The Standard: My four years with Brother Rice soccer


By Tom Golon ‘22

The Brother Rice soccer program has had a major impact on my life since the day I became a part of it. About halfway through the summer coming into my freshman year we started soccer camp. Rice had hired a new head coach for the team who was supposed to flip the program around. Everyone was eager to meet him.

Freshman year was a great experience; our coaches were fun while still being effective.

“If it were not for soccer I don’t think I would have had half as many friends freshman year,” said senior Kian Culkin.

Everyone made new friends […]

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The Standard: I Want to Go to College


By Dan Golon ‘20

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and all its effects, it’s hard to look toward the future, because all the future holds is more things for this virus to ruin.

For me, one big motivating factor is looking forward to college, but simultaneously, my biggest fear is that they might take it away from us.

I have spent the last two years of my life pondering the concept of college, especially these last few weeks leading up to May 1. The amount of time and effort I have put into scholarships, essays, applications, and decisions, is obscene. I have spent an unreal […]

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The Standard: I Need a Good Vacation


By Dan Golon’20

While being cooped up at home, one of the most comforting thoughts is that of a far away paradise.

For me, that paradise can be found on Little Paw Paw Lake in Coloma, Mich.

I usually spend every Memorial Day up on the lake, but that has already fallen as a casualty to the Coronavirus. I dread that the Fourth of July may be the next to fall, as everything else I have been looking forward to has.

There is something about being at your cottage with your immediate and extended family that no other vacation can bring you. There is an […]

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The Standard: What to watch while staying home – “The Stranger” (no spoilers)


By Dan Golon ‘20

If you want a quality TV series that will keep you entertained during this unfortunate time, look no further.

“The Stranger” is a British thriller series full of all the blackmail and backstabbing you need.

In some of the opening scenes, we see the main character Adam Price carrying on with his everyday life.

Originally we are led to believe Adam has a wonderful family and a great life with his wife, Corrine. But it isn’t long before “The Stranger” takes matters into her own hands as she spills Corrine’s secrets to Adam and sends his life through a disaster of […]

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The Standard: What to watch while staying home – “Peaky Blinders” Season 1 (no spoilers)


By Dan Golon ‘20

I promise, after a couple episodes of “Peaky Blinders,” you won’t be able to stop watching.

Set in Birmingham, England, in 1919, Cillian Murphy plays World War I veteran Tommy Shelby. World weary and plagued by PTSD, he rules over his family, who head the gang responsible for the show’s title, a name derived from the razor blades they strap under the brims of their caps.

Yet another series about gangsters, this one gained popularity by being about 1920s British gangsters. The Shelbys are doing their best to corner the market on criminal enterprise in the city of Birmingham.

Expect lots […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Water Polo Finds New Management


By Dan Golon ‘20

The Brother Rice water polo team carries with it a rich history.

As the most decorated sport in Brother Rice’s history, the program’s recent years have been dark.

As an attempt to pull themselves out of the darkness and back onto the state’s highest stage of polo, they gave the go ahead to Class of ‘89 alum, Frank Mulcrone.

Frank Mulcrone’s name lives in the history book of Illinois water polo. During his time with the Crusaders he accrued 4 CCL championships, 3 state championships, and various other accolades.

Most importantly, the players are looking forward to having him on the squad. […]

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The Standard: Aaron Hernandez’s Motive Remains Up in the Air


By Dan Golon ‘20

The long awaited life story of the late Aaron Hernandez debuted this past month.

The three-part documentary includes extremely private details about his early life and the events eventually leading up to the murder he was found guilty of committing and his death in prison.

The tragic story is causing football players across the globe to reflect woefully about their health as a result of football. Although never explicitly stated in the films, Aaron’s decisions were believed to be under great influence from his neurodegenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

Frequently seen among NFL veterans, CTE is caused as […]

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The Standard: Remembering Kobe


By Dan Golon ‘20

Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, Ara Zobayan.

All nine of these people are being mourned for endlessly in one of the American people’s most tragic reality checks ever.

None, however, have been as sorely missed as the world renowned Kobe Bryant.

Millions upon millions of people have given their tributes to Kobe, including loads of fan mail. The thing is, many of these letters were not just simple condolences.

Tons of the letters were pages long, detailing how Kobe inspired people’s lives and changed them to who they are today. Surprisingly, […]

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The Standard: The Crusaders are Balling


By Dan Golon ’20

This past Friday, BR Hoops took on the steaming hot, undefeated St. Rita Mustangs.

The Crusaders were left with nothing but revenge on their minds after a battle between the two ended in a 66-60 defeat in 2018.

Leading the show for BR is the towering senior center Deandre Hagan, along with senior point-guards, Conor Glennon and Colin Campbell.

After a slow start, BR seemed to turn things around in the second half as shots were finally starting to fall. Glennon started to get into the swing of things as he knocked down some quality shots to kick-start a scoring surge, […]

The Standard: The Crusaders are Balling2019-12-19T21:19:26-06:00

The Standard: The Final Semester


By Dan Golon ‘20

Where has all the time gone?

In August of 2016, my classmates and I embarked on a journey we will remember for the rest of our lives. We began to learn the true meaning of being a man of Edmund Rice.

But then, BOOM! We are already here, closing out our second to last semester as Crusaders.

As our horizons are expanding quicker than we can realize, some students cannot help but become flustered and stress about the future. The applications, test scores, transcripts, and oh so much more that has to be taken care of, can truly send a student […]

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