The Standard: The Last Rodeo


By Danny White ‘22

¨Yo, what class do you have first period?¨

I remember asking that to all my classmates on schedule pick up day, what feels like a month ago. But it was actually 10 months ago.

I like to think of this school year in three different parts – fall, winter and spring. All three were fun-filled and action-packed.

Fall season flew by. Then winter had to have been at most three days. And spring, I was just enjoying my last few days here. So, I’m going to go back through this year and recall my amazing last rodeo.

The football season had to […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Hosts Terrific Track Meet


By Danny White ‘22

On Tuesday, April 12, Brother Rice held an open invitational track meet. Brother Rice welcomed St. Laurence, Leo, and Solorio Academy. It was a great day for the young athletes to compete.

Peter McShane ‘23 said, “I had a good feeling about this meet before it even started. It was a beautiful day out and as a team, we were feeling loose and ready.”

The day started off with a 4 x 100m team relay. Although only four schools were at the meet, there were 7 teams in this competition. The Crusaders had three different groups, two of which took […]

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The Standard: Ramblers Go Dancing, But Forget Their Moves


By Danny White ´22

The Loyola Ramblers went to the NCAA tournament once again this year. The Ramblers have made it to the tournament three times in the past five years.

Their most notable appearance was in 2018, when they were an 11 seed that journeyed all the way to the final four, leaving the entire country wondering, ¨Who even are these guys?¨

Thanks to their memorable run in 2018, the Ramblers are well known when March rolls around every year now. Out of the millions of brackets created in 2018, only 5,532 people had the Ramblers making it to the final four.

This year, […]

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The Standard: Ahmad Henderson´s effort is not enough in the CCL dogfight.


By Danny White ‘22

The Crusaders walked into 64th and Dante at 21-5 and 10-2 in conference. But, they also walked in on a three game losing streak.

The atmosphere was the classic Catholic League Conference battle crowd – student sections for both teams, plenty of eight graders, and a great deal of alumni.

Point guard Ahmad Henderson got the fireworks started as he flew down the court for a layup. He then assisted Ryan Kenney on a layup next time down the court. A couple possessions later he knocked down a 23 foot jumper, giving him five points in the first four minutes. […]

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The Standard: Record Setting Giving Tuesday


By Danny White ‘22

In 2012, a new national holiday was created. This holiday has been expanding each year since its creation and is becoming more known. It was created for a simple idea: a day for people around the world to do good.

This holiday is known as Giving Tuesday, and for Brother Rice High School it is one of the most important days of the year. An email sent out to the Brother Rice community stated that the goal is ¨ensuring future students have the same exceptional experience our 20,000 graduates over the past 65 years all had.¨

That standard is important […]

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The Standard: Crusaders Come Up Short In Another Shootout


By Danny White ‘22

Eight touchdowns and 650+ total yards of offense was not enough for the Crusaders.

On Friday, Oct. 8, two of the top three teams in the state of Illinois crossed paths at 99th and Pulaski. It definitely turned out to be a good one.

The game started off quickly for the Crusaders, as they scored in 25 seconds. Quarterback Jack Lausch, exploded out of the line of scrimmage for a long gain on the second play of the game, setting up running back Aaron Vaugn to punch it in.

The Crusaders then surprised everyone at Tom Mitchell Field kicking an onside […]

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