My Senior Year: A Tale Unlike Anything Before


By Devlin Harris ‘21

As 8th grade Devlin walked through the North Gym doors for an Open House, he never could have imagined what would transpire in the coming years.

I did not want to go to Brother Rice. I went to a summer camp at Brother Rice when I was little and I hated it. However, my aunt knew many people in the Rice community so I had to go to at least one event there before I crossed it off my list. I moped through the doors and met my guide. He cracked jokes and took me on a tour of […]

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The Standard: Brother Rice Soccer Success on Senior Day


By Devlin Harris ‘21

The Brother Rice Soccer program found their third win of the season on Senior Day. Brother Rice beat the Montini Catholic Broncos 2-1 at Coach Tom Mitchell Field. This was the last game of the Crusaders season after a positive COVID-19 test during the week following.

Senior Day is always special for the Crusaders. They pay tribute to all of the four-year players who have defined the program for the last few years. This year there were thirteen seniors. However, four were out for the clash with the Broncos on Sunday.

Senior Day began with a ceremony to celebrate the […]

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The Standard: Crusader Soccer Season Preview


By Devlin Harris ‘21

Brother Rice soccer opens their season this Tuesday, March 16, against local rival Marist. This game will be even more difficult this year without 2019 Gatorade State Player of the Year, Jack Finnegan. Finnegan, who scored over 100 goals in his high school career for Brother Rice, graduated last year.

His departure puts a big hole in the offense. However, the Crusaders are still confident in their attack.

Senior Justin Hardiek said: “This year I think that we can surprise some people and win games. We have big shoes to fill with Jack being gone but I think we are […]

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The Standard: Georgia’s Blue Wave Splashes Across the Nation


By Devlin Harris ‘21

2021 – The Year of the… Democrat?

Georgia’s special run-off Senate election has come to a close, and the Democrats have managed to flip the Senate. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have beaten Republicans David Perdue (Incumbent) and Kelly Loeffler (Incumbent).

The Associated Press announced that Ossoff won with 50.6% of the vote while Warnock achieved 51%. These margins are both large enough to deny the Republicans a recount.

This was a historic election. Raphael Warnock has become the first African American to win a Senate seat from the Deep South. Jon Ossoff, aged 33, becomes the youngest person elected […]

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The Standard: A Fraudulent Election for a Fraudulent President?


By Devlin Harris ‘21

As our lame duck President continues to go on Twitter and claim “I HAVE WON THIS ELECTION,” we all are wondering when will this election be over?

Georgia has just completed a full, hand done, ballot recount and President-elect Joe Biden has come out as the winner there, again. As many states complete their recounts and President Trump continues to lose, we have to wonder where his voter fraud claims have come from.

President Trump has tweeted out many graphs and maps of a county in Michigan mysteriously gifting Joe Biden over one-hundred thousand ballots in the middle of the […]

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The Standard: When Nightmare Becomes Reality: My COVID-19 Experience


By Devlin Harris ‘21

“Dear Students,

Brother Rice High School classes will be cancelled on Monday, March 16, and the school will transition to an eLearning format from Tuesday, March 17, through Friday, March 27. Although Brother Rice continues to be free from suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, we are taking precautions to limit crowd gatherings for the safety of our students and community.” – Principal Bob Alberts

When I received this email on March 13, I was excited. I couldn’t help but think that this was just an early spring break. I did not know anyone who had COVID-19 or had possibly […]

The Standard: When Nightmare Becomes Reality: My COVID-19 Experience2020-10-24T02:00:16-05:00


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