The Standard: GTA’s RPGs vs Stunters


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

When times are rough, we need games to take our minds off of what’s happening outside.

Since the stay-at-home order, I’ve found myself to have a lot of extra time on my hands and what better way to spend it than with a game?  Since I can’t see my friends, we usually all get on Xbox and play video games at night together.

I’ve been looking for a new game lately because all the other games are starting to get stale. When I was on the hunt for a new game, nothing much popped up that interested me. Eventually, I […]

The Standard: GTA’s RPGs vs Stunters2020-04-29T13:25:20-05:00

The Standard: Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake” Review


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

This year has had a rough start with celebrity deaths and the coronavirus pandemic. It seems that Lil Uzi Vert is the only one that is making this year better for the people in the rap community.

After years of delay and drama, “Eternal Atake” dropped on Friday, March 6. The excitement of so many people was surreal to see from one album. Senior Declan Docherty said, “I was driving around blasting “Eternal Atake” in my car and I didn’t go home until I finished the whole album.”

The album consists of 16 songs and two bonus songs. The album […]

The Standard: Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake” Review2020-03-18T18:35:39-05:00

The Standard: Brother Rice Wrestling Regionals


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

On Feb. 8, the Brother Rice wrestling team competed in the 2A regionals.

A quality Brother Rice team had their hands full with a lot of quality competition coming from St. Laurence, Richards, Evergreen Park, Morgan Park, Goode Stem, and Hinsdale South.

The whole team was excited and knew they could do something special this year with the group of guys they had.

Senior Michael Loughney said, “I was pretty ecstatic because it was my last year and to go out like that meant a lot.” Loughney also wasn’t in it just for himself; he wanted to win for the team. […]

The Standard: Brother Rice Wrestling Regionals2020-02-22T15:21:56-06:00

The Standard: Geaux Tigers!


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

On Jan. 13 the LSU Tigers played the Clemson Tigers for the college football playoff championship.

There was a lot of hype going into this championship game. First off, the Clemson Tigers are the 2019 college football playoff champions. Clemson felt good going into the game, looking to defend their title under star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence hasn’t lost a game in college football going into this game.

Even though Clemson had an amazing undefeated season, they weren’t the favorite to win.

The LSU Tigers were the favorite to win the college football playoff championship and for good reason. The man […]

The Standard: Geaux Tigers!2020-01-26T03:33:31-06:00

The Standard: Crusader Football


By Connor Leibforth ‘20

The 2019 Brother Rice football team has been something different. After finishing the season at only 5-4, the Crusaders knew they had something to prove. Finishing the season in the semifinals, but upsetting three straight teams to get to that point, is a great accomplishment.

This image shows the 2019 Crusader as the quarterback of the team. He has a shield in his left hand and the football in his right. A sword is also pictured on the Crusaders back.

I used markers to color the Crusader and colored pencils to fill in the background.

The Standard: Crusader Football2019-11-27T01:12:16-06:00

The Standard: Kanye West’s “Jesus is King” Review


By Connor Leibforth ‘20


“Jesus is King” is Kanye West’s newest album released on Friday, Oct 26. In typical Kanye fashion this album was supposed to have been released weeks ago but kept being postponed.

“Jesus is King” is a gospel album and the theme is carried out in every single song. A powerful intro from the Sunday Service Choir sets the tone to the whole album.

I thought this was another good album from Kanye. Senior John “Ronan” Dolan said, “Overall the album was enjoyable, however, I felt that some of the songs should have been a little […]

The Standard: Kanye West’s “Jesus is King” Review2019-11-02T16:09:56-05:00

The Standard: Crusader Soccer Comes up Short in the Christian Brothers Cup


By Connor Leibforth ’20

In sports, scores don’t always best reflect the game. The 2019 Christian Brothers Cup is a great example of this.

The Christian Brothers Cup is a classic rivalry between the Brother Rice Crusaders and St. Laurence Vikings soccer teams. After losing the cup last year 2-0, the Crusaders were hungry to get it back.

Unfortunately, the game did not go as planned when the Vikings opened up the game aggressively and scored within the first minute of the game. The Crusaders knew they were playing a quality opponent, but were taken aback with the early score by the Viking’s midfielder.

The […]

The Standard: Crusader Soccer Comes up Short in the Christian Brothers Cup2019-11-26T10:55:44-06:00


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