Charlie Fitzgerald ’20

The Standard: The Family Turkey Bowl


By Charlie Fitzgerald ‘20

Ancient artifacts like my dad and uncles are always looking for a way to get back on the football field. A good portion of my family lives and dies by football.

So Thanksgiving poses as the perfect time to do so alongside none other than your sons and nephews. While the parents try to prove they still got it, the kids want to take the bragging rights until next year.

My brother Joe, being in Minnesota since August, couldn’t wait for the game.

“Thanksgiving always makes me forget about the distance,” he said, “It’s one day where the family is all […]

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The Standard: The Mud Bowl


By Charlie Fitzgerald ‘20

As kids, football players grew up watching legendary games like the ‘ice bowl’ or the ‘fog bowl’. The atmosphere and adversities that come with extreme weather just puts the cherry on top of epic football matchups.

In the first round of the playoffs, our very own Crusaders got to indulge on this childhood dream. On Friday, the Crusaders played the Bartlett Hawks in a self-proclaimed “mud bowl” where it snowed and temperatures reached below freezing.

Senior defensive end Alex Roche was waiting for this game.

“I saw the forecast at the start of the week,” Roche said. “Seeing all the snow […]

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The Standard: The Hidden Gem of Beverly Mexican Food


By Charlie Fitzgerald ‘20

In a diverse neighborhood like Beverly, there’s a little bit of everything. With generic Mexican places on what seems like every corner, El Gallo doesn’t really seem authentic to the blind eye. But if you give the family owned establishment a go, you won’t be sorry.

Of course, before I tried one of my favorite Mexican places for this review, I implored the opinion of three dear friends, Hugh “Newts” Sullivan, Ryan Adasiak and Caitlin Richter. They gave some great insight on the dinner choices.

First, let’s start with Newts and Ryan. Now Newts is no stranger to the El […]

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