The Standard: Career Day


By Conor Doyle ‘19

On Friday, March 15, the Brother Rice main office foyer was filled with Brother Rice alumni who took the time out of their day to come speak to current juniors and seniors. The alumni had various careers ranging from the trades to executives. No matter the profession, however, one thing was consistent – they all were successful examples of what a Brother Rice education is capable of.

These speakers provided the juniors and seniors valuable information about their careers, giving them a glimpse of what each career offered. By doing this, it gave those that may have previously been […]

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The Standard: The Report Card- Dread or Celebrate


By Conor Doyle ‘19

Report cards can be both the most exciting and most terrifying experiences in a high school career. It is a time when students obsess over their grades, and pray that they got a high enough grade on finals, either to keep good grades or pull up mediocre ones.

This can be an awesome time for some students as they receive validation for a semester of hard work, as well as the pride and approval of their family.

“I am happy with the work I did last semester and was proud to give my report card to my parents,” said junior […]

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