The Standard: Don’t Blink


By Brian Jeffers ‘22

I remember in the summer of July 2021 when I picked up my final high school schedule for my senior year at Brother Rice. I was not scared but I was kind of sad because of how fast my first three years went by. I was extremely excited for the school year to start. I didn’t even want to think about graduation from the beginning because I didn’t want to leave all the friendships I made at Brother Rice behind. High school goes by in a blink of an eye, so enjoy it while you are there and […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Water Polo


By Brian Jeffers ‘22

The Brother Rice Crusaders faced off against Prospects on Saturday, April 9 at Glenbrook North High School with a huge 12-7 victory. The Crusaders played an outstanding game on offense and defense, and the most valuable player of the game was Hunter Tempel.

Jack Byrne said “This was a great offensive game for us, we finished and took the win home.” Byrne is the only senior on the water polo team and leads by example for all the younger teammates.

Sean Mulcrone said, “We could have played better on defense, but we still executed.”

Another Crusader Zach Figus said, “This was […]

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The Standard: March Madness Tournament


By Brian Jeffers ‘22

March Madness is a single elimination tournament hosted by the NCAA each year. The tournament starts with 68 different colleges, and 4 different regions. After each round, when a team loses, they are eliminated.

Sixty-eight teams start off in the tournament because 8 teams face off against each other to make the last seed in each region of the bracket. These games are played before the tournament even starts.

The first round consists of 64 teams. After round 1, only 32 teams advance. The second round is known as the Round of 32. There are 16 games played in the […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice vs. St Rita Rival Series Game


By Brian Jeffers ‘22

The Brother Rice Crusaders and the St. Rita Mustangs faced off for the second time this year. With the Crusaders being 1-0 against them this season, Brother Rice knew the Mustangs were going to come out for revenge game 2.

The game was held on January 30 at Oak Lawn Ice Arena. The Chicago Blackhawks were sponsoring the game for the rival series between the Crusaders and Mustangs. The National Anthem singer for the Blackhawks Jim Cornelison came to Oak Lawn to sing the anthem before the game.

The Crusaders defeated the Mustangs with an outstanding 5-0 victory. Brother Rice […]

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The Standard: Chicago Blackhawks Victim of Sexual Assault


By Brian Jeffers ‘22

During the playoffs in 2010, Kyle Beach brought sexual assault and harassment allegations against former video coach Brad Aldrich for the Chicago Blackhawks. Beach went 11th overall in the first round of the 2008 NHL draft. Beach filed a lawsuit against the Blackhawks organization for his sexual abuse.

Years down the road, this didn’t just affect the Chicago Blackhawks organization, this affected many more. Former Blackhawks coach Joe Quenneville was fired from his Head Coach position at the Florida Panthers because of what happened to Beach in 2010 while Quennville was the Blackhawks head coach at the time.

This didn’t […]

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The Standard: Crusaders take down rival St. Rita


By Brian Jeffers ’22

The Brother Rice Crusaders took on their Catholic league rival St Rita on Thursday, Oct. 7, at Southwest Ice Arena. The Crusaders started off their season with a spectacular win over the Mustangs 4-2.

The Crusaders came out firing as senior Brian Jeffers scored the first goal with 11:08 left in the first period with an assist by junior Cooper Wainwright. The Crusaders had lots of momentum entering the period. The next goal was scored for the Mustangs by Sophomore Joey Rodriguez with 4:58 left in the first and was assisted by Sophomore Brendan Harkins.

The next period, senior Sean […]

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