The Standard: College Decisions


By Colin Condon ‘20

In the wake of these troubling times, high school seniors, who are supposed to be at the top of the totem pole, feel at the bottom again.

It seems as though seniors have played their last game of their sport, had their last school dance, went to their last class, and will not have an in-person graduation.

As these seniors have had all of their “lasts” come early, they are faced with the challenge of choosing what school to go to next year. What is challenging about this, is that every school in the country has closed their school — […]

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The Standard: The Storied Program


By Colin Condon ‘20

It’s that time of year again Crusader sports fans! The most storied program at Brother Rice takes the pitch once again this Friday.

After winning the state championship last year, Brother Rice rugby will host St. Rita to open up the season.  With nine state championship rings, the Crusaders would like to earn their 10th this year. With many returning players, the rugby team has their eyes on the prize.

Senior Jake Summers said, “Last year’s class taught us a lot about winning and finishing the job. We have a solid lineup this year. Though we lack size, we make […]

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The Standard: Bring on the Beef


By Colin Condon ‘20

Everybody loves some good, old fashioned, Chicago-style grub. Nothing hits the spot after a hard fought game, long day at work, or simply satisfies your hunger like Chicago’s famous Portillo’s.

“There is no other line I would wait in for 20 minutes than Portillo’s,” claims notorious big man, sophomore Griffin Connors.

Portillo’s has realized the struggle of their old fashion style drive through and created a “Portillo’s on wheels,” called the “Beef Bus.”

The new food truck is set to hit the road this year selling its fan favorite hot dogs, burgers, Italian beef, crinkle cut fries, and much more.

The plan […]

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The Standard: OP-ED – Opposing Views on Kairos


By Colin Condon ‘20

Three days, no connection to the outside world, and those three days must be kept secret.

Year after year, Brother Rice sends different groups of upperclassmen to endure a three-day “life-changing retreat,” called Kairos.

Every student is encouraged to go on Kairos by most of the Brother Rice faculty and peers because of its “lifelong effects.”

For those that go on Kairos, they seem to really enjoy the retreat. But for those that do not, they seem to not see the point of missing three days of class, talking about their feelings, and strengthening their already strong relationship with the lord.

“Kairos […]

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The Standard: A Familiar Face Returns


By Colin Condon ‘20

Everybody loves a great homecoming. Coach Matt Kelly from the Class of 1996 worked as a teacher and football coach at Brother Rice from 2003 until 2015.

From 2015 until 2018, he was the head football coach at Chicago Hope Academy and a world history teacher.

After quarterbacking at 99th and Pulaski, Coach Kelly earned a scholarship to continue his football career at Eastern Michigan University until 2001. While playing at Eastern, he transitioned into a tight end.  Kelly would be blocking and catching touchdowns instead of throwing them.

After his playing time was up, he began to dabble in coaching. […]

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The Standard: Introduction to House Limerick


By Colin Condon ‘20

With many new things happening around Brother Rice this year, one of the finest new ideas is the House system.  Brother Rice implemented a new way that students interact with each other through the different Houses. Led by staff and upperclassmen, there are four new houses that meet individually twice per month.

Blessed Edmund Rice started schools for poor boys in Ireland back in 1802, so the staff decided to name each house after a place in Ireland where Edmund Rice’s first schools originated.

House Waterford is led by Coach Prunkle as the House Dean.

House Cork is headed by Coach […]

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The Standard: The Southside’s Famous Pizza


By Colin Condon ‘20

When you live in a place like Chicago, you know how to eat, where to eat and what to eat. Chicagoans really know how to make pizza, especially Wise Guy’s. Wise Guy’s Pizza is located in the heart of the Southside, Mt. Greenwood. Today, I sat down to try some of this so called delicious pizza, for the first time.

Before I left the house to head over to 3822 W 111th St, I had to understand what I was getting my hands into. So, I sat down and met with a couple of […]

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