The Standard: My Final Remarks


By Adam Homel ’21

My four years at Brother Rice High School are almost over. This is the seniors’ last week at school and we graduate on May 20.

Just thinking about that, I am glad I enrolled into Brother Rice and I wouldn’t have changed my decision if I was given the chance to. Brother Rice helped me form friendships where I could call my friends my brothers.

It helped me form these friendships through bike rides to Marist for a football game, pep rallies for homecomings, in class having fun with my classmates, in the Crusader Crazies and getting wild, and being […]

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The Standard: Scholastic Bowl Team’s IHSA Regional Championship


By Adam Homel ‘21

The Brother Rice Scholastic Bowl team traveled to Sandburg High School to participate in the IHSA Regional Championships. The team’s moderators are Mrs. England and Mrs. Pansino, with senior Chris Staszak helping them.

Scholastic Bowl is an activity at Brother Rice where the students compete against other Catholic schools in an academic competition similar to an “academic Jeopardy.”

The Scholastic Bowl Team made it to the regional championship but fell short to the Sandburg High School team.

Before they entered the regional championship they defeated Evergreen Park High School 290-260, and Crete Monee high school 400-180.

The Scholastic Bowl team represented Brother […]

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The Standard: COVID Ash Wednesday at Brother Rice


By Adam Homel ‘21

Ash Wednesday starts off Lent in the Catholic Church. The ashes people receive symbolizes death and repentance. Christians receive ashes to show repentance because they believe Christ died for us.

This Ash Wednesday, many priests and bishops of the Diocese of Chicago changed the way they gave ashes due to this pandemic.

Peer Minister Joe Hladik ’21 said, “This is a crazy year with everything going on. At first, I didn’t think I was going to be able to receive, let alone give, ashes, but I am glad I was able to. I was happy to give ashes to my […]

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The Standard: Conference Championship Sunday


By Adam Homel ‘21

The NFL season is coming to an end. The final four teams in the playoffs played very well on Sunday January 24, 2021.

The final four teams were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and the Green Bay Packers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game, and the Kansas City Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills in the AFC championship game.

The first game on Sunday was the NFC championship between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay came up on top, winning with a score of […]

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The Standard: New activity added to Rice – Ultimate Frisbee!


By Adam Homel ‘21

COVID is cancelling a lot of activities for high school students all over the world. This is why Brother Rice added Ultimate Frisbee, an outside sport that doesn’t involve a lot of contact. The club had its first meeting Oct. 21.

The first practice held 19 students all from different grades, giving everyone the opportunity to make new friends.

Louie Conn ‘21 said, “I joined Ultimate Frisbee because I think it’s a great sport to play. It is based on sportsmanship and I get a chance to make new friends from different grade levels.”

The Ultimate Frisbee club is led by […]

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The Standard: Covid at Marquette


By Adam Homel ‘21

Two weeks ago, Marquette University, located in Milwaukee, WI, had to quarantine two dorm buildings, Cobeen Hall and Schroeder Hall.

Marquette sent emails to parents containing concerning news. Over 10% of students came back positive and 3% of residents in Schroeder Hall came back positive.

Olivia Homel ‘22 said, “Juniors and seniors live in houses or apartments. I live in an apartment so the residents are less likely to get COVID. Also, if we get COVID we already have a plan for the person that gets it.”

Marquette is requiring that students who test positive must be in isolation. They have […]

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