The Standard: Sharing the Spotlight


By Connor Glennon ‘20

Well, I must say it does feel weird writing a reflection on a story written about me, so let’s change the script a little bit.

While it is really cool to see your name and picture in the paper, it is even cooler to share the moment with those who helped you get there. For me, my family has been everything up to this point. My father has taught me everything I know about life and basketball. My sister has always made the game a little more fun than anybody else did. My mother has never missed a game […]

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The Standard: Franklin’s Public House


By Conor Glennon ‘20

I think we can all agree, food is just about the most exciting thing going on right now. Whether I am cooking or tasting, I am loving it.

Every day, I have been cooking up at least one meal a day. I have made just about every formation of eggs you could ever imagine. Next, I may even gulp down a couple of raw egg yolks like Rocky Balboa used to do. You will just have to stay tuned.

Another thing I have enjoyed is getting carry-out. Right now is a vulnerable time for some of our favorite businesses. Franklin’s […]

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The Standard: Casa San Juan


By Conor Glennon ‘20

One of the greatest foods in the world; the burrito.

The burrito is the perfect way to consume a variety of tasty things simultaneously.

It is so complex, yet so simple. The burrito is a friend before it’s a food.

The burrito is so versatile.

To me, the perfect burrito is packed to the max with steak. Nothing else matters. As long as it is about to burst, then it is good. I’m talking so big that your family suggests you cut it in half first so it’s easier to eat. You should have to develop a strategy for how to efficiently […]

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The Standard: A Dreamer’s Dream


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Many years ago, there was a kid with some pretty extraordinary dreams. This kid was a mere novice to Brother Rice basketball, but something inside of him fueled his hunger to leave an impact on such a storied program.

That same kid sat in the stands at every game on the first row on the south end of the gym on the side closer to Pulaski. He sat in that same seat every time because it had the best view in the house. At that time, the kid was just the right height to see right in between two […]

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The Standard: The Eddy Games


By Conor Glennon ‘20 and Justin Jefferson ‘20


Behold –  the first ever Eddy Games…

Well, the first ever at Brother Rice at least.

High school students seem to love two things: competition and unity.

What better way to please a crowd than a good old-fashioned, all-school competition?

All students reported to the gym where they sat with their respective houses. From there, student volunteers were called down from the audience. They, then, met as a team and discussed strategies on how to win.

I must say, House Limerick was a heavy favorite to wipe out the competition. You can even ask the guys down in Las […]

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The Standard: National Honor Society


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Good character is not something everybody has. But what if I told you that at Brother Rice, every high character academic scholar was in the same place at the same time? I would tell you that it is this thing called the National Honor Society induction ceremony, and that it literally happens every single year.

Being among some of the hardest working students is truly an honor; hence, the name “honor society.” However, this is no boast for those who have earned a spot in great esteem, but instead, a celebration for their commitment.

Every year, all of the new […]

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The Standard: Sean Joyce – A True Crusader


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Around the halls, Sean Joyce might be known as the giant kid that towers over the rest. In the classroom, he may be known as an intelligent being. On the court, Joyce is a humble leader.

Sean Joyce is a four year member of the Crusader basketball team. This year, as a senior, a new role was placed upon him. Joyce is somebody who comes into practice every day and gets his work done. As he has seen his playing time go up and down throughout the course of the season, he has never complained. He always does whatever […]

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The Standard: Crusaders’ Miller Picks Hawkeyes


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Senior Crusader swimmer Seth Miller has been nothing short of exceptional over the past four years.

As a Crusader, Miller has been a premier student-athlete. From winning Crusader of the Month to dominating the waters, he has done it all.

Miller said, “The swim team at Rice has an amazing atmosphere and has helped form me into the teammate I am today. Through all four years I have learned to balance academics and athletics, be a leader, and discover the true meaning of hard work. These attributes have helped form me into a true athlete who is proud to represent […]

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The Standard: Kennedy Shines as Ramblers Surge to 3-1 Conference Start


By Conor Glennon ‘20

For Crusader sports fans, perhaps the name Marquise Kennedy may ring a bell. Perhaps a few memories may even come to mind. Or, maybe even a few hundred.

Just one year ago, Kennedy was dropping jaws with beyond memorable performances.

After an incredible junior season with the Crusaders, big things were expected heading into his senior campaign. Kennedy surpassed all expectations in what very well could have been the single best individual season in Brother Rice basketball history.

After breaking countless records, Kennedy opted to continue his career at hometown and recent Cinderella story, Loyola University.

Kennedy, as expected, has impressed thus […]

The Standard: Kennedy Shines as Ramblers Surge to 3-1 Conference Start2020-01-23T08:23:59-06:00

The Standard: Fear the Beard – Louie Stepanek


By Conor Glennon ‘20

Fear the Beard is a fundraiser honoring the late Andrew Weishar. Students raise money to donate to the Weishar Foundation. As a result, students are allowed to participate in No Shave November.

For young Catholic school boys, this is a pretty big deal. It gives young men a chance to grow out their unique facial hair for about a month. All participants grow out their beard as much as they can before the month has expired.

Students participate in this event annually. Every year it is a huge success.

Senior Louie Stepanek loves getting to grow out his beard during the […]

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