The Standard: “The Year of Our Lives”


By Danny Reardon ‘19

Senior year.

The year in young adults’ lives, famous in movies, TV shows, music videos, and much more. There are senior nights, graduation, prom, picking your college, and so much more.

So, to all the underclassmen, these are some tips to help you get through the best, and sometimes worst, year of your life.

Senior year goes by FAST! Seriously, you thought the last 3 years flew by; wait till you a senior. Take in every game, every day, every memory, EVERYTHING. You cannot let anything go by –  join that club, try that sport, go to that event.

Next is to […]

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The Standard: We Are Brother Rice TV


By Danny Reardon ‘19

Everyone loves sports, it is a simple statement.

The quick, fast paced, physical gameplay is hard for anyone to resist.

However, everyday life and work can prohibit us from attending these events. Thus, we rely on TV networks such as NBCSN, the NHL Network, ESPN, etc. to show these games so we can support our favorite teams.

High school sports are also very popular, especially here at Brother Rice. Having elite […]

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