The Standard: A Letter from the Editor


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

As our crazy senior year comes to a close, we as seniors can’t help but look back on our finest times in the maroon and orange. The sports, activities, and classes provided some front-and-center entertainment, as well as some behind-the-scenes comedy. It’s like a car ride. As much as you’re going to remember the destination, you’ll always have some fond memories of the journey. 

As a kid who only came to Rice because his friends did, I’d say I’ve gotten way more than I deserved out of 99th and Pulaski. You could say […]

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The Standard: My BRTV Experience


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

Looking back on my last two years as a member of Brother Rice TV, I’ve realized that I would not be here without a few teachers, students, and moments. These memories both defined my high school experience and shaped my future plans.

The starting point for my broadcasting career was Mr. Vogt’s broadcast journalism class. I took the class because I knew I liked sports but wasn’t sure what exactly the class would entail. After a few weeks, Mr.  Vogt told me that I should help out with BRTV. I took the advice and worked my first few games […]

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The Standard: Why the Chicago White Sox will win the 2021 World Series


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

The Chicago White Sox have been in the spotlight lately. The combination of promising young stars and proven veterans are ready to put the MLB on notice.

Anyone who knows me knows I could go on and on about why the White Sox will go all the way this year, but for time purposes, I’ve been asked to keep it to a few reasons.

The Hitters

The Sox front office has done an outstanding job at building the current roster. Jose Abreu was the American League’s Most Valuable Player in 2020 and will look to continue his reign of terror this […]

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The Standard: Senior Danny Wallace awarded Evans Scholarship


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

Danny Wallace has always been a hard worker. Throughout his career at Brother Rice, Wallace has always been top five in his class academically, and has compiled a healthy career on the soccer field. Danny Wallace has been known as a “good kid” both in and out of school. What more could you want?

How does free college sound?

On December 17, Danny Wallace received news that would change his outlook of his post-high school life. Danny will be going to college for free. Spending countless days at Beverly Country Club, and countless hours waiting for a loop while playing […]

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The Standard: Trubisky era over in Chicago? Not so fast.


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

Following the Chicago Bears’ early playoff exit, the front office has many questions to answer in the 2021 offseason. The most profound question will be that of the quarterback position and Mitchell Trubisky’s future with the team. Mitch’s tenure with the team has been nothing less than a rollercoaster. Let’s take a look at some of his best moments with the team.

9/30/18 vs. Tampa Bay

Ah yes, THAT game. Ask any Bears fan about this game and I’m sure he could tell you exactly what happened. In the height of “Fitzmagic,” the biggest storyline heading into the week four […]

The Standard: Trubisky era over in Chicago? Not so fast.2021-01-21T21:51:58-06:00

The Standard: All Over the Road: New Sox Manager Charged with Second DUI


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

From the day he was hired, the majority of White Sox fans were opposed to Tony LaRussa. LaRussa is a Hall-of-Famer, World Series Champion, and proven winner. What more could you want? It puzzled me as to why Sox fans were so outraged at the hire.

Now I know why.

On Monday, Nov. 9, a DUI and arrest of the new White Sox Skipper were made public. This is LaRussa’s second offense, with his previous DUI coming in 2007. The charges were filed against LaRussa on Oct. 28, one day prior to the announcement that he would be the next […]

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The Standard: “What’s Next” White Sox 2020 Offseason Plan


By Aidan O’Connor ‘21

After a crushing series defeat by the Oakland Athletics in the 2020 Wild Card Round, White Sox fans find themselves looking for answers as to why their promising team is watching the rest of the playoffs from home.

The 2019 offseason was a wild one for the White Sox. Unbeknownst to Sox fans everywhere, general manager Rick Hahn decided it was time to end the franchise’s rebuild. Hahn dipped into owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s pockets early in the offseason by signing free-agent catcher Yasmani Grandal to the largest contract in franchise history. Hahn and Co. continued their spending spree by […]

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