The Standard: The Last Crusade


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

My four years of high school are coming to an end. There are only a couple days remaining and all that is left in my senior year is another physics test, prom, and the senior prank.

Brother Rice has taught me a lot about myself, and this school has pushed me to not be complacent.

I began my senior year having my eyes set on Florida State University; in December, I found out I didn’t get in. If I told myself I would end up going to Clemson at the beginning of my senior year, I would think I was […]

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The Standard: Rice Relays Track Events


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

On Friday, April 21, Brother Rice hosted the 16th Annual Rice Relays. This was senior night for the Crusaders and 12 teams were there in total.

The seniors that were recognized on Friday were Jonah Bossette, Rory Cusack, Brendan Malloy, Joe Bowes, Marcus Kennedy, Jack Morrison, Joe Heilmann, Jake Maheras, Charlie Walsh, and James Worthington.

The 12 teams in attendance were Brother Rice, Marmion Academy, St. Laurence, Providence, Fenwick, St. Viator, Leo, Marist, Reavis, Evergreen Park, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, and Solorio Academy.

The 4×2 and 4×4 freshman and sophomore level teams came in first place. The 4×2 team […]

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The Standard: Pep Rally


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

On Friday, March 17, Brother Rice hosted a pep rally that congratulated the winter sports teams on their achievements and introduced the spring sports teams.

The pep rally began by congratulating sophomore state champion Bobby Conway. He entered the gym as he was announced by Principal Alberts, raising his bracket above his head while everyone cheered him on.

Conway said, “I liked the celebration, and I thought it was cool to be seen by my own school for my hard work. The feeling of excitement when I put the bracket up was as cool as finding $100 on the ground. […]

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The Standard: Brother Bowl


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

On Sunday, Feb. 12, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. This was the first Super Bowl that had brothers play against each other. These brothers were Chiefs’ tight-end Travis Kelce and Eagles’ center Jason Kelce. Both of these brothers have played in two Super Bowls.

For the upcoming Super Bowl, according to, playing against his brother made Travis Kelce say, “It’s wild, and kind of surreal… For it all to align like it has, it’s mind-boggling… It’s a special moment. It’s something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives… but at […]

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The Standard: Ahmad Henderson 1,000 points


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

The Brother Rice Crusaders are currently 20-3 and their star guard Ahmad Henderson recently came off a historic night. Brother Rice, the number 7th ranked team in the state of Illinois, defeated Marist 49-48 on Tuesday, January 17. Henderson finished with 18 points, and he also reached 1,000 career varsity points.

A 5’10 guard, Ahmad Henderson will be attending Niagara University in Lewiston, New York, next fall. After reaching 1,000 career points, Niagara University congratulated Henderson and told him they were very proud of him and couldn’t wait for him to join the team.

After trailing 48-39 with 3:35 remaining […]

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The Standard: Live Like John


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

On Thursday, Nov. 17, Brother Rice hosted a dress down fundraiser for “Live Like John”. Brother Rice raised just under $1,000 and all of the proceeds went to The John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. To top it off, Brother Rice is also going to make a donation of $1,000.

John McNicholas was a sophomore at St Rita when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. John passed away on Jan. 27, 2011, after a nine-month battle with brain cancer. He was only 15 years old.

At the time of John’s diagnosis, doctors did not have as much of […]

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The Standard: My Home After Hurricane Ian Visited


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

One of the most affected areas from Hurricane Ian was Fort Myers, Florida. In 2020, my parents bought a one-story house in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The purchase during the middle of the pandemic was a sign of hope and happiness. We hosted many trips with friends and family holidays.

I’m sure that my family weren’t the only ones affected by Hurricane Ian. The state of Florida has plenty of Brother Rice alumni enjoying retirement, or at least were until their house was destroyed. I also know that there are some Brother Rice students who were affected by the […]

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The Standard: My Last Homecoming Dance


By Cameron Slavin ‘23

Brother Rice’s homecoming dance is set for October 15. It will be from 7-10 p.m. The theme of the dance will be Hollywood. Since this is my last homecoming dance, all of my friends and I will definitely be going.

I’ve gone to every homecoming dance during my time at Brother Rice, and it has been a blast each time. After every dance, there is an after party which is one of my favorite parts of the night. The pictures and memories from homecoming will last a lifetime.

During the week of homecoming, students are able to dress down according […]

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