The Standard: The Final Stretch


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

Growing up, you hear your parents and older siblings saying the same phrase over and over again. “High school was the best time of my life.” If we’re being honest, nobody listened to it.

What do they know? That can’t be right; there’s too many years after high school for that to be true.

Now, sitting here in my final month, watching weeks turn to days, and days turn to hours, it finally hit me.

High school is definitely the best time of my life.

The first day seems like it was last week, talking to my friends about schedules to see […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Lacrosse Struggles to Bounce Back


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders traveled to Lombard to play against the Montini Catholic Broncos. The Crusaders lost 6-1, falling to a record of 1-6.

The Crusaders are having a rough season, winning only one of their first seven.

Junior Jack Leong said, “It’s frustrating to say the least. Going 1-6 is not what we wanted for sure, but that’s behind us now. I think this’ll scare some of the younger guys to go a little harder at practice; I know it made me play harder. Nobody wants to have a losing record, and it boils down to being on us […]

The Standard: Crusaders Lacrosse Struggles to Bounce Back2023-05-04T20:33:49-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Trade Fair


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

On March 21, 2023, Brother Rice opened its doors to various trades for the Second Annual Trade Fair.

Interested students came to the gym during their lunch periods to talk to the men and women and learn about their respective trades.

Each different trade also had interactive demonstrations for the students to try out.

Senior Miguel Islas said, “My favorite was Local 134. There was a lot of information to take in, but I’m definitely interested.”

The Trade Fair is a huge opportunity for the students to see that college isn’t the only route, even though it may sound like it is. […]

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The Standard: Creed III


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

“Creed III” is the newest part of the “Creed” series, a sort of spinoff from the earlier “Rocky “movies. It follows Adonis Creed, son of legendary boxer Apollo Creed, who was Rocky Balboa’s rival turned friend.

The director and starring actor, Michael B. Jordan, had big shoes to fill, trying to follow in the footsteps of names such as Sylvester Stallone, who also directed himself in the “Rocky” series. From a directing standpoint, Jordan had to try and push the story forward while honoring the legacy of the other films, which he did spectacularly.

Looking at it from Jordan’s other […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Win Big Game at Home


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders hockey team beat the Fenwick Friars 5-4 at home on Thursday, Dec. 1. Brother Rice sits at 5-5-0, and Fenwick at 5-5-0.

The Friars scored first, taking the lead early in the game. Senior Conor Haggerty answered shortly after with an unassisted goal. Both teams had five shots in the first with no other goals.

The second period saw 15 shots and six goals out of both teams, the Crusaders taking seven of the 15 and scoring four times. Two of the goals came from captain Charlie McClorey, both assisted by Jack Keaty, one unassisted from […]

The Standard: Crusaders Win Big Game at Home2022-12-08T22:46:54-06:00

The Standard: Crusaders Lose Close Game on the Road


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders hockey team suffered a 3-1 loss after a hard-fought three periods against the St. Ignatius Wolfpack. The Crusaders fell to a record of 3-2-0, while the Wolfpack rose to 5-0-0.

The first period was a defensive one, with sophomore goalie Deven Stillo allowing 0 goals on 11 shots. The Crusaders also remained scoreless with only 4 shots on net.

In the second period, the Wolfpack netted one of 10 shots. The Crusaders answered shortly after with an unassisted breakaway goal from senior Jakub Potoczny.

Potoczny said, “There was so much going through my mind on that rush; […]

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The Standard: Money Market


By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

When people think of vending machines, one word usually comes to mind-cheap. However, this is not the case at Brother Rice.

The vending machines at Brother Rice had pretty steep price increases this year. However, it is for good reason. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is a prime example of this. It’s really a win-win. Better options for what, an extra dollar?

We might be paying higher prices, but it’s for a higher quality.

Before, we were getting your run of the mill, regular stuff.  Potato chips, snack mixes, the occasional candy – if they kept it stocked. […]

The Standard: Money Market2022-10-13T18:58:45-05:00


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