The Standard: A Year in the Blink of an Eye


By Dana Alexander ‘22 – Expressions Editor

Our lives are an intricate tapestry of slideshows that play out through specific memories. During senior year of high school, those moments are exasperated to the highest degree, leaving us begging the gods of time to allow me time to savor the experience of senior year.

When I think back on senior year, I’m reminded of the joyous occasions that I’ve shared with my brothers at Brother Rice, from the times cheering on our teams in their pursuit to state to just bonding during our time together in class.

One of my favorite memories from senior year […]

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The Standard: “Drive My Car” Film Review


By Dana Alexander ‘22

Grief is one of the most powerful emotions to inhabit the human psyche. Once the grief finds refuge in our suffering, it begins to eat away at things we once considered joyous. The most common way for some to deal with this grief is to subscribe to some form of therapy.

However, some choose to bury the immense sadness by distracting themselves. Believing that if they never truly address the grief the pain will stop. That is the pre-existing information granted to the viewers of “Drive My Car.”

The now Academy-Awarding winning film epitomizes the beauty in international pictures. The […]

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The Standard: Spencer Film Review


By Dana Alexander ‘22

“A fable from a true tragedy.” An ominous line that serves as the stepping stone for the thriller that lies ahead.

The film Spencer is not something that can be summed up as a biographical picture. To do so would tarnish the masterfully crafted genre-bending narrative of the story. On the surface, we see Princess Diana in the final stages of her royal life.

However, once we’re allowed a more substantial examination, we find a prisoner, a woman who is trapped within the soul-crushing confines of the Royal Family; while also dealing with constant involuntary dissection from the media.

These themes […]

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The Standard: “The Tragedy of MacBeth” Film Review


By Dana Alexander ‘22

“Shakespeare’s plays are boring and aren’t relevant in a modern setting,” said Matt Durkin, a friend who attends St. Rita.

This is a thought countless people have had when digesting the vast works of William Shakespeare. However, “The Tragedy of MacBeth” not only disproves this misconception about Shakespeare plays, but transforms into something that is utterly wicked and mesmerizing.

This film is without a doubt an important landmark in Joel Coen’s career. This is the first film he has solo directed in 14 years. He’d previously co-directed his last projects with his brother Ethan. Going into this film, Coen had […]

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The Standard: The French Dispatch Movie Review


By Dana Alexander ‘22

“I didn’t need to watch the credits to know this movie was directed by Wes Anderson,” said Pat Swanson.

For the past two-and-a-half decades, Wes Anderson has invited the world to his labyrinthine style of filmmaking. His films are littered with whimsical and intricately constructed characters and dialogue. This is then complemented by carefully staged symmetrical shots that seek to push the boundaries of the word nuance.

On Oct. 29, I, along with Patrick Swanson, Danny Hartz, and Matt Durkin ventured to AMC Crestwood to view his new film, “The French Dispatch,” described as a love letter to journalism, infused […]

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The Standard: Tales from The Drama Club: The Search for a Story


By Dana Alexander ‘22

In the wee afternoon hours of Sept. 22, the Brother Rice Drama Club convened to answer a vital questionL What would be this year’s show? At the beginning of the school year, the club meets to welcome new members and to decide on the annual production.

Apart from the rehearsals, pitching ideas for the show is usually a very animated and lively affair, this year was no different.

Even before the initial start of the meeting, ideas began to fly all around Room 204. A few of the pitches provided for ample laughter and understandable rejection from the moderators. Ideas […]

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