The Standard: My Senior Year


By Brendan Arnold ‘23

When looking up the definition of “brother,” you get “a male associate or fellow member of an organization.” To me, this is the definition of high school here at Brother Rice. The friends you make and bonds with teachers are one of a kind. This school not only has taught me the right morals about life, but it also showed me what it means to be a true brother of Edmond.

The time I have spent at Brother Rice is something I will forever be grateful for in my life. I still remember my first day of school like […]

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The Standard: Blinding Eyes


By Brendan Arnold ‘23

Nothing in the world beats a pre-prom picture meal, especially a homemade meal. The eight-ounce steak with a baked potato was definitely the best part of my night.

Walking up to Saint Xavier and being blinded by all the sparkling dresses really made me reconsider saying yes to my date.

Senior Owen Gorman said, “I needed some government-type sunglasses to protect my eyes from all the sparkle. Unlike my date, whose dress was amazing.”

Walking into the Drake ballroom I finally realized where all the money went towards. Because I know for a fact it was not spent on the food. […]

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The Standard: The Falls of March


By Brendan Arnold ’23

Each year, millions of people study to build their so-called “Perfect Bracket.”

This March has led to tons of tears and with heads soaking in sorrow. Danny Durkin ‘23 had a rough night Sunday with the loss of the Hoosiers. He couldn’t make it to school that next morning due to the tears still in his eyes.

Durkin said, “I could not look at myself in the mirror that morning. I was still mourning the loss from the Hoosiers. I just couldn’t believe that my favorite team in the whole world lost to a bum.”

Charlie Boyer ‘24 was also very […]

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The Standard: State Champion Bobby Conway


By Brendan Arnold ´23

On February 18, sophomore Bobby Conway ‘25 got a chance to put his name in the books. In what was anticipated to be an early exit for the young mat man, he fought differently.

“Going into the match I wasn’t worried about losing because I was such an underdog throughout the state tournament,” said Conway.

Bobby defeated all odds and truly showed how to wear the maroon and orange.

“I knew I was going to make it to the finals but it wasn’t going to be easy.”

Heading into the biggest stage of his life so far, Bobby had no doubt. Having […]

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The Standard: Jack Lausch’s First Game Played at Northwestern


By Brendan Arnold ‘23

Everyone in the Brother Rice community knows about the man who did it. Top ranked in his class, Tony Lawless Award winner, first team all state, 3rd place state finishers, and much more. Jack Lausch ‘22 was given the chance to achieve his dream. He was granted a scholarship to play football at Northwestern. Lausch´s time at Rice has left a big impact on the school, from the legacy he left on the teams he played for to the way he set the standard in the classroom.

Lausch was a two-time voted captain of the varsity football team at […]

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The Standard: War Down on 99th


By Brendan Arnold ‘23

The Battle of Pulaski is hands down the biggest rivalry in the Chicago land area. Two teams from down the street bash in what is always a battle to the end. This game establishes which school is superior and bragging rights for years.

The preparation for this game began Monday morning – hopping into the shower and getting ready to block out all the distractions and noise ahead. At the beginning of every Monday practice, Coach Quedenfeld starts by preaching about the noise and distractions. This week will be filled with distractions, from having a shortened day Thursday to […]

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The Standard: Scrappers from 99th Street


By Brendan Arnold ’23

The Mount Carmel game is always very highly anticipated. Year after year, it is a dog fight to the death that determines which all boys school is superior. In past years, we left the game with heads high and excitement flowing through our bodies. However, we left the game with our heads low and sorrow throughout our bodies in the down years.

The week of practice before the Mount Carmel game is the hardest week of the year. The entire team knows the strength and grit that will be needed in this game in order to succeed.

The theme for […]

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