The Standard: Senior Gallery


By Andrew Thompson ‘19

The final countdown. The last straw. The last dance.

Senior year.

Spoiler alert: senior is not all fun and games, at least not at the beginning. The first half of senior year consists of stressing over college applications while still maintaining grades, playing sports and hanging out with friends. It’s stressful.

Through the stress, make sure you still keep a cool head and enjoy all of your “lasts” as a senior. Your last Marist football game, last homecoming dance and last Christmas concert. Try your best to cherish these moments and be with people you enjoy. Make memories.

Winter break comes along […]

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The Standard: Why We Shave – Jesus had a Beard


By Andrew Thompson ‘19


Men grow facial hair. It is man’s most physical display of wisdom and masculinity.

What do Abraham Lincoln, Sophocles and Santa Clause all have in common? That’s right! They all had awesome beards.

Even the man who lives in our hearts forever, Jesus, had a beard.

So why must the men of Edmund Ignatius Rice come to school with clean shaven faces every day?

Potentially awesome beard growing senior Anthony Arquilla said, “Having to shave for school is an unnecessary hassle. I will be up until 1:00 a.m. working on a grueling assignment and be relieved to finally go to sleep, until […]

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