The Standard: College Application Season: COVID-19 Edition


By Dan Zapata ‘21

It’s that time of the year again, and no, not the holiday season. For seniors, this time of the year isn’t as fun. At all. Actually, this time of the year is considered by many to be very stressful, and rightfully so.

It’s college application season!

That’s right; despite the uncertainty of the future amidst the ongoing pandemic, seniors still have to worry about where their future lies as well. They’ve had 18 long years to think, so this should be no problem at all!

Of course.

The last year of high school has always been regarded as the best one. However, […]

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The Standard: The Saturday Morning Showdown


By Daniel Zapata ‘21

August, September, and October. Every Rice student knows that the fall season is arguably the most anticipated of the school year when it comes to sports. You have football, soccer, golf, and cross country, with each athlete working hard to improve themselves for personal fulfillment and for the sake of their team.

However, things are slightly different this year.

Slightly is an understatement; things are very different this season. For starters, half of the fall sports technically aren’t even fall sports anymore. Football and soccer have joined the spring sports, while golf and cross country remain.

As if it couldn’t be […]

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