The Standard: The Road to March Starts Now


By Brian Doligale ‘24

The much anticipated 2023-2024 college basketball season has kicked off with a spectacular tip-off, captivating fans nationwide as teams begin the fight for a spot in the March Madness tournament. Teams hope to get a spot in the final four in Phoenix, Arizona. The early matchups have already set the stage for a thrilling season.

The stages have been set for basketball powerhouse schools and the underdog contenders to clash on the hardwood, each having the same goal of being the last surviving team at the end of the season. From buzzer-beaters to nail-biting overtimes, the season is set […]

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The Standard: Homecoming Activities


By Brian Doligale ‘24

Brother Rice kicked off its annual homecoming week with excitement and enthusiasm. Students, faculty, and shadows came together for an exciting week filled with activities and showcased their spirit for their school.

Junior Nick Scarriot said, “I liked the dress down because of the changing themes every day, and I got to stay comfortable throughout the week.”

The festivities begin on Monday with a refreshing snow cone stand that offers various colorful and delicious flavors. As students and shadows enjoyed their icy treats, they could dress down by purchasing a five-dollar dress-down wristband for the whole week. They showed off […]

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The Standard: Celebration of Mexican Independence Day


By Brian Doligale ‘24

Chicago, a city known for its rich cultural diversity, was filled with colors of green, white, and red to celebrate Mexican Independence Day over the weekend. The evening of the celebration is when it all started, and the city started to come alive. Specifically in Grant Park, the festivities started as the Mexican community gathered to start the historic occasion. Senior Dan Rivera said, “I celebrate Mexican Independence Day because it honors my family and Mexico.¨

The famous Buckingham Fountain became the centerpiece of the celebrations. It was illuminated with the colors of the Mexican Flag. Families and friends […]

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