The Standard: The Future is Ahead, not Behind


By Alex Cichowicz ´23

Well that’s about it. All four years are just about completed. High school took a lot out of me but also gave so much back. Not only does high school give back an education, but also mainly experiences and memories. When people think of high school, the first thought is sitting in a classroom, learning page by page of a textbook.

It is more than that.

The typical high school experience is going to the football games and dances while still keeping up with your academics in the classroom. Mine was a little bit different than that. While I still […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Zach Zielinski


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Zach Zielinski, who most of us know as Mr. Z, has spent eight years of his life at Brother Rice. Four of them were spent getting a high school education and the other four were spent teaching students and running the band program. He had such a wonderful high school experience he wanted to come back and enlighten the minds of the current students, hoping that they would have a similar experience.

I think he just about did that.

Zielinski grew up just a few minutes down the block in Mount Greenwood. He attended St. Catherine’s for grammar school, Brother […]

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The Standard: A Day Down Western Avenue


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

The Southside of Chicago has hosted a parade since 1979. This consists of a big celebration as a kickoff to Saint Patricks Day.

On this day, down Western Ave., you will see different types of floats, sponsors, giant balloons, and marching bands. I was lucky enough to march down Western with our own Brother Rice and Mother McAuley Band. When the parade commenced, it was a cold, rainy morning, but by the time it was over, everyone was exhausted and even a little sweaty. Although it can be tiring, it is very worth it and an honor to be […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Br. Patrick Hayes


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

For 32 years and counting, we have had an incredible teacher here at Brother Rice. Brother Patrick Hayes is an outstanding physics teacher and, overall, an inspiration to the young men he teaches each day. He is known for his intricate labs and the physics trips for the students that he chaperones.

Every January during Christmas break, Br. Hayes takes a couple of his students to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base to observe almost every aircraft in existence. They also take a trip down to Florida in the summer to see the Kennedy Space Center and possibly even […]

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The Standard: Founder’s Day


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, Brother Rice celebrated Founder’s Day at Brother Rice. On this day, we invite the “Men of Edmund” who have been alumni of Brother Rice for 40 or more years to enjoy the event. We also have some guest speakers to talk about the journey of Edmund Rice and their experience at Brother Rice. This year Dr. Kenneth Furlough ‘09 shared his story with the Crusaders. Seniors Joe Heilmann and Matthew Perez also gave inspirational speeches about becoming a crusader and their years at Rice.

Founder’s Day is the day where we acknowledge Edmund Rice […]

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The Standard: Behind the Scenes of “The Little Mermaid”


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

“The Little Mermaid” is a Disney movie we all know and love. Most of us remember watching it as kids and recalling every funny little detail. This year the Mother McAuley Theater has brought this to us as a musical to enjoy with friends and family.

Many students put so much time and hard work into this and couldn’t wait to present it to the audience. Before big shows there is a lot of excitement and nervousness throughout the room.

Junior P.J. Panarese, who played Trident, said, “When opening night hits, at first you feel the nerves start to hit, […]

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The Standard: Teacher Feature – Mr. Bill Gleeson


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Mr. Gleeson is one of Brother Rice’s widely known faculty members. Some of his titles include football coach, P.E. teacher, and history teacher, but he is mostly known for keeping students in line. He has taught at Brother Rice for about thirty eight years.

Aside from Brother Rice, he has taught at De La Salle and Leo High Schools, and some classes at the University of Illinois. Teaching has always been an interest for Coach Gleeson. His inspiration started in high school because of the motivation of good teachers, coaches, and being able to help others succeed.

The main subject […]

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The Standard: The ONLY Water Bottle


By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Water is an everyday necessity.  Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and we can’t survive without it.

This year Brother Rice enacted a rule that if you need to bring a water bottle with you, it must be a Brother Rice issued water bottle. Water bottles are such a simple item that you wouldn’t think they would have to make a rule for them. At the end of the day, we all know that rules are made because somebody found a way to do something out of the ordinary.

The new water bottles were a response to students […]

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