The Standard: Lori Lightfoot – Goals for Her Term


By Conor Doyle ‘19

Lori Lightfoot is Chicago’s first black female mayor, but what does that mean? Is Lightfoot just another first, or will she be able to bring real change to a deeply divided city?

Lightfoot’s margin of victory should give her the confidence to kickstart real change in the city as she won with 74 percent of the vote, according to NBC Chicago. Senior Dean Sison said, “Lightfoot won by a definitive margin and I am excited to see what she can do.”

Her first task will be preparation for the summer, which in Chicago is often a time for increased violence […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice vs. Marmion Academy Volleyball


By Conor Doyle ‘19

This past Tuesday, the Brother Rice Crusaders beat the Cadets of Marmion Academy at home in varsity volleyball play. The Crusaders entered the game with a record of 4-10 and the Cadets entered with a record of 9-4.

The Crusaders started out strong with 25-18 win in the first set; they then dropped the second set 22-25 causing the game to go to three sets.

In the third set, the Crusaders started out flat but managed to fight back for the win 25-22, taking two of the three sets for the win.

Junior middle-hitter Conor McMullen said, “When we won the […]

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The Standard: Career Day


By Conor Doyle ‘19

On Friday, March 15, the Brother Rice main office foyer was filled with Brother Rice alumni who took the time out of their day to come speak to current juniors and seniors. The alumni had various careers ranging from the trades to executives. No matter the profession, however, one thing was consistent – they all were successful examples of what a Brother Rice education is capable of.

These speakers provided the juniors and seniors valuable information about their careers, giving them a glimpse of what each career offered. By doing this, it gave those that may have previously been […]

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The Standard: Selection Day – Who Leads and Who Was Excluded


By Conor Doyle ‘19

This past Sunday is routinely one of the most important days in all of college basketball. It is known as Selection Sunday and it is when everyone finds out who makes the tournament and who has been denied.

Now that the field is set, the tournament predictions begin and in the one seeds, there are three Atlantic Coast Conference teams: Duke, Virginia and North Carolina. They are joined by Gonzaga of the West Coast Conference. While these are all number one seeds in their respective regions there is one that stands above all – Duke. Led by Zion Williamson […]

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The Standard: The Mother-Son Mass and Breakfast


By Conor Doyle ‘19

The annual Mother-Son Mass was held in the Brother Rice South Gymnasium on Sunday, Feb. 17. The Mass was celebrated by Father Mark Walter, and featured both mother and son participation. The Mass was then followed by a breakfast in the cafeteria hosted by the Mother’s Club.

The Mass was an opportunity for both mothers and sons to participate in something special – the coming together of a faith community for unique experiences.

However, this was especially true for those senior sons and mothers because this was their last mother-son event at Brother Rice. This Mass can be a time […]

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The Standard: The Alliance of American Football


By Conor Doyle ‘19

The Alliance of American Football has been in season for two weeks now and has given football fans a lot to think about. This league is the latest in several attempts to help bring football into late winter and spring.

While the play is not that of a starting NFL squad, the players are not anything to scoff at either. They are mostly represented by former collegiate players and unsigned NFL prospects, providing the games with plenty of tempo and hard hits. Senior Jimmy Pufunt said, “It gives football fans a chance to experience football in the NFL and […]

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The Standard: The Report Card- Dread or Celebrate


By Conor Doyle ‘19

Report cards can be both the most exciting and most terrifying experiences in a high school career. It is a time when students obsess over their grades, and pray that they got a high enough grade on finals, either to keep good grades or pull up mediocre ones.

This can be an awesome time for some students as they receive validation for a semester of hard work, as well as the pride and approval of their family.

“I am happy with the work I did last semester and was proud to give my report card to my parents,” said junior […]

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