Kairos Retreat


What Is Kairos?

Kairos is a four-day retreat off campus, usually at The Port in Frankfort. Kairos, translated from Greek, literally means “God’s Time.” The retreat, led by faculty and students, is designed to bring the candidate away from his hectic daily life and let him examine what he wants in life, how he got to that point, and how he can move forward living with God.

Kairos is also an opportunity to build lasting relationships with peers from school. According to our graduates, attending a Kairos retreat is one of the best decisions a student can make at Brother Rice.

Students will need to complete the Kairos 149 application and the field trip form.

Campus Ministry Retreats

Retreats at Brother Rice High School are mandatory for freshmen and sophomores, but optional for juniors and seniors. Freshmen and sophomore retreats take place at Brother Rice, and the junior and senior retreat, Kairos, takes place off campus.

Freshman Retreats

Freshmen retreats are all day and are held at Brother Rice High School. The retreat is led by senior peer ministers and involve freshman theology classes. Throughout the day, the freshmen interact with the seniors in small groups. During the retreat, the freshmen hear a number of talks about life and Christ and how teens react to life. Teenagers get hungry, but fret not, because lunch is provided during the retreat. The retreat’s main goal is to introduce freshmen to Edmund Rice’s principal beliefs and values. The retreat is one of the first times most freshmen spend time in the school’s beautiful chapel. The retreat helps freshman to address the question ‘Who am I and who do I want to be?’ as they begin their high school careers.

Sophomore Retreats

The Sophomore retreat is held every year for all Brother Rice sophomores. Every student attends with their theology class. The retreat consists of various guest speakers and group activities. There are many guest speakers throughout the day including various senior students and a few teachers. Speeches focus mainly on moral issues that sophomores face and the responsibilities that come with becoming a man of Edmund Rice. After the speeches all the sophomores our split into discussion groups led by a senior peer minister. In these groups students discuss the important issues brought up by the speaker and answer questions on how the speech relates to their own life. The retreat ends  with an opportunity for reconciliation and a service  in the chapel.