The Standard: “You”


By Alex Roche ‘20

With all this time I have on my hands now, I have reached outside the box and started looking for new Netflix shows to watch.  I came across a show called “You.”  My sisters and mom have been trying to get me to watch the show for months.

“It’s one of the best shows on Netflix right now!” said my sister Megan.

So I sat down all this week and got to bingeing.

The show starts off with the main character Joe Goldberg, who is a bookstore manager and a giant book fanatic.

It starts to get hot when he meets an […]

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The Standard: Table vs Table


By Alex Roche ‘20

At the end of summer last year, my friends and I were bored and were looking for a quick project to work on. Being as broke as a normal teenager is at the end of summer, we had to find something in the budget.

We decided to build a table.

The last of our money was put into the supplies to build it and on that boring summer day, we got to work.

None of us really were very skilled in building, but as my friend Jake Sullivan said, “It can’t be that hard to build a stupid table.”

After a few […]

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The Standard: A House Divided


By Alex Roche ‘20

Two years ago was when the Roche household was divided.

My very own sister, Megan Roche, took the entrance exam at long-time rival of Brother Rice, St. Laurence.

I remember waking up on that Saturday morning to see her sitting at the kitchen table in a St. Laurence shirt and thinking to myself, “You did not!”

No one in my family could believe it. She hadn’t said anything about the school until the morning of when my mother was driving her there.

Why would she choose a rival school?

“I really loved the school when I shadowed,” said Megan. “The new co-ed classes […]

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The Standard: Finals


By Alex Roche ‘20

Another semester of high school is coming to an end and you know what that means…

The dreaded finals week is upon us. A week where students are asked to remember everything they have learned since the beginning of the school year.

I already have the typical comments from my parents this weekend telling me I cannot go hang out and that: “You have to focus on your finals.”

I will tell them I will be going to the “library” when I will really be out taking my mind off the stressful week that is in pursuit.

My finals studying routine is […]

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The Standard: New Improv Club


By Alex Roche ‘20

What is improv?

Improv is the art of acting out a skit without a script or preparation.

Mr. Molenda and Ms. Donnelly are the teachers who will lead this club. The two together already had a liking for improv so they were the best option to expand this club to the best of their ability.

Ms. Donnelly said, “We’ve been to see Second City numerous times and have always enjoyed the quick wit and humor associated with improv, so when Tyler and Harrison approached us with the idea of a club, we agreed readily.”

Tyler Colander, the current president of the Improv […]

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The Standard: Homecoming Pictures


By Alex Roche ‘20

Homecoming season has arrived and everyone is excited to look their best for pictures.

This year’s pictures were held at my good friend Colin Campbell’s house. For the second year in a row, we got to take pictures with the beautiful scenery of his backyard.

Many of the seniors met here with their dates and started the homecoming night off right. “It was a great time hanging out with all of my pals. It was the last time we got to do it and we had a fun time, while looking sharp,” said senior Jim Maguire.

My mom was sad taking […]

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