The Standard: Crusader Bowling Sweeps Niles Notre Dame


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Crusader bowling team faced north side rival Niles Notre Dame this past Saturday. The Crusaders won all three matches, including winning the series, to conclude the sweep.

Junior Jeremy Gasca said, “Today showed who we are as a team and how much potential we have as a team.”

The Crusaders won the series by over 400 pins. The Crusaders were led by senior Tyler Wojcik who had a 728 series with a 243 average.

Senior Reed Norville said, “I had a great time just having fun and winning.”

Crusaders dominated all three matches and will prepare to play St. Rita on […]

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The Standard: The Race to State


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Kicking Crusaders finished their last regular season game against Shepard High School last Wednesday night with a final score of 3-0.

Junior Luke Gordon said, “This team means everything to me, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep winning.”

The Crusaders finished their season with a record of 15-3-2, and they have not lost a game in over a month. They are ranked 11 in the state in the 2A division and are on a nine game win streak and plan to continue to win in playoffs.

Senior Christian Potoczny said, “It is great to be a part […]

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The Standard: The Wrigleyville Comeback


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Chicago Cubs have emerged from the All-Star break with a huge turnaround, leaving fans and analysts in awe of their new style of play. With a string of impressive victories, the Cubs have transformed from a below average team to a wild card/ playoff team contender.

Senior Seamus Hanley said, “I am not the biggest Cubs fan, but after the All-Star break, these guys have a great competitive attitude and are always striving to win.”

Since the All-Star break concluded in mid-July, the Cubs have compiled an impressive 22-12 record. Their recent victories has seen them in second place […]

The Standard: The Wrigleyville Comeback2023-09-22T13:20:03-05:00


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