The Standard: I can’t wait to see my family when this is over.


By Declan McGuire ‘20

Don’t get me wrong— Zoom, Facetime, and Houseparty are all very fun and do a great job of bringing us together, but I’d be lying if I said it was better than talking with people face to face.

As someone who spends time with his family pretty regularly, quarantine has made it hard for us to do that unless it’s 6 feet apart or on a screen. One thing I can’t wait to do when this is over is see my family.

Even though every now and then they may drive you crazy, you still love them at the end […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to see my family when this is over.2020-05-05T23:34:04-05:00

The Standard: I can’t wait to go golfing when this is over.


By Declan McGuire ‘20

As quarantine continues, it seems that it is only getting worse. With murder hornets now coming into our country and the only thing close to live sports we have is “The Last Dance,” it is almost impossible to remain positive.

But during a time like this, remaining positive and together is one of the only things we can do besides look ahead to when this is all over. One thing I look forward to doing when this is all over is golfing.

As the April showers end and golf courses open up, there really isn’t a better time than now […]

The Standard: I can’t wait to go golfing when this is over.2020-05-05T21:43:00-05:00

The Standard: “Uncut Gems” Movie Review


By Declan McGuire ‘20

The movie “Uncut Gems” shows Adam Sandler in a role that I would say you have never seen him in before. He’s not playing the same character like he does in every film, he doesn’t get the happy ending, and he isn’t even really someone you root for, more just someone you feel bad for.

In the film, Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a sleazy jeweler who has nothing going good for him it seems. Ratner is going through a divorce, struggles to be a good father, can’t please his customers or coworkers, and definitely won’t stop gambling.

When he stumbles […]

The Standard: “Uncut Gems” Movie Review2020-03-27T22:10:03-05:00

The Standard: “The Irishman” Movie Review


By Declan McGuire ‘20

Everyone knows a crazy story. Whether they have heard it, told it, or lived it their entire life. But Frank Sheeran, The Irishman, probably has the most to tell. Whether it is the time he had to shoot Crazy Joe on his birthday in front of his wife and kids, or when he had to kill Whispers, Frank Sheeran has a million stories of his time as a house painter, or hitman, for the Pennsylvania mob.

The Irishman is one of the longest, and arguably better, films on Netflix now. With a star-studded cast of actors, like Robert DeNiro, […]

The Standard: “The Irishman” Movie Review2020-03-27T21:54:45-05:00

The Standard: Crusader Wrestling


By Declan McGuire ‘20

As an impressive season nears its end, I figured there was no better time than now to draw a Crusader wrestler.

With a serious chance to go down to state, all the Brother Rice wrestlers are working hard to make it there, but two that stand out are seniors Tom Crane and Michael Loughney.

These varsity wrestlers are the definition of hard work and dedication, and I hope to see it pay off at Sectionals and the state meet.

In the drawing above, I did my best to make the Crusader resemble the Hulk. I started off the draw by looking […]

The Standard: Crusader Wrestling2020-02-29T14:06:08-06:00

The Standard: All-Star Weekend in Chicago


By Declan McGuire ‘20

The middle of February can be a somewhat depressing time for some people, especially in the city of Chicago where sunshine is hard to come by.

But this year, things were certainly different. From Feb. 14-16, the Windy City was host to the NBA’s All-Star Weekend festivities, and it certainly was one to remember.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to attend these events, but I was tuned in all 3 days and excited to see what was in store.

On the first night, as always, there was the rising stars game and the celebrity game. Getting to see the […]

The Standard: All-Star Weekend in Chicago2020-02-29T13:21:07-06:00

The Standard: Kairos 151


On Jan. 14, 2020, 30 Crusaders took a chance and decided to go on Kairos 151. Going into this, many of them were unsure of what was to come, but to put it briefly, it was something amazing.

I had the opportunity to not only lead these young men on this retreat, but to also be the rector of K151. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to lead.

Over those four days, the courage, bravery, and change I saw each and everyone of them display was something unreal. And the fact I got to […]

The Standard: Kairos 1512020-02-07T07:51:35-06:00

The Standard: The Battle of Pulaski – Hail the Crusade


By Declan McGuire ‘20

On Jan. 21, 2020, the Crusader basketball team traveled to Marist High School in the Battle of Pulaski. In a hard fought victory, the Crusaders came out on top, defeating the Redhawks 55-47.

Senior guard Rico Powell lead the way for the varsity team with six silky 3-pointers for a total of a career high 22 points.

I used pencil, markers, and colored pencils in my drawing above. I started off by drawing the picture initially in pencil. Once I made my final touches, I traced everything over in black marker, and finished it off by coloring it in with […]

The Standard: The Battle of Pulaski – Hail the Crusade2020-02-01T01:35:50-06:00

The Standard: The Crusader Cross Country Club – Winter Running


By Declan McGuire ‘20

As a cross country runner or distance runner in track, one of the hardest things to do is stay in shape in the offseason. Especially during the cold and snowy winter, it may seem nearly impossible to train how you do during the fall, spring, and summer.

But thanks to The Crusader Cross Country Club, or C4 for short, you no longer have to worry! The C4 club is open to all who are interested in staying or getting in shape for a sport, or anyone interested in distance running.

Run by Coach Wazio, Coach Swynenburg, and Coach Muth, this […]

The Standard: The Crusader Cross Country Club – Winter Running2019-12-15T17:59:24-06:00

The Standard: Crusader Basketball


By Declan McGuire ‘20

The 2019 Brother Rice basketball has been off to a solid start this season with a winning record of 4-2. On Friday, they pulled off a huge conference win against rival St. Rita. Senior Deandre Hagan was a key factor offensively for the Crusaders by adding 20 points in the victory.

Without Marquise Kennedy, many expected this year’s team to take a hit. But with big-time players like Colin Campbell, Luke Moustakas, and a deep bench, the team is looking just fine.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the varsity team will travel to Providence-St. Mel to take on the Knights at […]

The Standard: Crusader Basketball2019-12-14T23:00:10-06:00


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