The Standard: Straight Outta Senior Year


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

Starting freshman year on a hybrid Zoom schedule feels like yesterday. In the blink of an eye, senior year began.

If I could give a single piece of advice to underclassmen and future Crusaders, it is simply to challenge yourself and get involved. The past four years at Rice, I have played in two sports, led two school organizations, and taken some of the most challenging courses on the curriculum.

For my entire senior year, and pretty much all of high school, I have spent more time at Rice than at my own house. I would not want it any […]

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The Standard: Germany Trip


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

Over spring break, 14 Brother Rice students and seven chaperones traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein for a biannual German program trip.

The trip fit flawlessly into the structure of the German curriculum. While students spend plenty of time learning about the actual language, a significant amount of time is also spent learning about German culture.

Dr. Leslie Luxem, the German teacher and organizer of the trip, said, “I aim to have my students understand all aspects of German culture just as much as the structure of the German language.”

Senior Alexander La Mantia, a fourth year student in the […]

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The Standard: 2024 South Side Irish Parade


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

Countless people flocked to Western Ave. last weekend for the annual South Side Irish Parade. Vendors, locals, tourists, and people of all ages showed up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together. Thankfully, the weather stayed mild and cool the entire day, allowing the events to run smoothly and on schedule.

Reflecting on a new annual tradition of his, senior Charlie Boyer said, “Although I am not from Beverly, I still enjoy attending the parade each year and witnessing the camaraderie between all of the people in the neighborhood.”

Each year, the surrounding community looks forward to this event, as it […]

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The Standard: Crusaders in the Community: Owen McShane


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

As a senior at Brother Rice, two significant phrases have become ingrained in my head that are strongly emphasized in a Brother Rice education: “Be Exceptional” and “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus.”

When I hear these phrases, I think of the countless teachers, coaches, and students  who continually put their best foot forward in contributing to the community.

One of the leaders of the senior class, Owen McShane, is the prime example of taking on community involvement at a young age. Last summer, McShane was invited to the 19th Ward Emerging Leaders Board, a new board of local youth leaders […]

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The Standard: “Crusaders in the Community” – Crusaders Support Local Pantry


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

In December, two seniors at Brother Rice held a food drive for a local food pantry. Non-perishable donations were requested, and all donations were given to the Village Pantry Coalition, a volunteer-run food pantry located in Evergreen Park.

Seniors Tom McMahon and James Mangan organized the drive. McMahon and Mangan both volunteered at the pantry over the summer. They each became familiar with the pantry after running a food drive last year for their advocacy project.

The Village Pantry Coalition feeds over 50 families every single week. With the holiday season approaching, McMahon and Mangan identified an opportunity to give […]

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The Standard: Cross Country Competing at State


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

While the cross country season wrapped up for the team with sectionals on Oct. 28, two runners remained to fight for the Crusaders, competing as individuals. Junior Gavin O’Connor and sophomore Andrew Straley each ran in the cross country state championship on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Straley placed 86th overall in the race, running his personal best, and O’Connor placed 55th overall.

The future certainly looks bright for the cross country team. Only one senior, Dan Macis, will be graduating and leaving the running Crusaders to continue on their crusade.

Reflecting on his senior season, Macis said, “I think the season went […]

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The Standard: ‘90s Homecoming


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

The ‘90s themed homecoming dance, which was held on Saturday, Oct. 19, wrapped up an eventful and exciting homecoming week. Students of all grades attended, dressed in their best clothes and ready for a good time.

While most students did not dress to match the ‘90s theme, the decorative and colorful environment undeniably matched the theme, which came with a photo booth and a variety of colorful decorations, lights, and music.

Senior Ronan Culkin said, “It was one of the best nights of my life. They played all of my favorite music, and I loved playing the arcade games that […]

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The Standard: A New BR


By Eddie Maloney ‘24

As Brother Rice alumni walk the halls of our school today, many are pleasantly shocked by the place they see. In the past few years, countless renovations have been made to the building and facilities here at Brother Rice, and more investments are continuing to be made into the future of Brother Rice.

While many other schools were off during the recent heat wave at the beginning of the school year, class at Brother Rice was still in session. The school’s recent investment in air conditioning for every classroom made this possible, which has transformed the beginning of the […]

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