The Standard: Many Great Memories Made


By Danny Durkin ‘23

It feels just like yesterday my cousin was telling me how fun senior year will be, and he sure was right.

My last year here at Brother Rice was full of a lot of memories that I will never forget, from going to golf practice in the middle of August and hitting the balls at the range, to playing baseball in 40 degree weather in May. They were all awesome moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Even if it was just talking with my friends in school, those laughs that we had were memories made. Some of these […]

The Standard: Many Great Memories Made2023-05-18T14:05:09-05:00

The Standard: The Chicago Bulls Fall Just Short of the Playoffs


By Danny Durkin ‘23

While the Chicago Bulls made the Play-in Tournament and were one game away from clinching a spot in the playoffs, many can agree with me and say that this season was a letdown.

With the Bulls making the playoffs last year, many people including me thought it was just the beginning for this new team full of great players with great veterans including Demar Derozan, Zach Lavine, Nikola Vucevic, and Andre Drummond.

Senior Don Twomey said, “This season by the Bulls was just painful to watch. I feel like I could have gone out there and made some threes for […]

The Standard: The Chicago Bulls Fall Just Short of the Playoffs2023-04-27T21:18:11-05:00

The Standard: The March Madness Bracket has Been Revealed


By Danny Durkin ‘23

The 2023 March Madness bracket has been revealed and it looks like there could be many great games with many big upsets.

This college basketball season was full of lots of exciting plays and games. My favorite had to be when Arizona State hit a half-court buzzer-beater to upset their rival Arizona on the road.

Senior Jimmy Gilmartin said, “The regular season gave me the opportunity to see many great games that I will never forget, and I hope Illinois can make a run in the tournament.”

This tournament is full of many exciting matchups in each region. The top seeds […]

The Standard: The March Madness Bracket has Been Revealed2023-03-15T18:32:56-05:00

The Standard: Crusader Students Honored on Senior Night


By Danny Durkin ‘23

This past Friday the Brother Rice TV and Brother Rice basketball seniors were honored before tip-off against Depaul Prep. The BRTV students that were honored were me, Brendan Arnold, Gavin Bowen, and Billy Reardon. The senior basketball players who were honored were Peter McShane, Jimmy Navarette, Nick Niego, Ryan Kenny, Ahmad Henderson, and Khalil Ross.

From my point of view it was a really awesome experience. To be able to be honored before the game and walk across the court was for sure a moment I will never forget.

When talking to BRTV senior Brendan Arnold, he said, “It was […]

The Standard: Crusader Students Honored on Senior Night2023-02-16T23:24:35-06:00

The Standard: Crusader Hoops Take a Trip to Bloomington


By Danny Durkin ‘23

The Crusader basketball team took a trip to Bloomington over Christmas break. Illinois Wesleyan held a great tournament full of great competition.

There were many great moments for the Crusaders during this tournament, and they gained a lot of experience while playing in this tournament.

Senior basketball player Nick Niego said, “It was a great experience with a lot of great competition and was also a great time to bond with the team.”

While the team did not win the whole tournament, they believe that their skill level greatly improved throughout the trip.

The Crusaders placed 5th in the tournament with an […]

The Standard: Crusader Hoops Take a Trip to Bloomington2023-01-19T23:33:56-06:00

The Standard: Crusaders Dominate in Win Against Collinsville


By Danny Durkin ‘23

The Crusaders move onto the quarterfinal round with a dominant win over Collinsville.

Round two of the IHSA Playoffs came back to Brother Rice as your Crusaders went up against Collinsville. It was a big matchup for the Crusaders, but they were prepared to get a good win. Senior Brendan Arnold said, “It was a great week of practice and we were focused the whole week.”

The Crusaders had a pretty good first half, leading 14-0 with a great showing from the defense. Senior defensive end Nick Dorn said, “We came out strong, and we were well prepared for what […]

The Standard: Crusaders Dominate in Win Against Collinsville2022-11-17T23:00:18-06:00

The Standard: Valladay Making a Name for Himself


By Danny Durkin ‘23

Former Crusader Xazavian Valladay is making a big name for himself.

Valladay, who graduated from Brother Rice in 2017, was a phenomenal football player at Rice and continues to show his talents now. While he started on the B team his freshman year of high school, he continued to stay on the path and kept working.

Former offensive coordinator, and now current special teams coach for the Crusaders, Rich Lane said, “Valladay continued to work and develop. He had a terrific attitude and his hard work was a huge factor in Valladay becoming a big asset to the Crusader team […]

The Standard: Valladay Making a Name for Himself2022-09-27T19:44:51-05:00


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