The Standard: The Last Hurrah


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Well, here we are, the last hurrah. When the faculty said to me, “High school goes by in a blink of an eye”, they really meant it. I remember my first day of school at Brother Rice being super nervous about trying to get used to the new environment. We had to go right to the gym to hear the famous “Doc Mathius Speech.” Finding my locker was another big task, walking through the long hallways and trying to find #758. Out of nowhere, all of these upperclassmen stepped in and helped me find my locker.

During the first […]

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The Standard: Breakfast Club Play


By Billy Reardon ‘23

The Brother Rice Underground Drama Club took the stage for an original live performance of John Hughes’s 1980s classic, “The Breakfast Club.” The play took place in the Carmody Center. The play was about five high school students from different walks of life enduring a Saturday detention under a power-hungry principal.

Each has a chance to tell his or her story, making the others see them a little differently, and when the day ends, they question whether the school will ever be the same.

Many students, faculty, and parents attended the play, and students received extra credit for attending. Many […]

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The Standard: Wrestling Sectionals and Season Recap


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Congratulations to the Brother Rice wrestling team on a great season culminating with another IHSA Individual State Champion and back-to-back IHSA Dual Team State appearances! This past Tuesday the Crusaders beat Lemont 38-29 in the Class 2A dual-team sectionals. The Crusaders are heading to team state for the second year in a row. John Vega, Bobby Conway, James Bennett, Colin Goggin, Jimmy Crane, Chuck Connolly, Gambino Perez, and James Bowes were winners in the sectional meet.

Students and faculty gathered to give the wrestlers a proper send-off last week as the mat men departed to Bloomington to compete in […]

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The Standard: The Life of a Legend


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Throughout my 17 years of life, I have had the privilege of knowing Bobby “The Golden Jet” Hull personally. There were so many cherished memories of Bobby and me. From going to every Hawks game together to having him come over to my house and talk to our Crusader hockey team. We all knew him as the man with the 100 mph slap shot that made players jump out of their skins.

Bobby Hull was a winger for 16 years in the NHL and helped the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 1961.

Hull’s incredible career was highlighted by […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hockey Senior Night and Regular Season Recap


By Billy Reardon ‘23

Last week, 11 senior skating Crusaders were honored minutes before playing against the St. Rita Mustangs. The Crusaders won 5-1 and goals in that game for Sean Moran, James Esposito, Cooper Wainwright, Jacob Potoczny, and Andrew Hoefler. The Crusaders will now compete in the Kennedy Cup Playoffs as the regular season has ended.

The varsity hockey team recently defeated Mt. Carmel on January 26 with a win 6-2. Charlie McClorey shot 2 goals and had an assist. Billy Gaskin, James Esposito, Jack Keaty, and Cooper Wainwright scored as well. The next playoff game will be Saturday, February 4th at […]

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The Standard: SXU Nursing Class


By Billy Reardon ‘23

This past week, the Crusaders and the Mighty Macs finished a dual-credit nursing course at Saint Xavier University. The course is offered during the fall and spring semesters and is limited in capacity. Students who take the class experience hands-on simulations with different patients, learn how to take blood pressure, and learn how to take vital signs. I enjoyed the class as I will be going into the medical field as a career.

My brother is going to be a nurse anesthetist and my dad is a paramedic. Seeing what they do, the medical field excites me. The machines, […]

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The Standard: The Future Crusaders


By Billy Reardon ‘23

The Brother Rice Open House was a success! It is one of the most significant events during the school year. Twice a year Brother Rice welcomes hundreds of grammar school students. This is our first mask-free open house for the first time in two years.

During the open house, potential students and their families can see what Brother Rice has to offer. National Honor Society members give a variety of information about clubs or sports and give tours around the school.

This year we showed our recently renovated broadcasting room, football field, and weight room.  Being a National Honor Society […]

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