The Standard: Wrapping It Up


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

When people say high school goes by fast, I did not realize it would fly by that fast. Brother Rice only has a couple more days of school until the seniors start a whole new life. I am excited for the University of Dayton, but I am also sad I will be leaving Brother Rice.

I am going to miss all of the friends I have made at this school. Going to games with them after school was the best part of it all. My favorite game had to be the semi-final in 2018 against Marist in football. I […]

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The Standard: Freshman A Tournament


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Brother Rice held a freshman volleyball tournament that started on April 1, and went through the weekend. The tournament was for the freshman A teams.

Brother Rice’s freshman A team looks like they have some talent even with their lack of height. Rice made it to the championship game against Lyons Township. Both very good teams competed against each other.

Brother Rice had a good game against Lyons. They won a tight game in two sets with scores of 25-23 and 26-24.

“It was a nail biter and the crowd was getting into it,” said John Mikrut.

Brother Rice was in Pool […]

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The Standard: Volleyball Season is Starting


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Volleyball tryouts for Brother Rice are this Monday, Mar. 7, 2022. This year’s team is looking pretty good with some height on the varsity team. The tallest person on the team is Brendan McCarthy reaching 6’7”.

Brendan is the middle on the team and said, “I am extremely excited for the season and would like to see how much talent we really have.”

The other middle on the team is senior Tom Lamb. Tom has improved tremendously as he played for Ultimate Volleyball Club. He started last year as a junior and has only become better.

Tom said, “Brendan and I […]

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The Standard: Founders Day


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

On Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022, Brother Rice held a Founders Day ceremony. On this day, the students at Brother Rice listened to multiple speeches from students reflecting on their time at Brother Rice. Everyone had good things to say about the school. The students heard from Brother Hayes, Dana Alexander, Henry Boyer, Jesus Reyes, and alumnus Jourdan Sorrell. It started with the Student Council president, Pat Galeher, making an introduction for this ceremony.

Then, three students were introduced and brought up to the podium. The first person up was Dana Alexander. He came in strong with a really well […]

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The Standard: Signing Day At Rice


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Six students from Brother Rice signed their National Letters of Intent to play college baseball. The six students are Beau Polickey, Jake Fenton, Christian Holmes, Will Flanigan, Nick Daugherty, and Tom Verran. All of them are excited for the years to come and are ready to take baseball to the next level.

Tom Verran signed to the Olivet Nazarene after committing to them for baseball. He likes the school because of the tight knit atmosphere. Tom liked the facilities that the school offered and that the team dominates the CCAC.

“Truly blessed to be able to compete at the next […]

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The Standard: Crusader Spirit Week


By Connor O’Malley ‘22

Brother Rice had a fun week due to it being homecoming week. For homecoming, the school had a spirit week letting students dress out of uniform and had activities during lunch periods. This allowed the students to have a little fun during the week, with their homecoming dance coming up.

The activities this year were far-better than the activities had in previous years. Each day was something different including bouncy house dodgeball and a basketball game with multiple hoops. There was also a game where two people would balance on a circle, trying to hit each other off. The […]

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