E. Komar ’61 died on 11/28/20.  Walter is the brother of Dennis ’64 and brother-in-law of Fritz ’61 and John Hartrich ’70.

Brian C. Bulkley ’78 died on 11/29/20.  Brian is the brother of Bill ’73.  

Kevin Stehney ’66 died on 11/29/20.  Kevin is the father of Matt ’95 and Mark ’99.  

Anthony E. Willner died on 11/29/20.  Anthony is the father of Tony ’85.  

Donald B. Kenah died on 11/30/20.  Donald is the father of Patrick ’91 and the grandfather of Gabriel ’23.  

Michaelene “Mickey” McEvoy died on 11/30/20.  Mickey is the mother of James, Jr. ’84.  

October 2020

Janet M. Rowan died on 10/3/20.  Janet is the sister of Rich ’69 and Bob ’77.

Eric A. Ortiz ’00 died on 10/5/20.  Eric is the brother of Jason ’98.

Jesus Sus Groyon died on 10/7/20 at the age of 101.  Jesus was the father of Keith ’13 and Robert ’17.

Richard “Ricky” D. Palmer III ’09 died on 10/17/20.

Thomas M. Sullivan ’76 died on 10/18/20.   Tom is the brother of the late Michael ’81 and David ‘89.

Nick Markulin died on 10/25/20.  Nick was also a member of the Brother Rice High School, Chicago Catholic League, and Illinois High School Soccer Hall of Fame. Nick spent 42 years of his life educating our youth as both a Teacher and Coach at Brother Rice High School.

Thomas P. Hollowed died on 10/26/20.  Tom is the father of T.J. ’07, Mike ’08 and Jon ’09.

David Michael Ruzich ’73 died on 10/29/20.  David is the brother of James ’71, Michael ’76, Laurence ’77, the late Daniel ’79, Jeffry ’85 and the uncle of Joseph ’02.

September 2020

Thomas Francis Brankin III ’85 died on 9/1/20.  Tom is the son of Thomas ’60, brother of Patrick ’87 and Daniel ’91, and nephew of James ’62.

Dr. Terrence Harper died on 9/1/20.  Terrence is the brother of Martin ’62 and the late John Harper ’60.

Joseph Edward Farrell, Jr. died on 9/6/20.  Mr. Farrell is the father of Joe ’86.

Phillip J. Budvitis died on 9/9/20.  Phillip is the father of Christopher ’85.

Charles T. Cody, Jr. ’71, died on 9/14/20.  Charlie is the father of Sean Boren-Cody ’07 and brother of Robert ’74, the late William ’75, and Kevin ’78.

B. Michael Kelly ’69 died on 9/20/20. Michael was the brother of the late Thomas P. Kelly ’61 and the late James “Kevin” Kelly ’64.

August 2020

Gary Regalado, Sr. died on 8/1/20.  Gary is the father of Gary Jr. ’91, James ’92 and Greg ’94.

Michael J. Guilfoyle ’74 died on 8/3/20.

Edward “Eddy” Wilson ’90 died on 8/5/20.  Eddy is the brother of Jimmy ’84 and Steven ’88.

Robert E. Twardy ’65 died on 8/7/20.  Bob is a retired Brother Rice P.E. teacher and the brother of Larry ’66.

Louis Meneses Jr. ’77 died on 8/7/20.  Louie is the brother of Steven ’79 and David ’86.

Dr. Edward J. Domanskis ’63 died on 8/8/20.

James L. Coogan ’64 died on 8/12/20.

Patricia Gilmartin died on 8/13/20.  Patricia is the mother of Brian ’82, James ’85 and Michael ’95.

Gregory Kogut ’67 died on 8/16/20.  Greg is the brother of Brian ’72.

John F. Schaller ’74 died on 8/17/20.  John is the brother of Gary ’69, Mike ’71 and Jim ’83.

Sheila Ann Gallagher died on 8/21/20.  Sheila is the wife of BRHS board member and alum, Terry Gallagher ’76 and sister of Tom McClowry ’68, the late Brian McClowry ’76 and Sean McClowry ’78. 

Michael J. Krischel ’94 died on 8/27/20.  Mike is the son of Mike ’70.

Mildred M. Galateo died on 8/29/20.  Mildred is the mother of Thomas ’66 (Kenwood Liquors) and mother-in-law of Tim Dixon ‘66.

July 2020

Thomas A. McDonald ’93 died on 7/10/20.

Jonathan G. Collie ’85 died on 7/12/20.  Jonathan is the brother of Brian ’87 and Tobias ’92.

June 2020

Leroy Cooper, Jr. ’79 died on 6/15/20.

Richard B. “Rick” Davis ’69 died on 6/15/20.

Monica Fudacz died on 6/17/20.  Monica is the wife of Joe ’74 and the mother of Ed ’99 and David ’05.

Rich “Spike” Siegel died on 6/27/20.  Rich is the stepfather of Patrick Heintz ’06.

May 2020

Frank Klutcharch died on 5/10/20.  Frank was the father of Steve ’77, Chris ’79, Mark ’82, and grandfather of Matthew ’16.  Frank was the head freshman football coach at Brother Rice from 1965-1973.

Dr. James T. Day ’63 died on 5/15/20.

Donna Marie Hanson died on 5/16/20.  Donna is the mother of Mark ’87.

Margaret I. “Meg” Rooney died on 5/17/20.  Meg is the mother of Ned ’11, Jack ’12, and Dan ’15.

Sean Hannigan ’89 died on 5/26/20.  Sean is the father of Jack ’23 and brother of Frank ’84 and Tim ’88.

April 2020

Roger J. Griggs ’63 died on 4/5/20.  Roger served his country as a First Lieutenant in the elite 82nd Airborne and also an Intelligence Officer from 1969-1972.  Roger joined the FBI in 1978 and devoted his 24-year FBI career to fighting for justice.

Michael A. White ’74 died on 4/6/20.

Joseph P. Cairo ’62 died on 4/8/20.  Joe is the brother-in-law of the late Dr. Tom Regan ’62. 

Joseph Rodriguez died on 4/10/20.  Joe is the father of Michael ’80, the late Robert Andrew ’81, and the late George Edward ’85.  He is also the grandfather of Robert Anthony ’15 and George Michael ’15

Jeffrey Stokes ’88 died on 4/12/20. Jeff is the cousin of Michael ’63John (Jack) ’64 and Jerry ’66. 

Bernard A. “Bernie” Hincks ’74 died on 4/14/20.Bernie is the brother of Kevin ’79 and Patrick ’82.

Paul F. Amedio died on 4/18/20.  Paul is the father of Bob ’93. 

Desmond P. Curran died on 4/25/20.  Desmond is the father of Desmond, Jr. ’85, Michael ’87, Fr. Brendan ’88 and Richard ’89

G. Joseph Guinane died on 4/27/20. Mr. Guinane was the father of Joseph ’89 and William ’98.

March 2020

James F. McLaughlin ’70 died on 3/17/20.  Jim was the brother of Tom ’68 and brother-in-law of Kevin Lavery ’72. 

Alice McGinnis died on 3/20/20.  Alice is the mother of Joseph ’78, Scott ’79, Chris ’80 and Brad ’82.

Clyde S. Brandenburger died on 3/21/20.  Clyde is the father of Keith ’95, Steve ’01 and grandfather of Christopher Jeleniewski ’10.

Patrick E. Maloney ’63 died on 3/22/20.  Patrick is the brother of Tom ’60.

Joseph T. Devine died on 3/30/20.  Joseph was a member of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club.  

February 2020

Donald M. Barry ’62 died on 2/1/20.

Sandy Bianciotto died on 2/11/10.  Sandy is the wife of Tom ’67 and mother of Tom ’00, Matt ’03 and John ’04.

Kevin Thomas Barry ’86 died on 2/13/20.  Kevin is the brother of Patrick ’88.

Joan Motisi died on 2/15/20.  Joan is the mother of Scott ’97.

Norene C. McGovern died on 2/17/20.  Norene is the mother of Terry ’74, Tim ’76, Mick ’80 and Tom ’83.

Daniel A. Finn ’03 died on 2/23/20.  Daniel is the brother of the late James ’00.

January 2020

Helen McNamara died on 1/3/20.  Helen is the mother of Bob ’68, Bill ’75, Mike ’84; mother-in-law to Dan Ruberry ’72; grandmother of Marty Ruberry ’80, as well as aunt of numerous Brother Rice grads of the McNally and Ryan families.  Former member of the Brother Rice Mothers’ Club.

Jerome H. Noga ’68 died on 1/6/20.

Frank Burns ’70 died on 1/8/20.

Maureen Dombro died on 1/17/20.  Maureen is the mother of Tom ’86 and sister of  Mike Phelan ’65.

Mathew Bresnahan ’85 died on 1/20/20.  Matthew is the brother of Philip Jr. ’81, David ’83, Brian ’87, Michael ’89.

Edward J. “Ed” Noonan died on 1/20/20.

December 2019

Shaun Jacob ’93, died on 12/2/19.   Shaun was a BRHS board member for many years, the founder of the CAAC (Crusader Alumni Athletic Club) and a current member of the Brother Rice High School Foundation.  Along with his father Bob Jacob, ’67, he was one of our most ardent supporters, a true Crusader.  His passion for Brother Rice was unmatched.  He will be missed by many who loved and respected him.

Stanley L. Fazy, Korean War Army Veteran, former Brother Rice Dads’ Club Officer and loving husband to Betty for 69 years died on 12/10/19.  Stanley is the father of Circle of Champion Inductees John ’71 and the late Tom ’73; grandfather of John ’98 and Circle of Champion Inductee, Mike 03; uncle of Milo J. Ritchey III ’70, Mark ’76 and Martin ’80; granduncle to Milo IV ’94, Jason Ritchey ’96,

James P. Heenan ’72 died on 12/19/19.  James is the brother of the late Robert ’74.

Edward J. Heywood died on 12/20/19.  Edward is the grandfather of Daniel ’99, James ’03, and Kevin ’06.

Michael J. Wall ’64 died on 12/27/19. 

Nader Michael Judeh ’90 died on 12/31/19.  Nader is the father of Jackson ’22 and Joey ’26.

November 2019

Maureen Lawlor died on 11/3/19. Maureen is the wife of Thomas P. Lawlor ’70.

Daniel G. Mahoney died on 11/16/19.  Daniel is the father of Patrick ’12 and Daniel ’14.

Ricardo Herrera ’83 died on 11/27/19.  Ricardo is the brother of Octavio ’73.

October 2019

John T. Murray ’71 died on 10/6/19.

Richard G. Schroeder ’71 died on 10/10/19.

Gregory Cook ’70 died on 10/19/19.   

Lloyd F. Hillock ’65 died on 10/31/19.

September 2019

Charles J. Rohacik, Jr. ’97 died on 9/27/19.  Charles is the brother of William ’94.

Sean Lavery died on 9/28/19.  Sean is the brother of Bruce Tharp ’80 and Matthew Lavery ’90.

Dr. Edward M .Wydra died on 9/29/19.  Edward is the father of Mark ’76 and the grandfather of Michael ’08.

August 2019

Robert Emmett Nolan ’66 died on 8/12/19.  Robert is the brother of Mike ’69

Terrence P. Hackett ’69 died on 8/12/19. Terry is the brother of Lawrence ’60 and first cousin of longtime BR teacher and coach, Jack Hackett ’61.   

 John R. Causland ’65 died on 8/13/19.

Michael Anthony Bansley ’96 died on 8/18/19.  Michael is the brother of Daniel ’05.

Brian J. McClowry ’76 died on 8/20/19.  Brian is the brother of Tom ’68 and Sean ’78.

Mille Cronin died on 8/23/19.  Mille is the mother of Kevin Jr. ’69 and the late Sean ’77.

Robert N. Jones, Sr. died on 8/28/19.  Robert is the father of Robert N. Jones, Jr. ’93.

July 2019

William B. Cody ’75 died on 7/20/19.  Bill is the brother of the late Charlie ’71, Robert ’74 and Kevin ’78.

June 2019

Gregory J. Ceh ’82 died on 6/8/19. 

Molly M. Fetzer died on 6/11/19.  Molly is the daughter of Brian ’68 and niece of Steven ’71.  Dearest cousin and niece to many Rubey’s, McShane’s, Fetzer’s and Duffy’s.

Antoinette Rayappan died on 6/24/19.  Antoinette is the mother of Richard ’84 and Ron ’88.

Dr. Thomas P. Regan ’62 died on 6/27/19.  Tom is the brother of Phillip ’73.

May 2019

Rosemary Amesquita died on 5/1/19.   Rosemary is the mother of Michael from our Brother Rice Hockey programand grandmother of Miguel ’06 and Tim ’08. 
Albert R. Busin died on 5/2/19.  Albert is the father of Michael ’87 and Matthew ’91.
Nora E. McSweeney died on 5/3/19.  Nora is the mother of Daniel (Kathleen) McSweeney ’86, mother-in-law of Patrick (Noreen) Hosty ’88, and grandmother of Patrick Hosty ’15 and Brendan Hosty ’18.
John M. Lynch died on 5/4/19.  John is the father of John ’76, Marty 81 and grandfather of Marty ’11.
Anthony C. Massaro died on 5/6/19.  Anthony is the father of Anthony, Jr. ’71 and Michael ’86.
Thomas C. Ziroli died on 5/8/19.  Thomas is the father of Jeffrey ’87 and father-in-law of James Stepanek ’73.
George F. Howe ’60 died on 5/10/19.
Eleanor Violet MacDonald died on 5/10/19.  Eleanor is the mother of Kevin ’77 and Keith ’79.
Rosina C. Skaggs died on 5/12/19.  Rosina is the mother of Charles ’75.
John P. Coan, Sr. died on 5/12/19.  John is the father of Edward ’81 and John ’84. 
William Robert Slavin died on 5/13/19.  William is the father of the late Douglas ’74 and Scott ’83.
Joan Klutcharch died on 5/18/19.  Joan is the mother of Steve ’77, Chris ’79, Mark ’82, and grandmother of Matthew ’16.
Shirley J. Schmeltzer died on 5/20/19.  Shirley is the mother of John ’83.
Raymond B. Lavery died on 5/22/19.  Raymond is the father of Ray ’77.
Mary A. Roney died on 5/23/19.  Mary is the wife of the late Neil J. Roney ’61.
Joseph R. Koncel died on 5/27/19.  Joseph is the brother of the Patrick ’99.

April 2019

Mark S. Baker ’68 died on 4/3/19.  Mark is the brother of Thomas ’67 and James ’71.
Patricia M. Quebbeman died on 4/9/19.  Patricia is the mother of Mark ’75 and Paul ’77.  
Anne H. Burke died on 4/14/19.  Anne is the mother of John ’75 and Bob ’78.
Dennis K. Richardson ’64 died on 4/21/19.
Charles McDermott died on 4/21/19.  Charles is the father of Carl ’80, grandfather of Charlie ’15 and John Horan ’18.
Richard J. Solski, Jr. ’69 died on 4/22/19.  Richard is the brother of Bert ’72, Michael ’73 and James ’81.
Leslie M. Miller ’67 died on 4/22/19.
James J. Ariel ’14 died on 4/27/19.
Oliver J. Glenn ’60 died on 4/28/19.
Mary Patricia “Mary Pat” Curran died 4/2019.  Mary Pat is the mother of Desmond ’85, Michael ’87, Rev. Brendan A. Curran, OP ’88, and Richard ’89. 

March 2019

Thomas A. Prendergast ’67 died on 3/3/19.  Tom is the brother of Donald ’73 and David ’83.   

Terrence J. Smith ’69 of Athens, Ohio died on 3/9/19.

Andrew R. Dina ‘64 died on 3/18/19.

Alfred G. Janus ’68 died 3/22/19.

Harold J. Saving III ’67 died on 3/20/19.

John M. Hession died on 3/20/19.  John is the father of John ’80. 

Edward L. Rafa died on 3/23/19.  Edward is the father of Edward ’75 and John ’79. 

John Petty Rivera ’13 died on 3/23/19.

Brian D. Lynch ’80 died on 3/25/19.

Robert J. O’Mara ’76 died on 3/27/19.

Elaine (Gauthun) McElroy died on 3/27/19.  Elaine is the mother of James ’69 (Christine) and grandmother of Kevin ’05. 

George W. Yandel, Jr. died on 3/30/19.  George is the father of John ’81. 

James V. “Jimmy” Steele ’89 died on 3/31/19.  Jimmy is the son-in-law of Stanley J. Howaniec ’64.

Catherine A. (Palermo) Radz died on 3/19.  Catherine is the mother of Alfred ’70 and grandmother of Thomas ’96.  

February 2019

Sean A. Cronin ’77 died on 2/2/19.  Sean is the brother of Kevin ’69.
Jo Ann T. Lavery died on 2/6/19.  Jo Ann is the mother of Raymond T. Lavery ’77
Raymond E. Ramirez ’03 died on 2/8/19.
Gertrude V. “Trudy” Kunka died on 2/12/19. Trudy is the mother of Kenneth ’64 and Richard ’66.

Marc S. Schuster ’72 died on 2/13/19.  Marc is the uncle of Matt Litz ’09. 

Honorable Allen F. Murphy ’81 died on 2/13/19.  Allen is the brother of John ’84 and cousin of Mark ‘77.
Rose Dorothy Sanders died on 2/16/19.  Rose is the mother of Steve ’80.
Mary Margaret Leahy died on 2/17/19. Mary Margaret is the mother of Charles J. Madsen ’71.
Theodore J. “Ted” Kozakowski died on 2/25/19.  Ted is the father of Donald ’83 and Ronald ’86. 
Matthew M. Bergin died on 2/28/19Matthew is the father of Matthew J. Bergin, Jr. ’93.

January 2019

Michael P. Fielding ’91 died on 1/1/19.  Michael is the brother of Brian ’98.  

Martin A. Passolano ’70 died on 1/2/19.   Marty is the brother of James ’80 and Paul ’81.  

Douglas W. Slavin ’74 died on 1/2/19 in Lac du Flambeau, WI.  Doug is the brother of Scott ’83.

James Fitzmaurice died on 1/2/19.  James is the father of James ’70 and Michael ’76, and the grandfather of James ’94 and Michael ’96.

Loretta Carol Kaput died on 1/3/19.  Loretta is the mother of Greggory ’90.

Rick Boike ’71 died on 1/3/19.  Rick is the brother of James ’69.  

Alice A. Duffin died on 1/12/19.   Alice is the mother of Dan ’89.

Br. David A. MacIntyre died on 1/12/19.  Br. Mac’s first mission was to Brother Rice High School in Chicago where he taught from 1962-1967.

Arthur S. Mitchell died on 1/14/19.  Arthur is the father of Tom A. ’86 and father-in-law of Brian (Diane) Bulkley ’78.

Dr. Loren J. Feldner ’78 died on 1/17/19.

William “Bill” O’Neill Somerville ’60 died on 1/17/19.  A memorial service is planned for June 22, 2019 at St. Michael’s Church in Chicago.

Patricia A. “Trish” Carter died on 1/18/19.  Trish is the wife of Jack ’70, loving mother of Kevin ’98, Brian ’01, Brendan ’03, mother-in-law of Jake (Kathleen) Geary ’06, and sister-in-law of James ’76 and Jerry ’82.

Rita Jean Eaheart died on 1/18/19Rita Jean is the mother of Brian ’88.

Vincent P. Janks died on 1/24/19.  Vincent is the father of John ’69, Barry ’73 and Terry ’76.

David Michael Tieman ’09 died on 1/24/19.  David is the brother of Daniel ’13.  

Kevin Patrick “Ted” Cronin Sr. died on 1/28/19.  Ted is the father of Kevin Jr. ’69 and Sean ’77.  

Bob Schablaske ‘72 and longtime teacher and coach at Leo High School died on 1/30/19.

Henry T. Lenz ’71 died on 1/30/19.  Henry is the brother of Larry ’76.

December 2018

James E. Duffy died on 12/2/18.  James if the father-in-law of Tom Murrihy ’87.
Francis J. Murphy died on 12/4/18.  Francis is the father of Frank ’72, Mike ’80, John ’81, Tom ’86, Brian ’90 and grandfather of Tim ’08, Dan ’10, Jack Leahy ’10, Mike ’12, Luke ’21 and Michael ’23.
Ruth Cogler died on 12/7/18.  Ruth is the mother-in-law of Steven Rosenbaum, Sr. ’74 and grandmother of Steve Jr. ’08.
Joanne T. McPhillips died on 12/9/18.  Joanne is the grandmother of Thomas ’05.
Eileen Cassidy died on 12/23/18.  Mrs. Cassidy is the mother of Bill ’86, Allen ’87, Bruce ’89 and Bob ’89.
Joseph E. Ryan ’63 died on 12/26/18.
Donald G. Daum died on 12/26/18.  Donald is the father of Donald Jr. ’65, Thomas ’70, James ’72, Robert ’73, Philip ’76, John ’77, and Timothy ’79.
Patricia M. Quinn died on 12/27/18.  Patricia is the sister of Martin ’74.
John Patrick Cooke died on 12/28/18.  John is the father of Michael ’80 and James ’87.
Anthony Kowalchuk ‘86 died on 12/31/18.  
Richard M. Finger died in 12/2018.  Dick is the father of Tom ’82.
Michael P. Cummings ’73 died on 12/30/18.  Michael is the brother of James ’78 and son of the late Jim Cummings, who was a long-time teacher at Brother Rice.
Kenneth F. Schwartz ’64 died on 12/13/18.

November 2018

Brian J. Badowski ’82 died on 11/4/18.

Denise Miarecki Stillman died on 11/7/18.  Denise is the mother of John ’19
Jennifer I. Lenz died on 11/14/18.  Jennifer is the wife of Dr. Lawrence J. Lenz ’76.
Clarence J. De Yong ’68 died on 11/14/18.
John E. “Jack” Shanahan, Sr. died on 11/22/18.  “Jack” is the father of Jack ’71Dan ’73 and Rev. Michael ’80.
Eunice L. Domina died on 11/26/18.  Eunice is the mother of Michael ’64.
Geraldine “Jerry” D. Dite died on 11/29/18.  “Jerry” is the mother of Robert ’63 and James ’64.
Joseph P. Saele died on 11/29/18.  Joseph is the father of Joseph R. ’86.
Rosemarie C. Thauer died on 11/30/18.  Rosemarie is the mother of Michael ’68, Robert ’69Thomas ’71 and Richard ’74.
Margaret Ann Bruckner died 11/2018.  Margaret is the mother of James ’71Michael ’75Thomas ’80, and John ’86.
Rudolph J. Chromizky died 11/2018.  Rudolph is the father of Bill ’73.
James Joseph “Jimmy” Earley, Jr. died on 11/24/18.

October 2018

Thomas M. Duhig ’86 died on 10/2/18.  Tom is the father of Thomas III ’18.
Edward J. McArdle ’64 died on 10/7/18.
Margaret T. “Pat” Beyer died on 10/9/18.  “Pat” is the mother of Fred, Jr. ’65,
Paul ’70 and Brian ’75, and grandmother of Thomas ’06.
Florence M. Litz died on 10/13/18.  Florence is the grandmother of Matthew ’09.
John M. Lape ’90 died on 10/13/18 in Maple Grove, MN.
Irene S. Burke died on 10/21/18. Irene is the mother of Patrick ’74Terrence ’82,
Daniel ’85, mother-in-law of Jim Gallagher ’79 and grandmother of Joe Gallagher ’09, Jim Gallagher ’14 and John Burke ’16.
Edward W. Devine died on 10/21/18.  Edward is the father of David ’80.
Raymond B. Pufunt died on 10/30/18.  Ray is the father of Daniel ’75 (Liz), Timothy ’77 and grandfather of Dan ’06, Matthew ’08, Michael ’11, Jack ’17 and Michael ’14, Christopher ’17 and Jimmy ’19.
Eleanor C. McGowan died on 10/31/18.  Eleanor is the mother of Mike ’75 and William ’80

September 2018

Bryan O’Malley ’87 died on 9/3/18. Bryan is the father of Marty ’15, brother of Bob ’83Joe ’85, Dan ’92 and brother-in-law of Mike Morrison ’93. 
Allan T. Coyne ’71 died on 9/4/18.  Allan is the father of Matthew ’96. 
Austin “Mike” Eckert ’62 died on 9/4/18“Mike” is the father of Alan ’05. 
Robert H. McCann, Sr. died on 9/5/18. Robert is the father of Bob ’69, Tom (former Brother Rice coach), and Roger (former Brother Rice teacher and coach). 
Richard J. Sebek II ’68 died on 9/7/18. Richard is the brother of the late Daniel ’73 and Jeffrey ’77.

William A. Murphy ’61 died on 9/7/18.

Howard Roy Bohlin ‘67 died on 9/11/18.  Howard is the brother of Peter ’68, Lawrence ’84, and Mark ’86.

Mary Ann Mangin died on 9/16/18. Mary Ann is the mother of Dan ’82, Kevin ’84 and Marty ’90.  
Patrick Joseph Flynn ’67 died on 9/18/18. Patrick is the brother of the late James “Regan” Flynn ’64.
John E. Terrell ’64 died on 9/23/18.
Geraldine A. Burzinski died on 9/22/18Geraldine is the mother of Brian ’75, Jeff ’79 and Kevin ’81
John C. Farrell died on 9/24/18.  
Alan M. Nakayama died on 9/27/18. Alan is the father of Kevin ’10 and Mark ’12.
Peter C. Petropulos died on 9/29/18Peter is the father of Kenneth ’83.
Erica Heilmann died on 9/30/18. Erica is the wife of former Oak Lawn Mayor Dave Heilmann ’80.
Mary Jeanne Byrnes died on 9/30/18Mary Jeanne is the mother of Francis A. “Tony” Brynes ’71, the late Timothy Byrnes ’73 and grandmother of Timothy ’02, Brian ’04 and Brendan ’06. 

August 2018

Marion E. Boyle died on 8/7/18. Marion is the mother of Thomas ’69 and Michael ’73.
William G. Beyer ’63 died on 8/7/18
Shirley Ann Kulhanek died on 8/14/18. Shirley is the mother of Roland G. Kulhanek ’88.  
Gayle Yore died on 8/22/18. Gayle is the wife of Greg ’64 and mother of Gregory ’89.
Mary Eileen Lloyd died on 8/26/18. Mary Eileen is the mother of James ’66 and John ’70.
Ryan Spokas ’00 died on 8/24/18Ryan is the brother of Tim ’02.
William C. McCloskey died on 8/27/18Bill is the father of Kenneth ’79, Edward ’83 and Steven ’87.
Philip Andrew Igoe ’68 died on 8/30/18.
Michael J. Coffey died on 8/20/18.  Michael is the father of Michael J. Coffey III ’87Brian L. Coffey ’91, grandfather of Michael J. Coffey IV ’17, and faithful brother-in-law and friend to Raleigh Kean ’60 and Jim Kean ’62 

July 2018

Robert L. Ertl ’73 died on 7/5/18. 

James E. Jacob ’67 died on 7/5/18.

Daniel P. Mangin died on 7/6/18, Daniel is the father of Daniel ’82Kevin ’84, and Martin ’90.

Margaret P. Cavallone died in July 2018. Margaret is the mother of Michael J. ’60, Louis R. ’64, Phillip ’67, Thomas ’73 and grandmother of Phillip ’95, Robert ’98 and Vincent ’11.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Pavelich died on 7/15/18. Jacqueline is the mother of David ’78.

Doris McArdle died in July 2018. Doris is the mother of George ’65, Jim ’67, John ’71, William ’73, Patrick ’76, and grandmother of Michael ’97.

Joe Perrino ’71, Home Run Inn, CEO died on 7/19/18.

George T. Quebbeman died on 7/18/18. George is the father of Mark ’75 and Paul ’77.

James W. McIlvain died on 7/23/18. James is the father of James ’78 and Michael ’84, and grandfather of Timothy ’07 and Kevin ’11.

June 2018

Martin J. Kilheeney ’78 died on 6/1/18.  

Ann M. Coan, died June, 2018.  Ann is the mother of Ed ’81, John ’84 and mother-in-law of Ed Leu ’82.

Robert J. Marcinkus died on 6/19/18Robert is the father of Daniel ’03.

Patricia “Pattie” L. Ryan died on 6/20/18.  Pattie is the beloved wife of the late Gerald “Jerry” Ryan (longtime member of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club) and mother of Kevin ’88, Larry ’90 and Christopher ’94.

James E. Nelson ’70 died on 6/21/18.

Walter F. Nied, Jr. died on 6/29/18.  Walter is the father of Matthew ’94 and Walter ’98.

Thomas J. Gallagher ’68 died on 6/27/18.  Tom is the brother of Michael ’72 and Terrence ’80.

May 2018

John J. “Jack”; Haberkorn died on 5/1/18. Jack is the grandfather of Bill McGivern ’11.
Dennis Slowik died on 5/11/18.
Donna Lee Suffern died on 5/5/18.  Donna is the mother of Louis ’80 and James ’81.
Mary Josephine Young died on 5/28/18. Mary is the mother of Thomas Young ’76.
Sandra A. Mitchell died 5/20/18. Sandra is the sister of Efren Gonzalez, Jr. ’89.
Patricia Ann Fitzgerald died 5/29/18. Patty is the wife of William James (Billy) Fitzgerald ‘64

April 2018

Thomas B. Stehney died on 4/ /18.  Tom is the son of Kevin ’66 and brother of Mark ’99 and Matt ’95.

Donald P. Zriny ’77 died on 4/8/18.

Eileen Kramer died on 4/15/18.  Eileen is the mother of William Jr. ’74Richard ’77Mark ’79 and Michael ’81, as well as mother-in-law of Michael Broderick ’67.

Terrence M. Bracken died on 4/11/18. Terrence is the father of Timothy ’99.

Ronald L. Ticer, Jr. ’99 died on 4/13/18.

John Arthur Blakely ’61 died on 4/16/18 in Harrison, Ohio.

Daniel H. Derby ’65 died on 4/23/18.  Daniel is the brother of Norman ’63 and William ’76.

March 2018

Robert J. “Bob” Galloway ’95 died on 3/2/18. Bob is the son of John M. Galloway ’69.
Mary C. Richards died on 3/8/18.  Mary was mother to Brother Rice graduates Chuck ’67John ’72Joe ’74 and Bill ’76.
William A. Dolehide ’79 died on 3/8/18.
John “Jack” T. Lewandowski ’71 died on 3/20/18. John is the brother of Jeffrey J. ’74 and Jim, St. Leo Class of ’67.
Marilyn T. Meneses died on 3/20/18. Marilyn is the mother of Louis M. ’77Steven W. ’79 and David D. ’86.
Adam Kielbasa ‘04 died on 3/26/18.

February 2018

Virginia Daniels died on 2/1/18. Virginia is the mother of Richard ’78 and the grandmother of Richard ’08.
Maureen Curran died on 2/1/18. Maureen is the mother of Joseph ’90.
Michael J. Murphy died on 2/4/18. Michael is the father of Patrick “Liam” Murphy ’80.
Patrick E. Raleigh died on 2/4/18. Patrick is the father of Patrick ’72 and Thomas ’75.
Elizabeth T. Hacker died on 2/3/18. Elizabeth is the mother of Raymond ’80.
Paul Pazan died on 2/5/18. Paul is the father of Kenneth ’80 and grandfather of Christopher ’02.
David O’Keeffe died 2/ /18. David is the father of David O’Keeffe ’82 and grandfather of David ’19.
Thomas E. Sullivan, Sr. died on 2/14/18. Thomas is the father of Thomas ’74Daniel ’75Edward ’76 and John “Jack” ’79 and grandfather of David Landis ’08Tom Sullivan ’09Steven Landis ’11 and Jack Sullivan ’11.
Irene Foster died 2/2018. Irene is the mother of John ’67Dr. Mark ’70Rev. James ’73, mother-in-law of James Milan ’74 and grandmother of David Milan ’05.   Irene was also the aunt of Paul B. O’Flaherty, Jr.’73.

January 2018

Patricia Ann Murphy died on 1/4/18. Patricia is the mother of Rick ’93.
Jason D. DiNovella ’90 died on 1/5/18. Jason is the brother of Frank ’89, a long-time member of the Brother Rice staff.
Nicholas Glen “Nick” Brosnan ’86 died on 1/5/18.
Joseph B. Bergmann died on 1/7/18. Mr. Bergmann was an icon at Brother Rice, having taught here for 47 years. He was one of only five men inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame as an Honorary Alumnus.
Irene Orchowski died on 1/5/18.  Irene is the mother of Joseph ’67 and she was a former member of the
Brother Rice Mothers’ Club.
Howard Jack Goss, Jr. ’60 died on 1/5/18. Howard is the brother of John ’62.
Arthur Dalton died on 1/15/18. Arthur is the grandfather of Kevin ’99 and Brian ’01.
John N. Thomas ’62 died on 1/20/18.
James E. Fleming ’61 on 1/25/18.  James is the brother of Joseph ’64.

December 2017

John F. Gembara ’79 died on 12/3/17.  John is the brother of Michael ’77 and Robert ’87.

Douglas Alexander, Jr. ’83 died on 12/4/17. Douglas was tragically killed in an automobile accident in Ireland on December 4, 2017. Also killed in the auto accident were Douglas’ mother, father and brother.

November 2017

James Noel Kane died on 11/3/17. James is the father of John ’76James ’77 and Michael ’81. James is also the grandfather of Daniel ’07.
Richard P. Hoffman ’60 died on 11/3/17.

October 2017

Maureen D. McGuire died on 10/5/17. Maureen is the mother of Rob ’85 and Danny ’86.

Paul Hutchins ’88 died in 10/17.

September 2017

David Maslar ’74 died on 9/7/17.
Jill Davis  died on 9/7/17.  Jill is the mother of Dominic ’16 and Michael ’20.

Denis P. O’Malley ’78 died on 9/19/17.   
Brother Gregory Lindeman died on 9/30/17. Brother Lindeman was a long-time educator and
administrator at Leo, St. Laurence and Brother Rice High Schools.

August 2017

Frederick W. Giltmier ‘61 passed away on August 24, 2017.

July 2017

Richard Aruldoss ’86 died on 7/3/2017. Richard is the brother of Robert ’87.
William J. Tagler died on 7/30/2017 . William is the father of Brian ’77, Denis ’86, and Brendan ’87.
Peter T. Eckroth died on 7/31/2017. Peter is the grandfather of Daniel Eckroth ’02, and Matthew ’11, Ryan ’11, and Timothy ’11 Menke.
Michael E. Collins ’61 died on 7/11/17. Mike is the brother of Rich ’65 and father of Mike ’85.

Robert J. Egan, S.J. ’60 died on 7/21/17.

Br. Jay Toole died on 7/30/17. Brother Toole spent many years as a chemistry teacher at Brother Rice,
and served as moderator of both the football and volleyball teams. He was also a moderator of the
Alumni Dads’ Club.
Stephen E. Boblak ’74 died suddenly on 7/27/17. Steve is the brother of William ’76.

June 2017

Teddy Labuda ’88 died on 5/31/2017.
Brother Paul Fitt died on 6/3/2016.
James Billish died on 6/3/2017. James is the brother of Tom ’64.
Therese Brady died on 6/20/2017 . Therese is the mother of Tom Brady ’84.
Shirley Stubistch died on 6/20/2017. Shirley is the mother of Gary ’82 and David ’86
Mary Therese Carter died on 6/21/2017. Mary Therese is the mother of Jack ’70, James ’76, and Jerry ’82. She is also the grandmother of Kevin ’98, Brian ’01, and Brendan ’03.
Timothy Sullivan ’89 died on 6/25/2017. Timothy is the brother of Ray ’84.
John O’Brien ’70 died on 6/27/2017.
George Badke died on 6/1/2017. George is the father of Brian ’92 and Kevin ’98.

May 2017

Thomas J. Nee ’69 died on 5/4/2017.
Bette Petrick died on 5/4/2017. Bette is the mother of Mike ’75 and Dan ’77.
Elizabeth “Betty” Norris died on 5/21/2017. Elizabeth is the mother of Kirk ’65, Robert ’68, and Michael ’73.

April 2017

Carl J. Sterk died on 4/21/2017. Carl is the father of Mark ’71Tim ’76, and Paul ’77. Carl is also the grandfather of Brian ’00Kevin ’03Michael ’05, and Paul Jr. ’08.
Martin Auz ’66 passed away on 2/23/17. He was a Co-founder, Past Director and Past President of the Brother Rice High School Alumni Association.
Terrence L. Bartolini died on 3/13/2017. Terrence is the brother of Gerald Bartolini ’71. Terrence is also the father of Kyle Bartolini ’13.
Stephen T. McInerney ’78 died on 4/14/2017. Stephen is the brother of Daniel ’85 and Thomas ’86.
Terrence J. Karstrand died on 4/13/2017. Terry is the father of Jeffery ’82 and Matthew ’92.
Thomas P. Carlson ’82 died on 4/14/2017.
Christopher D. Holly ’90 died on 4/11/2017.
Richard P. Swanberg died on 3/29/2017. Richard is the father of Ian ’13 and Nathan ’14.
Dennis M. Driscoll ’69 died on 4/27/2017. Dennis is the brother of Gerard ’75James’78 and Michael ’82.
William E. Doherty ’66 died on 32/27/2017.

March 2017

Catherine A. Schulz died on 3/15/2017. Catherine is the mother of Paul Lietz ’87 and Rick Lietz ’89. Catherine is also the grandmother of Jack Chellberg ’17.
Rimus A. Putrius ’94 died on 10/29/2017. (this notice was just recently received)
David D. Sarther ’94 died on 7/5/2012. David is the son of David Sarther ’63. (this notice was just recently received)
James C. Kricik died on 3/22/17. He is the father of Dr. Jim Krcik ’86 and Michael Krcik ’89
Philip Reynolds ’68 died 3/9/2017. Philip is the brother of Brian Reynolds ’71.
Kevin Raymond Galik ’70 died on 1/24/2016.
John W. Fitzgerald ’67 died on 3/15/2017. John is the brother of Jerry ’67.
Joseph E. Ryan ’67 died in 1/2010. (this notice was just received)
Rich Ralphson ’68 passed away Feb. 20, 2015. Rich is the brother of Dan Ralphson ’70 and Chuck Ralphson ’79.
Charles Haas ’84 died on 3/31/2017. Charles is the brother of Jeffery Haas ’87.

February 2017

Mary E. McKinney died on 2/1/2017. Mary is the mother of John McKinney ’82 and mother-in-law of Mark Donahue ’74. and mother-in-law of Mark Donahue ’74.
John T. Meuris died on 2/2/2017. John is the father of John ’93 and Matthew ’96.
Thomas A. Leonard ’73 died 2/9/2017. Tom is the brother of Rick ’65 and John ’71. Tom is also the uncle of Rick Jr. ’90.
Dr. Allan J. Paul ’69 died on 2/12/2017. Dr. Paul is the brother of Richard ’62Leo ’77 and Robert ’81.

Marcella M. Sullivan died 2/21/2017. Marcella is the mother of Tom ’74Dan ’75Edward ’76, and Jack ’79.
Stephen A. Ladd ’65 died on 2/15/2017.
William B. Sheerin died on 2/28/2017. William is the father of William ’88 and Matthew ’90.
Martin T. Joyce ’77 died on 2/26/2017. Martin is the brother of John Joyce ’84 and brother-in-law of Dennis Pettke ’71.
John T. Meuris died on 2/2/2017. John is the father of John ’93 and Matthew ’96.
Thomas A. Leonard ’73 died 2/9/2017. Tom is the brother of Rick ’65 and John ’71. Tom is also the uncle of Rick Jr. ’90.
Marcella M. Sullivan died 2/21/2017. Marcella is the mother of Tom ’74Dan ’75Edward ’76, and Jack ’79.
Stephen A. Ladd ’65 died on 2/15/2017.

January 2017

Louis LaBella died on 1/10/2017. Louis is the father of former BRHS hockey coach Terry LaBella ’82 and grandfather of current student Michael LaBella ’20.
Joan A. Gray died on 1/8/2017. Joan is the mother of Tim Gray ’95Patrick Gray ’00, and Daniel Gray ’07.
Dr. Joseph T. Gallagher died in 1/2017. Dr. Gallagher is the father of Joe ’72Michael ’75Tim ’77 and Jim ’79. Dr. Gallagher is the father in law of  Hon. Brian Flaherty ’73 and Tom Duggan ’77.  Dr. Gallagher is grandfather to Patrick Flaherty ’04Joe Gallagher ’09Michael Duggan ’10Conor Duggan ’10 and Jim Gallagher ’14.
Eileen P. Barry died on 1/16/2017. Eileen is the mother of Kevin Barry ’76Michael Barry ’79, and Dan Barry ’91. Eileen was also the mother-in-law of John Sheerin ’79. Eileen is grandmother to Kevin Salmon ’12 and John Sheerin ’13.
Philip L. Bock died on 1/17/2017, Philip is the father of Steven Bock ’87.
George H. Basile died on 1/19/2017. George is the father of Frank Basile ’16.
Thomas P. Kelly ’61 died on 1/27/2017. Thomas is the brother of Mike Kelly ’69 and the late J. Kevin Kelly ’64.
Evelyn M. McIlvain died on 1/29/2017. Evelyn is the mother of Jim McIlvain ’78 and Michael McIlvain ’84. Evelyn is also the grandmother of Tim McIlvain ’07 and Kevin McIlvain ’11.
Leonard E. Bonnevier ’67 died on 2/1/2017.

December 2016

John A. Vyhanek ’66 died on 1/25/2016.
John P. McGraw Ed.D. former principal of BRHS died on 12/8/2016.
William Gierhan, father of William (Bill) Gierhahn ’83 died on 11/24/2016
John E. Brazill, father of Bill Brazill ’84 died on 12/10/2016.
Thomas J. Cerney ’85, brother of Phil Cerney ’77Dan Cerney ’83, and Mike Cerney ’91 died on 12/9/2016.
Geraldine Custer-Flessor died in January of 2016. Geraldine is the mother of  Russ Custer ’67Tom Custer ’70, and Dr. Tim Custer ’74.
>Darryl G. McCray ’75 died on 12/2/2016.
Michael J. McCafferty ’79 died on 12/3/2016.
Gerald “Jerry” Jurgovan ’76 died on 12/26/2016. He is the brother of Richard Jurgovan ’61.
Sam E. Cari died on 12/28/2016. Sam is the father of Samuel Cari ’68 and the late Scott Cari ’80. Sam is the husband of Shirley Cari, former Director of Development.
Elizabeth Flatley died on 12/28/2016. Elizabeth is the mother of Michael Flatley ’77.
Darlene E. Mathius died on 12/28/2016. Darlene is the mother of John Mathius ’01.
James Morris ’76 passed away on 12/21/16

November 2016

Vincent J. Gavin ’60 died on 11/9/216.
Michael S. Condon ’68 father of  Matthew Condon ’93 died on 11/15/2016.
Thomas D. Pifko ’06 died on 11/22/2016.

October 2016

Paul V. Hibberd ’67 died on 10/20/2016.

Martin A. Urba ’70 died on 10/22/16.

Wayne E. Zawislak ’65 died on 10/25/16.

September 2016

John J. (Jay) Marcek ’61 died on 9/17/2016.
Jonas V. Vaznelis ’72 died on 9/26/2016. Jonas is the brother of Algimantas (Stefa) ’75 and Sigitas (Ruta) ’76.

August 2016

Phil Bakes ’64 died on 8/3/16.
Thomas Michael (Mike) Jordan ’65 died on 1/21/2016.

Francis M. Lynch ’74 died on 6/11/2015.
Clarence E. Ellison ’60 died in 8/14/2015.

July 2016

Thomas F. Cronin ’66 died on 3/24/2011.
Peter J. Kamon ’61 died on 11/15/2011.
Christopher Theologes ’86 died on 2/03/2013.
Dr. Hilary Neybert ’64 passed away on 7/29/16.
Keith Gorles ’71 died on 7/31/16.  Keith is the brother of Kenneth ’63.

June 2016

Louis G. Adduce died on 6/18/16. Louis is the father of Mark A. Adduce ’78Michael A. Adduce ’80 and David S. Adduce ’83.
John Avants ’74 died on 6/8/16. John is the brother of Robert J. Avants ’64 and brother in law of Joseph I. Novicki’70.
John James “Jack” Cannon ’60 died on 6/19/16. Jack is the brother of the late James F. Cannon ’63Thomas M. Cannon ’65 and Michael J. Cannon ’69, uncle of Robert M. Cannon ’95 and J. Brenden Cannon ’98 and great uncle of Seamus M. Cannon ’19.
Paul Frank ’78 died on 7/25/15.
John Hybl ’63 died on 4/29/16.<
Leo J. Novosel died on 6/18/16. Leo is the father of Daniel A. Novosel ’68John L. Novosel ’70 and Leo J. Novosel ’73 and grandfather of Leo J. Novosel ’96Daniel J. Novosel ’04Joseph L. Novosel ’05 and James R. Novosel ’09.
John Flynn Rooney died on 6/30/16. John is the father of Edmund “Ned” Rooney ’11Jack Rooney ’12 and Daniel Rooney ’15, and uncle of William Saas ’14TJ Saas ’16 and Timothy Rooney ’19.
Paul Webster died on 6/10/16. Paul is the father of Evan Webster ’16.

May 2016

Joseph P. Cleary ’60 died on May 20, 2016.  Joseph is the brother in law of Thomas Blanchfield ’60. Joseph’s father, also Joseph Cleary, was one of the founders of the Brother Rice Dads’ Club.
Joseph F. DiNovella died on May 1, 2016.  Joseph is the brother of Frank DiNovella ’89 and Jason DiNovella ’90.
Bonita T. McAuliffe died in May, 2016.  Bonita is the mother of Brother Rice faculty member Thomas McAuliffe and grandmother of Patrick McAuliffe ’19.
Dominic F. Nicorata died on May 8, 2016.  Dominic is the father of Steven Nicorata ’78 and Gregory Nicorata ’81, and grandfather of Michael Nicorata ’02.
Jean O’Toole died in May, 2016.  Jean is the mother of Luke T. O’Toole ’77 and Mark J. O’Toole ’79.

John Hardy ’75 died on 5/6/16.

Daniel B. Cassidy ’70 died on 5/4/16.  Dan is the brother of Marty ’72, Tim ’76 and Patrick ’79.

April 2016

Thomas J. Coughlin, Jr. died on April 3, 2016.  Thomas is the father of Russell Coughlin ’72 and Thomas Coughlin ’80.
Antoinette Demes died on April 7, 2016.  Antoinette is the mother of Bob Demes ’70 and grandmother of Rick Ryan ’84 and Justin Demes ’97.
Robert T. Dorgan ’66 died on April 14, 2012.
Delores Gunn died on April 2, 2016. Delores is a former Brother Rice staff member and is the mother of current Brother Rice staff member Ken Williams.
Mr. Joseph M. Ladouceur ’66 died on August 7, 2015.  Joseph is the brother of William J. Ladouceur ’65.
Donald J. McGann ’72 died October 1, 2012.  Donald is the brother of Andrew A. McGann ’64.
Mr. Stephen P. Mockaitis ’66 died on August 8, 2009. Stephen is the brother of Michael F. Mockaitis ’70 and James D. Mockaitis ’76.
Ronald E. Sauser ’66 died on April 24, 2011.  Ronald is the brother of Robert P. Sauser ’74.

Richard G. McGowan ’78 died on 4/11/16.

March 2016

John Coghlan ’02 died March 12, 2016.  John is the brother of Sean P. Coghlan ’07 and Brian P. Coghlan ’10.
Michael F. Fitzpatrick ’66 died March 4, 2016.  Michael is the brother of the late Thomas P. Fitzpatrick ’62 and Peter F. Fitzpatrick ’69, and the uncle of Peter F. Fitzpatrick ’92 and James R. Fitzpatrick ’94.
Conrad R. Freund ’64 died February 14, 2016.
Robert G. McDonough died March, 2016.  Robert is the father of Robert J. McDonough ’73 and James P. McDonough ’80, and grandfather of Matthew R. McDonough ’99Kevin R. McDonough ’01 and Michael P. McDonough ’03.
Dr. Douglas A. Schipitsch ’68 died April 12, 2015.  Dr. Schipitsch is the brother of Paul J. Schipitsch ’72.
Michael P. Sweeney ’68 died March 1, 2016.  Michael is the brother of John M. Sweeney ’67 and Richard S. Sweeney ’71.

February 2016

Robert J. Bablitz ’87 died March 14, 2010. Robert is the brother of William J. Bablitz ’78.
Gregory L. Coe ’69 died December 19, 2008.
Steven P. Hightower ’86 died February 13, 2014.

Jack Duffy, father of John Duffy ’78 died on 2/14/2016.
John N. Jesse ’69 died October 31, 2000.
Phillip F. Kalkowski ’65 died June 5, 2015.  Phillip is the brother of the late Eugene P. Kalkowski ’67.
Richard D. Laciak ’86 died November 17, 2014.
Eugene J. McGowan, Jr. ’69 died January, 2012.
Brian E. Niechwicj ’69 died March 19, 2015.
Charles M. Pacini ’69 died March 28, 2007.
Jeanne Panfil died February, 2016.  Jeannie is the mother of Robert Panfil ’68Thomas Panfil ’69 and James Panfil ’70, and the grandmother of Timothy C. Panfil ’93, Daniel J. Panfil ’95 and Thomas J. Panfil ’00.
Steven L. Petrosius ’86 died August 24, 2014.
John M. Polacheck ’74 died January 20, 2007.
Mark E. Smogor ’69 died May, 2009.  Mark is the brother of Kurt F. Smogor ’73.
Michael J. Vallortigara ’74 died March 15, 2013.  Michael is the brother of Mark Vallortigara ’74.
Joel R. Wolff ’87 died May 20, 2014.  Joel is the brother of Steven R. Wolff ’94.

January 2016

Frank C. Brooks ’80 died January 31, 2016.
Robert M. Craig ’75 died January, 2016.  Robert is the brother of Mark Craig ’76.
William Daniher, Jr. ’62 died January 14, 2016.   William is the brother of Brother Rice Teacher and Coach Timothy Daniher ’74.
>Richard E. Marfise died January 9, 2016.  Rich is the father of Michael A. Marfise ’85, and also a Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame member and a retired, long-time teacher at Brother Rice High School.
Robert C. McShane died January 11, 2016.  Robert is the father of Robert McShane ’71William McShane ’77 and Brother Rice Vice President Michael P. McShane ’87 and the grandfather of Michael J. McShane ’18.
Bernard O’Reilly died December 21, 2015.  Bernard is the father of Dr. Bernard O’Reilly ’78 and Timothy O’Reilly ’78 and grandfather of Nathan Manning ’17.

December 2015

John Dunne ’64 died November 17, 2015.  John is the brother of the late Edward Dunne ’60.
Joseph G. Geimer died November 1, 2015.  Joe is the brother of John Geimer ’87 and Bill Geimer ’89 and the brother in law of Mike Fitzmaurice ’76 and Roger Wright ’76.
Mr. Robert F. Hartman ’62 died November 4, 2015.
Garry M. Joyce ’64 died October 4, 2015.
Willard C. Kellogg died December 12, 2015.  Will is the former Brother Rice Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director and is also a member of the Brother Rice Hall of Fame.  Will is the father of Willard Kellogg ’77John Kellogg ’78 and Kevin Kellogg ’81, father in law of Ed Moran ’74 and grandfather of Ryan Kellogg ’18.
Francis “Frank” Lynch ’74 died June 11, 2015.  Frank is the brother of Michael Lynch ’77 and Kevin Lynch ’81.
Judiann F. Mulchrone died December 2015.  Judiann is the wife of John F. Mulchrone, Jr. ’76 and sister in law of Patrick Mulchrone ’75.
Paul Vojacek ’85 died December 7, 2015.

Sept – Nov 2015

Ann Ahern died September 27, 2015.  Ann is the mother of James D. Ahern ’73 and Thomas J. Ahern ’76.
Mary O’Gorman died 11/30/15.  Mary is the mother of Patrick O’Gorman ’84.
Michael J. Heraty ’65 of Huntley died February 17, 2015.  Michael is the uncle of Jim Cranley ’82Don Cranley ’84Pat Cranley ’87 and Bill Cranley ’89.
Marvous Kellogg died October 16, 2015.  Marvous is the wife of Will Kellogg, Brother Rice Hall of Famer from 1962 – 1996, mother of Willard Kellogg ’77John Kellogg ’78 and Kevin Kellogg ’81, mother in law of Ed Moran ’74 and grandmother of Ryan Kellogg ’18.
Lavergne Richardson died November 21, 2015.  Lavergne is the mother of former, long-time Basketball Coach Pat Richardson.
Clarence “Tony” Siano, Jr. ’63 died September 29, 2014.
Thomas Spatz died November 27, 2015.  Thomas is the father of Kenneth Spatz ’85, and grandfather of Robert Stumpe ’06 and Thomas Stumpe ’07.
Clayborn Walton, Jr. ’87 died September 9, 2015.  Clayborn is the brother of Gerald Walton ’88.

September 2015

Miguel Amesquita died August 3, 2015.  Miguel is the grandfather of Miguel Amesquita ’06 and Timothy Amesquita ’08.
 Andrew A. Anifer ’60 died April 6, 2015.
Michael C. “Mickey” Antonelli ’65 died March 1, 2013.
Raymond Aspan Jr. ’65 died October 2, 2013.  Raymond is the brother of the late Dennis Aspan ’63.
 Thomas P. Bangs ’70 died March 12, 2011.  Thomas is the brother of Timothy Bangs ’79.
Kenneth Bartholmey ’66 of Sugar Land, TX died August 21, 2015.
Arthur Biegel ’60 died November 13, 2014.
Michael J. Bull ’65 died December 4, 2002.
Ryan Elwood died September 8, 2015.  Ryan is the son of Thomas Elwood ’68, and nephew of Michael Elwood ’74William Elwood ’78 and Patrick Elwood ’85.
Thomas G. Imlay ’65 died July 6, 2011.
 Stephen V. “Pepper” Kolasa ’75 died 7/22/12.  Stephen is the brother of Raymond G. Kolasa ’73.
Stephen W. Kush ’65 died June 16, 2012.  Stephen is the brother of Daniel Kush ’62.
 Gordon Laurencell ’60 of Las Vegas, NV died May 13, 2015.  Gordon is the father of Gordon Laurencell IV ’84.
Brother Michael Lucas ’61 died August 26, 2015.  Brother Lucas is the brother of Martin Lucas ’61David Lucas ’70 and Joseph Lucas ’73, and taught and coached basketball at many Christian Brothers High Schools throughout the North American Province, including Brother Rice High School.
Michael J. Lynch ’74 died September 3, 2015.
Brendan McNicholas ’11 died September 10, 2015.  Brendan is the son of Timothy McNicholas ’83 and brother of Nolan McNicholas ’13.
Leonard A. Schultz ’65 died August 6, 2008.
David F. Sty ’65 of Wayne, NE died August 18, 2015.  David is the brother of John Sty ’62.
Bradley Wood ’75 died December 6, 2007.

August 2015

Mary Ruzich died on August 8, 2015.  Mary is the mother of James Ruzich ’71David Ruzich ’73Michael Ruzich ’76Larry Ruzich ’77, the late Daniel Ruzich ’79 and Jeffrey Ruzich ’85, and the grandmother of Joseph Ruzich ’02.
Bohdan “Bo” Juzkiw ’67 of Grand Forks, British Columbia died on August 8, 2015.
Russell Guerin ’73 died on August 6, 2015.  Russell is the brother of Robert Guerin ’61Roger Guerin ’64Ronald Guerin ’69 and Raymond Guerin ’71.
John Dillon died on 8/2/15.  John is the father of Aiden Dillon ’10.

David F. Sty ’65 died on 8/18/15.

James Klabacha ’65 died on July 7, 2014.  Jim is the brother of John Klabacha ’63.

July 2015

Mary Catherine Casey died on July 11, 2015.  Mary is the mother of Dennis Casey ’83 and Sean Casey ’87.

June 2015

Judith O’Grady died on June 30, 2015.  Judith is the mother of Patrick O’Grady ’80Brian O’Grady ’82 and Mark O’Grady ’82.
James “Jake” Earley died on June 6, 2015.  James is the father of Jim Earley, Jr. ’76 and the grandfather of Marc McClory ’13 and Sean McClory ’18.
Michael Freeman ’76 died in June, 2015.  Michael is the brother of Steven Freeman ’79David Freeman ’80 and Daniel Freeman ’86.

May 2015

William Donovan ’69 died on May 30, 2015.  William is the brother of Jack Donovan ’60Edward Donovan ’63 and the late Thomas Donovan ’69.
Gloria Duffy died May 27, 2015.  Gloria is the mother of Donald Duffy ’83.
Emily Beazley of Chicago died on May 18, 2015.  Emily is the daughter of Ed Beazley ’89.

Brad J. Lukas ’78 died on 5/17/15.
William “Blackie” Sullivan ’71 died on May 16, 2015.

James Finn ’00 died on 5/28/15.  Jim is the brother of Daniel ’03.

Michael Murdock ’70 died on April 6, 2015.  Michael is the brother of Joseph Murdock ’60.

April 2015

John C. Cypser ’91 died on May 13, 2015.  John is the brother of Ryan Cypser ’96.
Jean Sloan died on May 10, 2015.  Jean is the mother of Stephen Sloan ’73, the late Bruce Sloan ’76 and Warren Sloan ’80, and the grandmother of Philip Sloan ’09 and Stephen Sloan ’18.
Caryl Wall died on May 3, 2015.  Caryl is the wife of John Murphy “Murph” Wall ’69 and sister in law of Terrence Wall ’65.
Denise Murray died on April 14, 2015.  Denise is the wife of Steve Murray ’69 and brother in law of James Murray ’62, the late Thomas Murray ’66 and Michael Murray ’75.
James M. Arnold ’66 died on June 3, 2014.  James is the brother of William Arnold ’62 and Robert Arnold ’76.
Maureen McIntyre died on March 31, 2015.  Maureen is the sister of the late Marty McIntyre ’76 and Kevin McIntryre ’82.
Brett Davis ’90 of Nashville, TN died on April 1st, 2015.
John McClain ’68 died on April 6, 2015.  John is the brother of Don McClain ’70Tom McClain ’72Jim McClain ’74and Pat McClain ’76.
Michael Blough ’03 died on April 6, 2015.  Michael is the brother of George Blough ’05.
Steven Killham ’79 died on April 15, 2015 .  Steven is the brother of Michael Killham ’77 and John Killham ’81 and uncle of Nicholas Killham ’11 and Eric Killham ’11.
Michael Sheehy of Midlothian died on March 16, 2015.  Michael is the father ofMichael Sheehy ’73, Brian Sheehy ’74 and the late Daniel Sheehy ’78.
Bernard Schmidt III ’90 died on January 15, 2015.
Susan Leonard died on March 21, 2015.  Susan is the wife of Rick Leonard ’65, step mother of Rick Leonard ’90, and mother in law of Jacob Rauen ’95.
Daniel J. Sheehy ’78 died in May, 2010.  Daniel is the brother of Michael Sheehy ’73 and Brian Sheehy ’74.
Juan M. Santiago of Chicago died on April 18, 2012. Juan is the father of Juan Santiago, Jr. ’05.
Michael Angelo Santiago of Chicago died on January 8, 2013.  Michael is the brother of Juan Santiago, Jr. ’05.
Matthew James Lamb IV ‘74 died on November 16, 2014.
James Boyne ’62 died in 4/2015.

2008 – March 2015

* Notifications sent prior to January 2014 have been previously acknowledged in printed versions of the Rice Review.
Rest In Peace Brother Rice Alumni

Mr. Phillip A. Szujewski ’66 died on October 30, 2007.  Phillip is the brother of Peter F. Szujewski ’67 and Henry I. Szujewski ’70.
Gregory Nicholas “Nick” Mader ‘65 died on November 13th, 2008.
Russell G. Borrelli ’64 of Lafayette, IN died on January 13, 2010.

William Mossuto ’68 died on February 18, 2010.

David F. Gordon ’72 died on March 26, 2010.

Joseph P. Karr, Jr. ’73 died on November 17, 2010.  Joseph is the brother of Michael ’76, Paul ’78, and Kenneth ’81.

Patricia Komar died on 1/21/11Patricia is the wife of Walter ’61, sister of Fritz Hartrich ’61, John Hartrich ’70 and sister-in-law of Dennis Komar ’64.

Donna Mae Budvitas died on February 24, 2011.  Donna is the mother of Christopher ’85. 
Robert J. Cronin, Jr. ’64 of Westmont died February, 2011.
William M. Mitchell ’85, passed away March 20, 2011. William is the brother of James F. Mitchell ’73John H. Mitchell ’75 and Mark M. Mitchell ‘76.
Wayne W. Tjernberg ’70 died on 7/19/11.
Dennis M. Dresky ’64 of Bridgeview died on May 3, 2011.  Dennis is the brother of the late Daniel M. Dresky ’70.
Patrick J. Altman ’94 died on October 4, 2011.  Patrick is the son of the late John “Jack” Altman ’63, brother of John J. Altman ’89 and brother in law of Matthew Busin ’91.
Steven R. Eck ’74 of Chicago died in June, 2012.
Terrence “Terry” Sanford ‘65 died on June 4th, 2012.
Michael “Mick” Flak ’64 of Englewood, CO died on July 8, 2012.  Mick is the brother of John M. Flak ’60 and Robert S. Flak ’65.
James F. Hickey ’65 of Oak Lawn died on November 11, 2012.  James is the brother of Timothy J. Hickey ’74.
William M. Mitchell ‘85, passed away March 20, 2011. William is the brother of James F. Mitchell ’73John H. Mitchell ’75 and Mark M. Mitchell ‘76.

Brett Bielinski ’99 died 7/2013.
Thomas J. Dignan ’70 of Oak Lawn died on September 17, 2013.
James P. Fee ’63 of Portland, OR died on October 9, 2013.
Thomas J. Scanlon ’77 of Des Plaines died on November 22, 2013.  Thomas is brother of John M. Scanlon ’73 and Michael T. Scanlon ’74.
John E. Dougherty ’78 of Chicago died on January 25, 2014.  John is the brother of William A. Dougherty ’74 and Michael P. Dougherty ’81.
John J. Paha ’64 of Hickory Hills died on February 5, 2014.  John is the brother of the late Paul J. Paha ’66 and Joseph A. Paha ’72.
James D. Sullivan ’83 of Oak Lawn died on February 8, 2014.  James is the brother of Daniel L. Sullivan ’84 and Patrick F. Sullivan ’91.

Dr. James E. Changus ‘61 died on February 18, 2014.
Thomas M. McCarthy ’63 of Palos Hills died on March 19, 2014.  Thomas is the uncle of Christopher M. Steinemann ’86.
Paul T. Maier MD ’63 of West Lafayette, IN died on March 30, 2014.
John M. O’Sullivan ‘81 of Orland Park died on March 31, 2014.  John is the father of Jack O’Sullivan ’16 and brother of Gregory M. O’Sullivan ’72.
Stanley R. Tokarz ’63 of Beavercreek, OH died on April 11, 2014.  Stanley is the brother of Frederick A. Tokarz Ph.D. ’67.

Dr. Michael Peters ’61 died on 5/17/14.

Retired Lt. Colonel of U.S. Air Force Reserve, Philip J. Akers ’61 died on 5/20/14.  Philip is the brother of Dr. Paul T. Akers ’63.
Alan Brosseau ’71 died on May 29, 2014.  Alan is the brother of Jeffrey J. Brosseau ’80.
Daniel J. Broderick ’70 of Chicago died on June 21, 2014.  Daniel is the brother of Scott G. Broderick ’73.
R. Adam Peters ’82 died on July 7, 2014.
Robert J. Heenan ’74 died on July 22, 2014.  Robert is the brother of James P. Heenan ’72.
John “Jack” Altman ’63 of Orland Park died on July 28, 2014.  Jack is the father of John J. Altman ’89 and the late Patrick J. Altman ’94, and father in law of Matthew Busin ’91.
Cameron M. Fahey ‘15 of Chicago died on August 21, 2014.  Cameron is the son of Brian J. Fahey ’83, nephew of Edward J. Fahey ’73John M. Fahey ’75 and James R. Creed ’66, and cousin of James E. Creed ’98Patrick D. Creed ’06Jacob M. Fahey ’05 and Andrew J. Puchalski ’13.
Joseph James Janas ’63 died on 9/20/14.

Michael J. Pavlicek ’75 died on 9/23/14.
William B. Johnson ’72 of Springfield, OH died on November 4, 2014.  William is the brother of Edward Johnson ’73 and Tom Johnson ’78, and uncle of David Johnson ’09.
Lawrence E. Himmel ’64 of San Diego, CA died on November 5, 2014.
John F. Trendl ’85 died on November 28, 2014.
Michael “Mick” Coyne ’64 of Chicago Ridge died December 1, 2014.  Michael is the brother of Edward J. Coyne ’69 and the brother in law of Joseph P. Miller ’74.
Timothy J. Mitchell ’83 died on December 3, 2014.  Timothy is the brother of Thomas R. Mitchell ’83, and son of the late Brother Rice longtime football coach Thomas R. Mitchell.
Patrick J. MacFarlane ’70 of Orland Park died on January 2, 2015.  Patrick was inducted into the Brother Rice High School Circle of Champions in 2012.  Patrick is the brother in law of Pat Condon ’66 and Bob Clasby ’69.
Thomas Lyons ’63 died on March 8, 2015.  Tom is a former Brother Rice football and baseball coach and  is a member of the Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame.  Tom is the father of Tim Lyons ’92Brian Lyons ’93Brendan Lyons ’96 and the late Patrick Lyons ’99, brother of Bob Lyons ’68Jim Lyons ’72 and Mike Lyons ’76, cousin of Jack Hackett ’61, and uncle of James Girdauskas ’03Sean Carroll ’04Brice Pall ’10Daniel Lyons ’12 and Kevin Lyons ’12.
Thomas Michael Jordan ’65 of Bellingham, Washington died on January 21, 2015.
Vincent A. Sondej ’71 of Montpelier, Vermont died on February 1, 2015.

Rest in Peace Family & Friends of Brother Rice

Gregory Nicholas “Nick” Mader ‘65 died on November 13th, 2008.
Robert M. Kollpainter died on January 4, 2012.  Robert is the father of Dennis M. Kollpainter ’96 and Kevin M. Kollpainter ’00.
Gregory W. Castle died on August 8th, 2013.  Gregory is the father of Sean S. Castle ’04Kevin T. Castle ’05 and Michael P. Castle ’07, uncle of  Daniel T. Liston ’01 and Timothy R. Liston ’04 and brother in law of Brother Rice High School employee Therese Liston.<
Shirley Sizemore Farrell died on January 16, 2014.  Shirley is the grandmother of Edward W. Conlisk ’13John M. Conlisk ’15 and Brian P. Conlisk ’16.
Alan Filan of Orland Park died on January 21, 2014.  Al was a long time Brother Rice High School teacher.
Lawrence Dougherty of Western Springs died on February 7, 2014.  Lawrence is the brother of Terrence M. Dougherty ’60 and Dennis L. Dougherty ’66.
Catherine Ryan died on February 18, 2014.  Catherine is the mother of Donald F. Ryan ’64 and Kevin J. Ryan ’67, mother in law of Patrick Glynn ’70, and aunt of Martin J. McNally ’67Michael E. McNally ’65William D. McNally ’73 and David B. McNally ’71.
Manuel J. “Manny” Rey of Chicago died on March 13, 2014.  Manny is the son of Don Rey ’72.
E. James “Jim” Donahue of Oak Lawn died on March 18, 2014.  Jim is the husband of former long-time  Brother Rice High School Staff Member Mary Donahue, and father of Patrick J. Donahue ’72, Brother Rice Board Vice-Chairman Mark J. Donahue ’74William T. Donahue ’76 and James L. Donahue ’82.
Jean Gallagher died on March 18, 2014.  Jean is the mother of Richard K. Gallagher ’73 and Timothy J. Gallagher ’81, and the mother-in-law of Gary R. Riemersma ’75 and grandmother of Richard M. Gallagher ’10.
Edward C. Brown (CFD) died on March 25, 2014.  Edward is the father of Brother Rice Staff Member Mary Beth Jantz, Michael E. Brown ’80 and Daniel C. Brown ’82, father-in-law of Edmund J. Jantz ’78 and grandfather of Edmund R. Jantz ’06Brendan W. Brown ’13 and Matthew G. Brown ’14.
John C. Mallon died of Orland Park died on May 19, 2014.  John is the father of Connor P. Mallon ’15.
Madison C. Angus died on May 27, 2014.  Madison is the daughter of Scott Angus ‘84 and niece of Tom P. Boyle ’80.
Robert O’Malley died on June 24, 2014.  Robert is the father of Robert T. O’Malley ’83Joseph G. O’Malley ’85Bryan P. O’Malley ’87 and Daniel S. O’Malley ’92.
Thomas E. McDonnell died July, 2014.  Thomas is the grandfather of Kevin T. McDonnell ’12.
Gertrude “Dolly” Walsh died on August 14, 2014.  Dolly is the mother of David L. Walsh ’68William J. Walsh ’77John P. Walsh ’78Thomas A. Walsh ’81 and James F. Walsh ’86, and the grandmother of John Walsh ’15.
Thomas Murrihy of Evergreen Park died August, 2014.  Thomas is the father of Thomas J. Murrihy, Jr. ’87, the late Brendan M. Murrihy ’90 and Brian P. Murrihy ’95.  Thomas is also a 2007 Alumni Man of the Year and a founding member of the Brendan Murrihy Golf Outing, established in 1994, which provides much needed tuition assistance, primarily for boys attending Brother Rice High School.
Erika Salzig died on September 25, 2014.  Erika is the mother of Bernard J. Salzig ’83.
Martin Duffy Jr died September, 2014.  Martin in the brother of former Brother Rice faculty member Dennis L. Duffy ’64.
Margaret O’Donovan died September, 2014.  Margaret is the mother of Francis J. O’Donovan ’62 and Patrick T. O’Donovan ’78.
Andrew L. Knoell of Blue Island died on 10/20/14.  Andrew is a member of the Brother Rice High School Hall of Fame.
Patrick J. Moran died on October 27, 2014.  Patrick is the father of Edward J. Moran ’74.
George P. Cullen died on November 12, 2014.  George is the father of Michael Cullen ’80 and Patrick Cullen ’81, and the uncle of many Brother Rice graduates.
Anthony “Tony” Nichols of Marshallville, OH died on November 26, 2014.  Anthony is the father in law of Gregory A. Papiernik ’76 and grandfather of Timothy J. Papiernik ’18Brian G. Papiernik ’17 and Matthew N. Papiernik ’18.
Dora L. Bracken died on December 4, 2014.  Dora is the mother of Timothy Bracken ’99.
Mary Eileen Barkowski of Oak Lawn died on December 20, 2014.  Eileen is a member of the Brother Rice High School Hall of Fame, and is the mother of Brian N. Barkowski ’95 and Michael E. Barkowski ’03.
Daniel J. Collins died on December 25, 2014.  Daniel is the brother of Brother Thomas Collins, current Faculty and Hall of Fame member of Brother Rice High School.
Richard A. “Dick” Eber died on December 25, 2014.  Dick is the father of Edward M. Eber ’76Michael J. Eber ’77and Dr. Richard J. Eber ’80, and the grandfather of Ryan C. Eber ’06 and Richard J. Eber ’08.
Norman J. Podell of Evergreen Park died on December 30, 2014.  Norman is the father of Norman “Timmy” Podell ‘81.
Thomas B. Glancey died on February 8, 2015.  Thomas is the father of Timothy B. Glancey ’86, and father in law of John J. Scully ’75 and Robert M. Waite ’76.
Joseph P. Cariola died on February 15, 2015.  Joseph is the father of Joseph P. Cariola ’83 and Peter R. Cariola ’88.
Marion Gleason died on February 18, 2015.  Marion is the mother of Patrick V. Gleason ’83, mother in law of Tom Harrigan ’64, and grandmother of Michael P. Harrigan ’03 and Brian T. Harrigan ’05.
Dolores Stalker died on February 21, 2015.  Dolores is the mother of William “Bud” Stalker ’64 and Robert Stalker ’69, mother in law of Gerald Lavery ’64 and Carl Courtright ’74, and grandmother of William Stalker ’89Michael Stalker ’91Brian Stalker ’93Gerald Lavery ’00Carl Courtright ’02Todd Courtright ’04Dustin Courtright ’08and Sidney Stalker ’08.
Dr. Agustin Carvallo died March, 2015.  Dr. Carvallo is the father of Agustin Carvallo Jr. ’74 and Steven Carvallo ’84.
Michael James Flatley Sr. died on March 13, 2015.  Michael is the father of Brother Rice Alumni Hall of Fame Member Michael Flatley, Jr. ’77.
Richard “Dick” Stillman died on March 15, 2015.  Richard is the father of Brother Rice High School Board Member Michael Stillman ’87.
Susan Leonard, wife of Rick Leonard ’65, step mother of Rick Leonard ’90 and mother in law of Jacob Rauen ’95

** We remember our deceased alumni, friends and family as we become aware of their passing. If we have omitted any information, please contact Jan Hickey at Thank you.