Social Clubs & Activities

Find your new favorite after-school activity in our variety of social clubs and activities.

Have fun and learn together while discovering new interests!

Chess is a game of strategy and a mental sport. It pro-motes critical thinking skills, spatial concepts, planning, and discipline. It’s also really fun to flatten your opponent! The Chess Club meets after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from September through April. Players of all skill levels are welcome. The Chess Team competes against other schools in the Chicago Chess Conference. The official team consists of 8 boards, but additional players can compete in an open section for individual honors. Both the club and the team are moderated by Dr. Luxem.

Dance Committee plans and runs the Homecoming Dance. Students on this committee help with choosing the songs played and deciding the theme for the dance. Suggestions are also made for other types of dance activities that might be of interest to their fellow students. Mrs. Marley moderates this committee.

Diabetic students are invited to meet bi-monthly to discuss their conditions and offer support to each other in an informal setting. The group is moderated by Brother Rice School nurse Mrs. Salmon.

Students develop skills in dealing with issues of race, discrimination, sexuality, and prejudice. Students attend conferences through the National Conference for Community and Justice and Anti-Defamation League to create diversity projects to enhance cultural awareness at the school level. This club offers open enrollment for all class levels. Mr. McAuliffe is the moderator.

Drama Club is open to all students who are interested in performing in front of an audience. A very important part of the Drama Club is the participation of the students from Mother McAuley in our plays and the club in general. This club meets after school daily before a major performance. Dedication to the club is what makes this a successful, enjoyable, extra-curricular activity. Mr. Rolence moderates this activity.

Hook, line, and sinker! Brother Rice students become one with nature as they attend several outings a year (fall and spring) to test their fishing skills in the local waters. This club offers open enrollment for all class levels. Mr. McAuliffe moderates this club.

Politics Club meets to discuss topics of political relevance in an informal discus-sion format. Mr. Dolan moderates this club.

Sailing Club teaches and passes on the skills of basic and advanced sailing, and builds strength, skills and friendships in the art of sailing. This club is open to Brother Rice and Mother McAuley students who would like to sail as both a varsity and JV sport and as a club. Sailing has two seasons, fall and spring. This activity is moderated by Mother McAuley teacher Mrs. Rollheiser.

Students meet several times to pick a theme, arrange tables, and plan prom night. About 10 – 20 students participate in this activity moderated by Mrs. Van Assen.

Looking for a fun, fast-paced, social, and well-spirited sport? Look no further than ultimate frisbee, one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation. Ultimate takes place on afternoons in the fall and spring, with tournaments focused in the spring. All are welcome to join. Contact Mr. Z or Ms. Sullivan with questions.