The Standard: Crusaders in the Community – Mr. Bill Gleeson


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

For 14 years and counting, Mr. Bill Gleeson has volunteered at St. Germaine working and helping out with the annual fish fry. Mr. Gleeson likes to say that it is his small way of giving back to the parish.

Mr. Gleeson said, “Always look to help and you will feel better. You do not need a pat on the back to do the right thing.”

Not only does Mr. Gleeson love the hustle and bustle, he enjoys the guys he works with as well. He enjoys all the fun laughs with Mr. McNulty, Mr. Ruzich, Mr. Malone, Mr. Moran, Mr. […]

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The Standard: Crusaders in the Community: James Bowes ‘24


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

For the past three and helping for his fourth and final year, senior James Bowes has volunteered as a helper at St. Germaine for the Passion Play. This year is special because it is the 30th anniversary of the play and it tells the story of Jesus and what He went through during His life.

Senior James Bowes said, “I really enjoy helping out. It is a good experience for the kids and they’ll have a fun time performing.”

The play is directed by Angie Pacetti and she has been directing it for eight years now. She is the heart […]

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The Standard: The Rolling Crusaders


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

On Jan. 20, the Crusaders bowled in the hardest sectional in the state. The top four teams from four different regionals went head-to-head at Palos Lanes, combined with 40 solo bowlers in an individual category. The rules were simple: top six teams and top seven individuals with the highest pinfall would punch a ticket down state.

Senior bowler Reed Norville said, “This is our time; we have worked all year for this.”

The event started promptly at eight o’clock in the morning. Nerves were high during team introductions, but faded abruptly as the raspy voice on the loudspeaker said “Lanes […]

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The Standard: Crusader Bowling Sweeps Niles Notre Dame


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Crusader bowling team faced north side rival Niles Notre Dame this past Saturday. The Crusaders won all three matches, including winning the series, to conclude the sweep.

Junior Jeremy Gasca said, “Today showed who we are as a team and how much potential we have as a team.”

The Crusaders won the series by over 400 pins. The Crusaders were led by senior Tyler Wojcik who had a 728 series with a 243 average.

Senior Reed Norville said, “I had a great time just having fun and winning.”

Crusaders dominated all three matches and will prepare to play St. Rita on […]

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The Standard: The Race to State


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Kicking Crusaders finished their last regular season game against Shepard High School last Wednesday night with a final score of 3-0.

Junior Luke Gordon said, “This team means everything to me, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep winning.”

The Crusaders finished their season with a record of 15-3-2, and they have not lost a game in over a month. They are ranked 11 in the state in the 2A division and are on a nine game win streak and plan to continue to win in playoffs.

Senior Christian Potoczny said, “It is great to be a part […]

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The Standard: The Wrigleyville Comeback


By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Chicago Cubs have emerged from the All-Star break with a huge turnaround, leaving fans and analysts in awe of their new style of play. With a string of impressive victories, the Cubs have transformed from a below average team to a wild card/ playoff team contender.

Senior Seamus Hanley said, “I am not the biggest Cubs fan, but after the All-Star break, these guys have a great competitive attitude and are always striving to win.”

Since the All-Star break concluded in mid-July, the Cubs have compiled an impressive 22-12 record. Their recent victories has seen them in second place […]

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