The Standard: My Senior Article


By Anthony Lundy ‘21

Looking back on my time here at Brother Rice, I have been waiting my whole high school career to become a senior. Watching them as a freshman, seeing them being leaders of the school was so cool to me. Four years later, I am sitting here being that leader but wanting to go back in time to restart my Rice journey.

The time I spent here has been the best four years of my life. I will never take any of these moments for granted, and I will always appreciate everything anyone has ever done for me.

As we are […]

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The Standard: The Week of Brother Rice Bowling


By Anthony Lundy ‘21

The Brother Rice Crusaders had two competitions against Southside rivals. The first match was against the Leo Lions and the second match was against the St. Laurence Vikings. The Crusaders have had a rough year so far and needed two wins to boost the team in conference standings.

On February 23, the Crusaders faced off against the Lions. The varsity was led by the senior core of Josh Bell, Tony Lundy, and Brennan O’Malley. In the first game, the Crusaders took a demanding lead with a high game of 251 by O’Malley ending with a 623 series. Leading series […]

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The Standard: Super Bowl LV Preview


By Anthony Lundy ‘21

The most electrifying game of the NFL season starts next Sunday between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buccaneers struggled this season but managed to pull through in the playoffs to make a nice run leading to the Super Bowl. As far as the Chiefs seasons went, they had the best season out of any team in the NFL with only two losses. even with one game having no starters playing.

The Buccaneers are led by Tom Brady, who is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game so far. Tom Brady will be making […]

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The Standard: NFL COVID-Filled 2020 Season


By Anthony Lundy ‘21

Although there is a global pandemic rapidly spreading across the United States, the NFL leaders have decided to play the season even with all risks. As the NFL has approached its  thirteenth week of football, we have seen numerous cases of coronavirus leading to multiple athletes sitting out because of it.

The start of COVID in the NFL came from the Tennessee Titans when 24 players were a part of this outbreak delaying two of their games, which have since been made up. Another COVID related story is the San Francisco 49ers have been banned from their stadium due […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Bowling Preview


By Anthony Lundy ‘21

Just when we all thought sports were not going to be played, the IHSA brought a glimpse of hope into the eyes of winter sport athletes. They said that bowling is a lower risk sport, therefore giving it the okay to play.

Brother Rice has always had a strong bowling team and looks to be even stronger this year with leading seniors Josh Bell and Tony Lundy. The Crusaders also have shown improvements for the season under seniors Ryan Kirchman, Collin Rice, and Brennan O’Malley. These Crusaders look to accomplish more from last year as they fell to Saint […]

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